Answer Me 1988 Epsiode 14: The Gifts

First Off, Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! I hope you enjoy some family time, and get to catch up on dramas next week!

I’m trying to do some Holiday Inspired things myself (Without So Ji Sub on my screen, unfortunately) So I’m going to keep this recap short.


I will say this before I start, if you get a chance to watch this episode, do. I came to tears at a particularly touching part where we got to see Duk Seon Soo Yeon’s real heart. I can’t really cover it, but I will say this, she’s loyal when it counts, and I can see why so many guys like her.

Gift One: A Father’s Heart

In the last episode we learned about Sun Woo’s dislike on Mr. Choi. Sun Woo doesn’t know why, but we can all see it. Mr. Choi is taking Sun Woo’s place as the man of the house.


Sun Woo has been talking to his dad in his room, mostly about daily things,  but also about his personal life. Towards the end of the episode, Jin Joo gets hurt and needs to go to clinic. While Sun Woo’s mom tells him Jin Joo is fine, she goes running to Mr. Choi to tell him how worried she is.


When Jin Joo awakes she sees Sun Woo, but asks for Mr. Choi. It hurts Sun Woo because he feels like his father is being replaced, but that’s not the case. When Sun Woo goes to talk to his dad next, his dad tell him he wants his wife to happy.


It was really wrenching to see Sun Woo come to that realization. He is so good at making me feel his hurt. There’s must be something in my eye. Either that, or someone is cutting onions.

Gift Two: Cold Hands and Warm Hearts


Back to one of my favorite characters, Jung Bong. He’s going to have his first date with Tweedledee (I swear, I need to learn her real name…) and he choose a cafe.


In the style that’s true to Jung Bong, the cafe also has a restaurant right above it with the same name. So Jung Bong is downstairs while Tweedledee is upstairs.

Both wait for about three hours, missing each other. Finally, Tweedledee comes home and calls Soo Yeon to tell her she was stood up. Soo Yeon yells at her, telling her to run back because Jung Bong is still there.


Despite frozen hands and nose, Jung Bong is waiting. He even lies when she asks how long he’s been there. Then they kiss. This boy is so cute. I want to wrap him up and take him to go.


Gift Three: A Necklace

Remember that necklace Sun Woo got from his dad? The one he almost got beat up over? Yeah, he gives it to Bo Ra. The boy might as well purpose.

Gift Four: Taek


Yep, he’s a gift all by himself. A few things happen in this episode that make me really excited because I think Soo Yeon is starting to realize she likes Taek. I’m happy about this because I hope that means she’ll date him before she figures out her true love is Jung Hwan. Squee!!


First: Taek comes to her house, and she takes care of him by warming up his feet. She doesn’t even realize how much she cares for him in the simple things. She really needs sweet Taek to introduce her to dating before she can handle Jung Hwan’s manliness.

Second: When Dong Ryong asks her who she likes better between him and Taek, she doesn’t hesitate with her answer of Taek. She can’t pick between Jung Hwan and Sun Woo, however since she thought both of them liked her.


Dong Ryong really makes her see that she has to chose instead of being chosen. And Taek is someone she’s always there for.


And I think Taek might confess soon. Because he says so.


Gift Five: A Pink Shirt

Soo Yeon is excited for Jung Hwan’s birthday, and she gets all dressed up for the occasion. She’s not bringing him a gift, because she already gave him one. A pink shirt.


Jung Hwan isn’t really thrilled about the color and stuffs it in a drawer when his brother comes peeking around.


Hyung asks for the shirt because it’s his favorite color, and when Jung Bong goes on a date later in the episode with the shirt on, you think Jung Hwan has given in.


Even though I already know Jung Hwan has it bad for Soo Yeon, even I was concinved his feeling might be changing when I saw Jung Bong in the same shirt going out for a date. image

Turns out that Jung Hwan never gave it up, his brother just happened to get the same shirt as a gift from Tweedledee. Poor Soo Yeon really believes Jung Hwan doesn’t care for her gift, and therefore her.


It breaks my heart to see her so sad, but at the same time, if they’re relationship is going to last, they both need to mature more.


Apparently there’s going to be a time jump after the next episode (which is delayed because of the filming schedule)  and we’ll go straight to 1994. A friend of mine suggested the crew might go their separate ways for college, and although it’ll make me sad, it’ll be good for tender hearts to grow a little more.


Plus, I’m looking forward to seeing the AM 1994 crew. It’ll be fun to watch Mr. Kim meet himself… haha 🙂

Everyone have a happy New Year!!



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