Fangirl’s Wish List for 2016


Now that we are all done with our 2015 End of Year reviews, we can start looking forward to the new year.  Which means its time to create our wish lists for the kdrama powers that be.  What themes do we want to see?  What tropes do we want to die a final death?  Who is our fantasy casts?  The Fangirls discuss this and more!


CLKYTTA– More Bromance!  I really liked how Cheer Up/Sassy Go Go had the love line and the loyal bromance.  I want to see some loyalty among friends and lovers.  For me, it’s so much more interesting and I’m way more invested when the main couple goes through hard times, but they fight to make it. Add in a loyal bestie sidekick and a good baddie and all I need is popcorn.  So what I really want is another Healer, Sassy Go Go, or Ho Goo’s Love.  I’m not asking for much am I?


KMUSE: Is it just me or were there a lack of Revenge dramas this past year?  I kind of miss the straight up revenge stories like Shark and Incarnation of Money.  Let’s bring the angsty revenge back to our screens (and I am not talking about the long 50 episode revenge stories that meander their way and never actually achieve any revenge.)  Let’s keep it short and sweet.

Dump These Tropes

CLKYTTA– I’m kind of done with vampires.

KdramaJen: I can’t remember.  Were there a lot of amnesia and other memory loss-issues in 2015?  I would like 2016 to be free of the amnesia/memory loss trope.  Please.

KMUSE: I am done with the we are childhood friends and have emotional trauma and somehow can’t manage to hook up but we will heal each other blah blah blah………  More hijinks less healing.2.jpg

Fantasy Casting

Fantasy football teams are fine, but how about fantasy casting?  If fan girls controlled the world, these are the casting combinations we would want to see in 2016:

KdramaJen: I want to see Seo in-Guk, Park Bo-Gum, Yoo Seung Ho, Joo Won, Ji Soo,  Song Joong-Ki and Lee Jong-suk in a drama about a boy band.  There will need to be plenty of angsty shower scenes and bromance moments too.  I picture them all running through a fountain in the opening credits…

I also want/NEED Park Bo-Gum and Ji Soo to be in a drama were they get the girl.


In 2016, I would also like some lead actresses who leave me speechless.  While I admit that I might fan girl over abs and lips and shoulders and…  Well, anyway, I want leading ladies who are feisty and strong and witty who have intense chemistry with the rest of the cast.  I want an OTP (one true pairing) that makes me swoon.

Oh!  I also want Kim Seul Gi and her sexy leading man from Splash Splash Love to have a full length drama.  They had great chemistry.  She is my #1 girl crush right now, so I would be fine with her paired with any of my biases.  I think Lee Jong Suk would be a good match!collage21

KMUSE: Oooh.  Fantasy casting?  I like how you think with the whole boy band concept.  My only concern is that all the other dramas out there might be crap if the best leading men are all in one show.  Might be worth it though.

I think my #1 fantasy would be a Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won reunion starring in a romantic comedy.  I was so disappointed with the chemistry in both of their 2015 dramas.  Let’s just go back to what worked in the past.

I would also love to see Seo In Guk and Jung Ryu Won as an OTP……… a romantic comedy of course.  Both can do extreme quirky well and I think they would have some real chemistry.


CLKYTTA: Pure Fantasy? So Ji Sub and Yoon Do0 Joon as brothers in a romantic comedy. I like watching Doo Joon eat, so let’s have him be a chef and So Ji Sub can be the chaebol older brother.  No love triangle with the same girl though, I hate that with brothers.

I want to see more of Jung Ryu Won, Ji Soo, and Choi Woo Shik  in dramas this year.  I haven’t been that impressed with a lot of the female actresses this year either.  Let’s have a good drama where the heroine saves the hero!


That is the end of our wish list.  Be sure to let us know what you are hoping for in 2015 and lets raise our drinks and toast to 2016 which will hopefully be the best kdrama year ever.



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  1. Looking over MDL, I think my favorite k-dramas have “friends becoming lovers” and “bickering couples.” So, how about the lovely Han Groo (Marriage, Not Dating) and my favorite Park Shi Hoo as former classmates – the kind of star-crossed lovers who just never got together while in school – who meet up again while competing to better manage their company. You know – first they disagree but then they realize they work better as a pair.

    • I’d just want both of them to do a decent drama this year. That ‘s all lol. I really miss Hyun Bin. Beside that all I have to say is: more bromance! In rom-coms, thrillers, sageuk, fantasy dramas more bromance lool

  2. Story lines I hope with appear more often: friendship stories where the friends actually like and care about each other, specifically female friendships. Most of the time one (the supporting character) would care for the other (lead) more. She Was Pretty came close, but short of perfect.

    Story lines I wish would be reduced: first love is the truest, only love. It is the trope I hate the most at the moment, probably because I watch a lot of romcoms and that’s the easiest story line. But ultimate love doesn’t have to be the girl/guy you had a crush on when you were seven. Let’s be real.

    Dream cast: I would love to see Park Seo-joon and Choi Woo-shik back together, mostly because I didn’t watch their daily drama and they’re good friends in real life. Both are excellent actors in their own merit so it’ll be awesome to see them on screen together again.

  3. I think that Eun-Ji’s character in Sassy Go Go was an amazing female lead this year, and I also suprisingly enjoyed Hye-Ri in Reply 1988, her character is way more complex than it seems and I think she handled it pretty well.
    Anyway, for 2016, we already have Hong-Seol (Cheese in the trap) as a very promising female lead, let’s hope there will be more!

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