“Signal” Releases Long Trailer Chock Full of Suspense and Intrigue


I was determined that I was going to go into this drama without checking out the episode 0 (airing this week following the finale of Answer Me 1988) or the long trailer.  That is until the long trailer came out and I couldn’t resist a quick peak.  Which became a six-minute peak since I was glued to my seat.  Completing the long trailer, I can officially say I am even more excited for this drama.  A feat that I had assumed was impossible.

a4.pngI loved getting a closer look at the personalities of our three leads.  I was also surprised that our leading man, Lee Je Hoon,  is a bit more abrasive in personality than I was expecting.  In previous teasers, we had only seen him as a contemplative detective.  For that matter, all three leads were a lot more intense than I was expecting.  I have a feeling that the word “intense” will be featured prominently in my recaps come next week.  Signal begins airing January 22nd on TvN




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