Moorim School Is Making Me Worried With New Teaser

w.pngYou know that moment when a show jumps the shark (or in this case, wolf) and goes from being entertaining to what the fudge?  I think that Moorim School has officially reached that moment for me.  Or at least, it’s promotional material did.  I am still praying that the director gets all his creative CGI out in the first episode and then focuses on the plot.

w2.pngI am just going to state right her that unless the drama is a Sageuk (and even then…) there is no place for wild roving wolves to show up.  And yes, I know that it is illogical.  Call it a horrible flashback to Blood (hated the wolf scenes in that drama), or maybe it is just that I am anti -wolf in shows (it pulls me from the story), but I just don’t like the concept.  Let’s stick with keeping our pretty boys looking cool and controlled (at least in the trailers) so we can have high hopes that somehow this will be the school drama to break the mold and be a ratings winner.

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