Answer Me 1988 Episode 17: I Dreamed A Dream

a25.pngI loved how the writers developed this episode, bringing us into the long expected time jump.  While we didn’t get that happily ever after bow for every character (let’s just say that all the love lines, except the parents, crash and burn…….more on that later) we did finally learn what everyone’s dreams for the future were.  Something that surprisingly hit a high note for this blogger.  I never really thought about it before, but this whole show has been themed on achieving dreams whether it was in academics, parenting, work, or romantically.  So let’s take a minute to focus on the end of an era as our characters finally grow up a little.

It feels like forever since I was last here wondering what I am going to say about an Answer Me episode.  Just goes to show you that 2 weeks in dramaland is the equivalent of a month in normal time.  And don’t think I didn’t notice that the writers have gone from 1 hr and 40 min episodes to 1hr and 50 min episodes.  You might think it isn’t a big issue, but when you started out with 90 min shows and even that felt long to recap, that extra 20 min is just killer.  It’s a good thing the show ends next week or we might have reached past the 2 hrs/episode mark.  If you add up all that extra time that 20 episode drama we have all been watching is closer to your normal 30+ episode drama.  Just this way no one gets daunted by the high episode count… sneaky sneaky sneaky.


We open the episode with a frustrated Duk Seon who is wondering why she just got dumped by Taek.  I feel a bit bad for our unlucky in love leading lady.  Unknown to her the block boys have been angsting away over their love for her.  But here Duk Seon is stuck thinking she has been rejected three times.  Its no wonder she is frustrated, thinking that her woman’s intuition is totally broken. a1.png

To add to her horrible day, Duk Seon manages to get her foot run over by a motorcycle and is in serious patient mode (I just want to point out that there have been more injuries in this drama than almost any other that I have seen.  Especially if you consider it is a family drama and not a Thugageddon themed drama.)


Time is moving for all our characters as we briefly get a glimpse of everyone studying and preparing for their futures.  Most notably is Jung Hwan who is on his way to join the Air Force.  It seems that he originally was planning on doing it because it was his brothers dream (and he was fulfilling it in his place) but at some point, it became something he really wanted to do. I personally think this is a brilliant plan since it will mean we get to see this sexy khottie in uniform.


We got a very sweet moment between the two brothers when they are watching shooting stars and Jung Bong voices his concern over how Jung Hwan was planning his life around his old dreams.  There was something just so sweet and pure when the two boys were talking about the future together.


You have to love how extremely awkward things are between Taek and Jung Hwan.  These poor little boys just don’t know what to do with all those emotions running about.



Still Awkward


Jung Hwan finally confronts Taek about looking in his wallet (remember the photo of Duk Seon was inside).  Taek lies and says he never looked inside, but you can tell that Jung Hwan knows that he knows.  My heart breaks a little that both boys are sad and trying to do right by the other.


It breaks a little bit more when I realize that we are almost to the time jump (for real this time) and this might be the last scenes starring all five of our teenage block buddies.


This was definitely Taek’s episode to shine as he steps up and takes care of his friends instead of the other way around.  These are a few of my Taek Ep 17 defining moments

Taek & Duk Seon’s Romantic Manly Moment

The boys are playing soccer (illegally at the school field) and poor Dong Ryong has a slight hemorrhoid accident (I refuse to go into detail…..let’s just all collectively say EWWWWW.)  Sun Woo and Jung Hwan piggyback the poor bleeding friend to the hospital which leaves Taek and Duk Seon (who is still incapacitated by a broken foot) to make their way home.  Poor Taek looks so tiny as he offers to give Duk Seon a piggyback ride home.  She begins to refuse just as a security guard discovers their illegal entrance.


When Duk Seon still hesitates, Taek takes things into his own hands (literally) and just sweeps her up and runs across the field.  I can’t be the only one who thought this moment was uber masculine.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that Taek is all man, but I never really saw him as a physical man before.  I suspect that Duk Seon had the same reaction as I did when you consider the looks she was giving him.  Hmm.  It looks like Duk Seon has found a new crush.


Taek & Sun Woo’s Bromantic Moment

ACK… give me some smelling salts because I might pass out from bromance induced joy.  How sweet was this scene were Taek confirmed he was OK with his Dad and Mommy Kim dating.  The maturity.  The sweetness.  The smile.  It sent me into complete fangirl overload and made my eyes tear up.  These two will be the cutest step-siblings ever.


Taek Gets Some Action……….Maybe

Am I the only one that is starting to get really concerned over Taek’s drug use?  Sure it is just sleeping pills and painkillers, but it is obvious that our Kcutie has a bit of a problem.  Especially since all the block buddies and his father, keep commenting on it.  That and the whole drugged out look he was constantly sporting in most of the scenes this episode.  He was so drugged that he was unaware if this make-out scene was really a dream or reality.  Either way, it is nice to see some skinship between our leading lady and someone.

a34.pngSo what do you think?  Was it a dream or did it really happen?  The show indicated that it was a dream, but I could totally see us getting a flashback that it was a real moment if Taek ends up being the husband.

The Breakups

On one hand I like that the writer wanted to give us a completely clean slate couplewise when we go into the time jump.  On the other hand, it was flipping torture watching everyone’s hearts break into a million little block bestie pieces.  Since there were so many broken relationships, let’s discuss them one by one.3.14.jpg

Sun Woo & Bora

This one has been coming for a long time, but still is sad.  Bo Ra was finding it difficult to juggle a boyfriend/feelings and her school work.  In the end school & her future career won out.  She pulls Sun Woo aside and just tells him that her wish is to break up with him.  He does not take it well and says, “If you take one more step away from me I will never see you again.”  Bo Ra doesn’t hesitate and walks away.  Sure we see her crying later, but even so, that was a pretty cold way to dump a guy.a30.png

I actually like this development from a character standpoint.  While we can say that 3 years is not that big of a deal age-wise, when it is that jump between high school and college, it is a bigger issue.  Bo Ra always saw him as younger and not an equal in maturity.  And for the most part, Sun Woo let her.  Their breakup was the perfect example.  Bo Ra made the decision and enacted on it with no discussion and Sun Woo took it and lashed out emotionally.  Neither saw their relationship as equal and, therefore, they need time apart to get past that awkward stage in life.  I really do hope they make it in the long run and Sun Woo makes Bo Ra work for it a little more.


Jung Bong & Tweedledee (or was she Tweedledum?)

Who knew that when I started this drama I would be totally in love with Jung Bong.  He is the #1 boy from the block that I would want as a Son In Law.  Sure he has his quirks, but his sincerity overcomes most negatives in my opinion.  With that in mind, it totally killed me when Jung Bong’s little hardworking heart was broken by Tweedledee.  Especially in such a cruel fashion.  You know that he is not one to give up, so why would you let him write you thirty five letters before officially ending it.  Not cool Tweedledee.  Not cool.


The one upside was that it inspired him to go into seclusion (in the monastery) and study for his college entrance exam.  Which worked!  The 9th time was the charm and Jung Bong officially made it into college and his parents rejoiced.


Duk Seon & Anyone???

It was just not meant to be for Duk Seon to date in high school.  She remains single (despite her various crushes on all three boys on the block).  Both Taek and Jung Hwan stepped away for each other. Which is commendable and all but that means that everyone ended up being sad and alone.  But I guess at that point in their lives it was preferable to hurting each other.


I am currently rewatching this drama for a 2nd time (I have a close friend who I am watching it with and she is playing catch up) and caught something I hadn’t the first time through.  I always wondered why Duk Seon was not more proactive in her love life.  It seemed like Duk Seon was OK with going through life simply crushing on anyone who seemed to like her.  While the adult me finds this totally frustrating, the teenage inner me totally understands.  Putting yourself out there for rejection is hard.  Especially when you don’t know their feelings and it might ruin your friendship.   As a teenager, you are hormonal, self-absorbed, and pretty much have the EQ of a gnat.  It is very realistic that she would never say anything to anyone.


The same goes for the two boys.  Both are so worried about hurting each other, that neither is willing to really sit down and talk about it.  I give Jung Hwan credit that he gave Taek an opening to work things out, but in true awkward teenage fashion, he was not able to follow through.  I guess I am OK with all three staying single and unconfessed.  Just like Sun Woo, I think that some life experience will help tremendously in dealing with this type of hard situation.

Time Passes By

We have time jump! It is just an intro, but we get a quick glimpse at all the characters.

Jin Joo is still adorable and I think it is so sweet that she calls Taek’s father Dad.  Not to mention that plucking his gray hairs out for money is just so adorable I can barely maintain my inner SQUEEEs.


The biggest surprise is how sexy Sung No Eul looks underneath his shirt.  Who would have guessed he was packing that away.  I really can’t wait to see if he actually followed his dream to be a singer.  If he did, that would explain the new physique.


Jung Bong is looking very adult and I am not sure if his computer focus is a career or one of his hobbies.  Guess we will find out in episode 18.


Sun Woo is in his residency as a Doctor.


Dong Ryong is decked out from head to toe in name brand 90’s style.  He is working at his brother’s restaurant.


Taek is grown up with an all new sexy hairstyle to commemorate his aging (you have to wonder who took him to a barber finally.)  I find it hilarious that everyone is impressed that he bought a car, but in true Taek fashion, he can’t seem to park it.  The parking pain is real!  I can totally relate on that one.


Duk Seon found her nitch as a flight attendant and is looking for put together in her uniform.  Thank goodness the high waisted jeans are done and we never have to see them again, minus the occasional flashback.


And finally, Jung Hwan is back!!!!!  And looking really really really (oh my word so hot) good in his military uniform.  I suddenly really want Ryoo Joon Yeol to consider a military drama for his next project.


Everyone is back for Taek’s birthday party and I look forward to discovering the new dynamic between the more mature characters.

My Thoughts:

I really liked this whole episode.  It made me equally sad and happy to see the character progress into this new stage in their life.  A part of me will miss the teenage years, but if it means that our romantic trio can finally figure out who belongs with who, I will be happy to move on.

I have actually said from the beginning that I am happy with either possible coupling.  While it seemed like it was a foregone conclusion that Team Jung Hwan had this one, I have come to realize that it really is anyone’s game.


Instead of your usual girl likes one guy and doesn’t have eyes for anyone else, this drama has her having crushes on both men.  Add in the fact that the writer has developed the romantic feelings equally of both men and it is hard to tell what is going to happen.  Sure Jung Hwan has always loved her and seems to be more similar to the adult version of the husband.  But I noticed that they slipped in Taek’s father talking about how Taek had not always been so subdued and introverted.  Could this mean that with the absence of obsessive competitive gaming he suddenly begins to be more outgoing.  If nothing else, I hope it means he stopped using all the meds.  At this point, I truly do think we can’t guarantee who is going to be “The Husband”.  It is kind of a nice change from the other two dramas in the series where you pretty much knew who it was going to be from the get-go.


I look forward to seeing what has changed over the four years we missed and how everyone has changed.  I also hope that at least a few of our love lines get a second chance since I am a sucker for everyone having a happily ever after ending.

Til next week,


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