Web Series “Another Parting”: Episode 3 Recap


Hul continues to discover what it means to be human as he becomes more intertwined with Hana’s pain.  My only complaint is that 10 minutes is just too short a time to properly enjoy Seo In Guk’s awesomeness in his alien awakening.  So let’s slowly chat about the events of episode 3.

Episode 3 :Escape

This episode continues in the show’s efforts to forge a connection (quickly but also believably) between our suicidal heroine Hana and our hottie alien Hul.  After their attempted, kinda but not really, murder spree they run and hide out at what I am assuming is Hana’s practice rooms.  


Hana’s ex-boyfriend and the ex-best friend are still at the club.  Jenny (ex-BFF) is still in shock from her near death experience, but the jerk (ex BF) she is engaged to is on the phone with some cop buddies demanding that they arrest Hana and Hul for attempted murder.  The cops seem to be your standard (not too bright) Korean cops and agree to help out.  It cracks me up that one of them questions where a coma patient even got a gun.  This is not (*&#(*$ America.  HAHAHA.  The Jerk puffs up and says that they are going to get what is coming to them, but Jenny just says to herself “I almost died”.  He continues to talk himself up and Jenny stands up and pours a bottle of Champagne on his head.  HAHA guess the relationship is over.  If my boyfriend had hidden behind me when a maniac was waving a gun I would want to break up with him too.


Hul stares at himself in the bathroom mirror (I have to conclude that he is amazed at how yummy he looks.) pulling his ears out and figuring out the movement of his face.  He follows the sound of music and finds Hana singing and playing her guitar.  He says to himself that she has beautiful lips.  That watching them makes him feel good.  Hul then wonders to himself: “If I can keep looking at her longer how much more would I feel pleased?”collage1.jpg

Hul continues his human experience by licking a tangerine before deciding to just bite into it.  Hana gives him a weird look and asks if it is true that he is an alien.  Hul nods his head and says yeah, she then asks him what he can do other then the telepathy, he pauses and tells her that he can go back in time. (Does anyone else get the feeling that the writer or writers dumped a lot of alien powers into a hat and randomly chose a few for Hul’s character).  She is dubious and asks if he can take her back in time.  He nods his head and asks when she would want to return to.  Thinking intently, Hana replies that she lost a doll on the bus on her 7th birthday and ever since then the incident has bothered her.  Our hottie alien looks at her and smiles a sad smile.  I can only go back in time once, (hello random conditions on superpowers that I don’t get) is that truly when you would want to return to?  Hana looks away and quietly replies, No. I would go back to before I started lying to myself.collage1.jpg

Resting side by side, Hana asks, “you said you wanted to know where tears come from?”  She turns towards him and says, “tears do not come from the eyes”  She touches his chest, “they come from within here.”  Hul gazes at her and thinks to himself “She has beautiful eyes, and the rest of her face is beautiful also.  Staring at her makes me feel good.”  And again he wonders “If I can keep looking at her how much more would I feel pleased.”  collage1.jpg

Hana falls asleep crying and Hul touches her face and collects a tear.  He stares at it on his finger and then licks it trying to understand what was happening.  Staring at her a bit longer he also finally falls asleep only to be awoken by Ha Na’s phone.  Someone is calling her to warn her that the cops are after her for attacking her ex.  Hul and Ha Na escape just before the cops arrival, stealing a car and driving off into the darkness.  Hul asks her where she wants to go and Ha Na replies “Just go to the end.  I’ve never gone to the end before.”  Is this foreshadowing by chance?  I came into the drama expecting a sad ending.  But you never know, I was not expecting aliens either so maybe there is hope for this messed up couple.sg1d2

Final Thoughts:

I am very impressed with how the director and writer have made me care for this couple.  Even though I don’t know everything about them, I still find myself rooting them on both as a couple and Ha Na as a person.  I love that she is truly wanting to go back to before her life took that turn that made her the way she is.  It was interesting the way she avoided all eye contact in the first half of the episode and only focused on the guitar and then gradually opened up to Hul  started interacting him as a person.  I also have to commend the director.  The visual elements and lighting of this series is amazing, especially since it is done on a small budget.  I would happily watch a full-length drama filmed in the same style since I find it interesting and visually stimulating. I look forward to next week and the conclusion of the story.

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