Web Series “Another Parting” : Episode 4 Recap

1.pngIt looks like we might take a turn to the serious in episode 4, but we also get a kiss scene so that totally makes up for it.  Also, be sure to check out the photos of Seo In Guk for International BTN at the end of the recap.  I could not resist giving everyone a little extra gift since he looks AMAZING in this photo shoot.

Episode 4: Parting

Remember we left off just as Ha Na and Hul stole a car and were driving off into the sunset (or at least figuratively) for as far as they could go.  Turns out that it was not that far since they ran out of gas.  So our intrepid couple continues on foot.  Where?  We don’t know, but that is OK since I am pretty sure they don’t know either.  Pre-planning does not seem to be their forte.

3.13As they walk Hul comments about how cold it is.  Ha Na actually smiles at him (first time her character has not looked suicidally depressed) and offers him her hand.  Our intrepid couple walk hand in hand actually looking happy and like a couple on a date. A date that includes breaking into some type of sauna?  Community Pool?  As they sit staring at the pool, Hul exclaims that it is beautiful and looks like her tears.  Ha Na asks if he has never cried and he replies that feelings are gone from his planet.


Ha Na comments that it must be comfortable on his planet with no emotions.  Hul replies: ” No emotions, no tears.  No Tears, no Love.”  Ha Na tells him she wants to live there, but our sexy alien just looks sad and says “I want to live here.”  He is silent for a few minutes and then asks “Do you think dust can feel as well?”  OH NO…..  I am already so sad and he is not even gone yet.  All he wants is to be loved…. sob sob sob.


We then get an impromptu swimming scene which I totally support.  Both of them jump in, clothes and all, and swim underwater hand in hand.  AWWWWWWW I love this couple so much.  It also comes in handy that they can speak telepathically to each other so they can continue to communicate while frolicking like water sprites.  Ha Na thanks Hul for stopping her and helping her get through the day since now she can get through the next.  Hul replies that he has only one day to be with her which make him sad. (Oh the feels….. keep it together Kmuse, deep breaths).   They come out of the water.  Hul leans in for the kiss.  This viewer is waiting with bated breath for “the kiss” and then……….  the stupid cops bang on the locked door of the pool room screaming that they know they are in there.  WHAT THE HECK? Worst timing ever!


Unfortunately, that is also the second that his watch of doom’s timer goes off telling Hul his time as a human is up.  Hul grabs Ha Na and tells her it is time to go.  Hul looks at her intently and says, “If I take you back you have to promise me three things Hana (her name is the same as the word for one) Never Lie to Yourself. Hana never lie to yourself.  Hana never lie to yourself.  He then slips the pill he was given at the beginning between her lips and kisses her.  And wow, I don’t know how but this scene just took so much emotionally from me.  As he kisses her a single tear runs down his face and time begins to rewind.  We see everything flash backwards until she awakes sitting in a seat across from her ex-boyfriend who is impatiently trying to get her attention.



OH NO!  Does she remember Hul?  Is Hul now dust since he gave Ha Na his way home (still not sure how that all works but it does not matter since I am just living in the world they created and not poking holes)?  Does he get an F on his report since he is not able to tell his higher ups why humans cry?  What are they going to do tomorrow for the finale?  UGH, I need answers now!  Unfortunately, we have to wait tomorrow for the conclusion of the drama.


Also, I just learned that the main point of making this web series was to promote a newer group Melody Day’s upcoming single, “Some Kind of Goodbye” which will be released later this week after the finale of the web series.  I will be sure to post it in my blog for those of you interested. Until tomorrow, I will just leave you with all these pretty new Seo In Guk photos.

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  1. Melody Day was the othe big draw for my watching this, after Wang Ji Won. I first heard them in #Missing You”, their cover of Magic Castle is still a favourite. FWIW, they’d done 13 OSTs before “Another Parting”. THe MV for the title track is like a 5 minute version of the whole Drama. 🙂

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