Why You Should be Watching ‘Cheese in the Trap’

I’m pretty proficient at fangirling. I mean, it’s been three years since my obsession started, and almost as long since I wrote my first blog post about it.


As obsessions tend to, the bright shiny newness wears off eventually, and the palate becomes more discerning. Never mind that it took me over two years to get there. So when I get crazy excited about a new show, you can believe there’s good reason behind it.

Cheese in the Trap, y’all. Cheese. in. the. Trap. Holy Kdrama. It’s only been two episodes, but my mind is BLOWN.


Once you get over the weird title, (I’m sure there’s something deep and meaningful there, but we haven’t gotten to it yet) and the crazy hair of the female lead, and well, subtitles–if you’ve never watched a Kdrama before–then there’s so much amazingness.


Here’s the thing. I write romance novels. Getting two characters together is a complicated and delicate formula. You can’t rush it. You can’t have them kiss all the time even if you’re the creator and you want them too. There’s a push and pull that makes a romance worth reading.

The same thing applies to Kdrama. When I first started watching, you have no idea how flooded my brain was with book ideas. In the same sphere, I was also upset with how many Kdramas stole my stories. Okay, they were around first. I’m looking at you Boys Over Flowers.


After a few dozen dramas, I saw through the formula, and it was no longer as interesting. Cheese in the Trap, however…

Let me put it this way. I am Hong Seol. Her character is so down to earth and just…real. Sometimes I feel like Kdramas blow up personalities so they translate into film, but Hong Seol doesn’t need to be crazy or talk to herself. Her inner voice is a perfect tone and she’s thought so many things I’ve thought I just want to hug her.


Of course, no Kdrama is meaningful without a great male lead, and boy is Yoo Jung a great lead. From the moment he steps on screen, there’s so many layers. I really like how the writer is keeping the main story in the girl’s perspective so we don’t really know what’s going on in Yoo Jung’s head.

We get hints. He doesn’t really like people who just want him for his money, or his looks, or his good grades, but he doesn’t really say this outright. He doesn’t even act rude to these people, because everyone wants something. He’s used to it.


More than that, he knows what he likes, and he isn’t afraid to go after it. Put these two together, and there’s such a complex relationship. It’s obvious to me that he likes her, but she’s blind to it with good reason.


After just two episodes, I feel like I’ve taken so many personal writing lessons on what makes a good romance. There’s sexual tension, but it’s not forced in any way. I’m already beyond curious about how they’re going to get together. No doubt it’s going to be a wild ride.

If you’re not watching this show, correct that right now. I really hope it continues to exceed my Kdrama expectations, and I have a feeling it will. Not just with the main characters, but with every relationship involved.


Are you watching Cheese in the Trap? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I am watching and so far I love it! Is he really a terrible person or just broken? Is she right about him or not. I can’t wait to find out.

  2. I need to resume on my drama watch. So.far reading the recaps….i am like ahhh….i.did read the webtoon, but had to stop so i dont ruin my watch. But from recaps….she is such an unreliable narrator and THOSE ARE THE KINDS OF NARRATORS I LOVE..cuz as an audience…since u cannpt trust that kind of narration, you get to participate in the complexity of the narrator’s thought or rather try to make out what is true or not….and this is thought on reading. Cannot wait to actually watch it.

    • Yes, that’s what makes the webtoon so interesting. You’re never quite sure what’s really going on because everything is filtered through Seol’s thoughts. It makes it interesting and also frustrating. I’ve read the whole first season and am no closer to figuring some characters out.

      • Oh man… I’m kind of worried now, but not sure I should be. I mean, it’s a Kdrama, they’re going to follow at least the part of the formula where people get together… I’m pretending 49 Days isn’t part of this equation… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m watching this as well. And the wait each week is going to be hell. There is something different with this drama even though we’ve seen it all before.

    I do want to credit the crew for making it fresh. The makeover seen (sort of) before the blind date was cool to see. The lighting, the placement of the camera, that was cool. I also enjoy the long takes they do. One example was when Han Seol gave advice to Ah Young about picking a guy. Just one long take as they walk down one path, while Yung walked the otehr way. Loved seeing that.

  4. I actually adore her hair. LOL. I’m am loving this one so much! 1988 spoiled me for wanting ensemble casts and this one may help when 1988 is over. Give me lots of wonderful complex characters (okay, the mean girl isn’t that layered but I’ll forgive them.) and have them all pall around together and be awesome.

    • Yes!!

      I think her hair would be fine if it was black. I don’t know why the color bothers me. My husband saw part of it last night and was like, “What is with her hair??!?” Which is why I mentioned it ๐Ÿ™‚
      But I think we’ll be seeing a lot from the rest of the cast. I already almost cried when that big bully kid was talking to his mom on the phone. Geeze!

  5. I’m only one episode into the drama but I’ve been reading the webtoon since it began publication. What I’ve seen so far is good in that it really brings the collegiate scene to life – worrying about grades, what other people think about you, boys, etc. – as well as the visuals on the actors seems spot on. The actual webtoon has always seemed a confusing-yet-facinating mess – at least to me – so I’m hoping the drama will streamline things for us. While the webtoon is definitely moving into romance-land now, I’m hoping the drama will explain a little more of the “is he a creep or is he not?” storyline. So happy to see other people are watching!

  6. I’ve watched a couple of Dramafever clips on YouTube, and I’ve come to really be curious about the male lead. Something about him is off. So I’m definitely going to start watching it soon.

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