Kmuse’s End of Year Countdown – Couples Edition 2015

collageIt’s time to chat about the couples that left an impression during 2015.  Sadly, I didn’t have a true love for many OTPs (One True Pairings) but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t still enjoy a lot of their performances.  Here are the ones that stood out, or didn’t stand out, or I wished had stood out more……..

Favorite Couple That Should Have Been the OTP

The Producers – Cindy & Seung Chan

a0f10.pngWhile they implied that these two eventually end up as a couple in the future, I would have really enjoyed the show to be a bit more proactive in putting them together while the show aired.  IU’s Cindy was by far my favorite character of the drama and I really wished I could have seen her in a relationship and not just a one-sided love.

Perkiest Couple

Sassy Go Go – Yeon Doo & Yeol


Between the two of them, their smiles are by far the most dazzling in dramaland.  Almost to hypnotic levels, where it’s impossible to not love them.  Or maybe they really did hypnotize me into making them one of my favorite OTP’s of the year.  Either way, they were a fun couple to watch in a sea of serious and angsty OTP’s.

Favorite Bittersweet Couple

Last – Ryoo Jong Goo & Seo Mi Joo

a2Ryoo Jong Goo & Seo Mi Joo’s tragic romance broke my heart.  Their story and trials in the underground streets of Seoul were my personal favorite plotline of the noir drama Last.  I consider them equal to any Shakespearian style tragic lovers, and consider this drama a must watch for all kaddicts.

Best Bromance

Bromance – Ya Nuo &  Zi Feng


I covered my favorite Bromance moments in my End of Year OTB (One True Bromance) post.  So for this category, I am going to throw out my favorite fake bromance from the drama aptly name Bromance.  Is it wrong to like Pi Ya Nuo better as a boy than a girl?  That is the situation in this gender bender drama where a girl is forced to live as a boy because of a fortune tellers bad advice to her parents.  It’s a great fluffy watch with a couple that has a ton of chemistry.

OTP I Would Most Like to see as a Couple in Real Life

Kiss Me – TenTen & Taliw

12345599_1262559333761619_7721500228165164393_n.jpgThis is the same couple that I chose for this category last year.  And I still have a hidden hope that OTP Aom and Mike from Lakorn Kiss Me will just hook up in real life.  In lieu of that, I will settle for them continuing to do dramas together.  I just can’t get enough of their steamy cuteness.

Couple I Wish I had Seen More Of

Healer – Seo Jung Hoo & Yeong Shin

a2.jpgI know that we saw a ton of this couple in Healer, but that doesn’t mean I don’t crave more.  Their amazing chemistry blew up the screens as the secret messenger boy (think more of a messenger/spy) & his perky reporter girlfriend.  This is one couple I wouldn’t mind reuniting in a new drama.

Couple I Most Wish Separated

Yong Pal – Yong Pal and the Crocodile Queen

a1This one is really difficult since I really dislike the main couple of Jekyll, Hyde, and I.  Sadly, my dislike of the Yong Pal OTP (if you can call them that) even overcame my hate for that mess of a drama.  I was furious the writers just ignored the fact that our leading lady ordered people’s murders.  Saying “my bad” does not mean you deserve a sweet caring husband who goes out of his way to help the world.  This is one instance where I can say “Yong Pal, you can do better”.

That concludes my couples list.  Who would be on your favorite and least favorite OTP list?  Be sure to let me know in the comments and check out our other End of Year reviews linked below.



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s4Best Secondary Characters of 2015


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11 thoughts on “Kmuse’s End of Year Countdown – Couples Edition 2015

  1. Sorry to say that Producers was very2 boring drama of the year n yong pal it was very exciting drama at first and slowly it got so frustrated, slow n boring towards the end (it started at ep14) and i couldnt finished them..

  2. Totally agree with Kiss Me’s Aom and Mike – love them so much. Such cuteness! Such chemistry! And I’ve seen behind the scenes stuff of them, and he’s so considerate of her. They’ve got chemistry off screen, too. If they’re not going to be a real live couple, at least let them make many more adorable dramas together as a couple.

    And Healer – swoon! Those two are the best OTP of the year. That show had all my feelz going at once.

    Great list! 🙂

  3. Seo In Guk + Park Bo Gum FTW for best bromance :p

    Cannot agree with you enough regarding Yong Pal`s OTP!

    Did you watch Splish Splash Love? Pretty serious chemistry there.

  4. Totally agree with your choice of Aom and Mike from Kiss Me. Their chemistry is strong. Luckily, Thailand dramas like to use sucessful pairings over and over so I have high hopes they will continue to act together. One of my favorite couples in 2015 not mentioned was Park Yoo Chung and Shin Se Kyung from “Girl Who Sees Smells”. They had fabulous chemistry.I loved watching them together as crime fighting partners, friends and lovers. It was cuteness overload.
    Also agree with other poster on the OTP from Splash Splash Love. Those 2 need a 16 episode rom com together stat!

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  8. I agree with your choices (minus the Thai drama which I’ve yet to watch). Especially, your Bittersweet Couple reminded me of all the pain and the frustration I felt while watching Last *no spoilers, but, to be honest, I did cry in a couple of episodes and that hardly ever happens to me in this genre*
    YP was a big disappointment with or without the OTP. Whose fault was it, though? SBS’s, the writer’s, the actor’s? Who knows… One thing is certain: this sort of disaster will happen again and again, as long as the Big-3 are after profit (before quality and consistency) 🙁
    Bromance!! A big “YAY”! The script is all over the place, the acting is…you know, however this little drama is pure fun aaaand…it has finally given us the conclusive verdict on what really IS bromance in dramaland: it’s not friendship nor any other close relationship between men (or boys), is it? If we add Lover’s “bromance” as well, I’m sure we have a thorough answer to our perpetual question! 😉

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