One More Happy Ending Episode 2: A Marriage To Remember……Or Not

b1.pngThe romantic hijinks continue as our couple learns the consequences of their drunken marriage rampage.  Add in some side characters and their relationship woes and you have a very solid hour of comedic entertainment.  

I have been contemplating how I am going to attack these recaps over the last several days.  And I finally decided that I will be going with a top five favorite moment countdown concept.  It seems to lead itself well to this type of humorous drama and that way it limits how long I go on about various scenes.  I have found out that I must contain myself when it comes to recaps.  Especially since I am covering multiple dramas now (Be sure to check out the new Signal recaps!) because once you get behind it is a bugger to catch up.  So without further ado, let’s chat One More Happy Ending Episode 2.

#1 A Wedding To Remember

Or not as the case might be since our OTP (One True Pairing) were totally sloshed when they went down to the courthouse to register their marriage.  Finding out that they need witnesses, they each call their besties.  Mi Mo’s doesn’t come but gives up her ID number for the paperwork.  Soo Hyuk’s bestie, hottie doctor Hae Joon, does show up with a bouquet of roses and a lot of questions.  I about died laughing when Soo Hyuk falls off the counter at the courtroom when his friend enters.

12.png Then the most hilarious proposal and acceptance in the history of kdramas occurred as Soo Hyuk slides (flowers in hand) on his knees to Mi Mo asking, “Will you marry me?”  To which Mi Mo replies “Abso-F ing -lutely.”  BWAHAHAHA.  I think that shall always be my favorite Jang NaRa moment in the history of her acting career.


Our OTP then make even more of a spectacle of themselves as Mi Mo jumps her new husband and they spin around in joy, scattering rose petals everywhere.  Hae Joon looks on with a “WHAT THE FUDGE?” expression plastered on his face.


#2 Spending Spree & Cow Onesies

The fun doesn’t stop there.  After the wedding is registered the two wander off to plan for their wedding night.  Along the way we see them buy chunky fake rings for every one of Mi Mo’s fingers, sexy lingerie, and a bunch of animal onesies.


I loved that Soo Hyuk started putting his sexy moves into use when they were in the elevator going home.  I could happily listen to Jung Kyung Ho talk naughty for the next 14 episodes and die a happy fangirl.


When the two finally find each other the next morning, they are appalled at their actions as well as still a bit fuzzy on the details.  Did they or didn’t they?  Mi Mo claims there is no way (pointing at the cow onesie she was wearing) this isn’t my style.  To which Soo Hyuk falls to the floor whimpering “but it’s my style”.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (sorry have to pause to wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes).


Let’s all give a cheer for sexy/ cheesy cow jammies and cute little Soo Hyuk’s fetish for them.  At this point, Mi Mo tells Soo Hyuk that there is no way for them to get the marriage annulled and would he please take one for the team because she can’t have another divorce to her name.  Soo Hyuk looks on blankly and she clarifies that she needs him to become a perverted deviant so she can get the annulment.  Hahahaha (still laughing).

#3 Hae Joon is A Hottie

I adore Hae Joon’s character so far.  It is just fitting that all around sweet Soo Hyuk has an equally awesome and sweet bestie in Hae Joon.  From the first we see that he is level headed and just an all around nice guy.  I was very impressed how he didn’t mock the teenager for leaving him a song lyric confession.  He was just, well, sweet.


I can also see how Mi Mo would latch onto him being the perfect 2nd husband material.  And it looks like he also might be a bit interested in her.  As jealous stalker doctor says, giving up one’s labcoat to a patient has connotations attached.


You might be asking yourself how Mi Mo can marry hot doc when she is already married to Soo Hyuk.  Turns out Hae Joon is not only super nice but he is smart as well.  Hae Joon doesn’t let the clerk file the wedding and only lets the couple think they went through it till they sober up.  Yup, that’s right.  Good besties don’t let friends get married while drunk off their gourd.


I just hope that Mi Mo doesn’t come between the two guys great friendship.  I always get sad when a girl busts up a good bromance.


#4 Adorkable Soo Hyuk & His Son

We finally got to see some interaction between Soo Hyuk and his son.  I loved how the son feels that he has to help his dad find a woman since he thinks Soo Hyuk lacks wooing skills.  Obviously he did not see his dad going in for the smooches just hours after meeting Mi Mo.  I can safely say his dad has this one under control.  Or at least he does when he has a couple beers inside him.

#5 Mi Mo’s Besties Keeping It Real.

I appreciate that Mi Mo and her three best friends all are extremely flawed and are going through issues.  I also appreciate that the besties don’t cave in and support Mi Mo in her over the top emotional antics.  They instead try their best to keep her grounded and living in the land of reality.  It is nice and refreshing.


And am I the only one hoping that Da Jung and Hae Joon eventually hook up?  I think there could be some truly hilarious scenes that come from those two trying to find some common ground.  And my bet is that Hae Joon would fulfill Da Jung’s hot in Calvin Klines secret wish.


Well, that is my top five for episode 2.  I can’t wait to see what happens this week and whether fate will continue to throw Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk together.  I am crossing my fingers that it will be hilarious and unexpected just like we received in the first two episodes.


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  1. Thank you for a review as funny and hilarious as the episode …. LOVE!!!!!!
    While I’m waiting for episode 3, I’ll have to get my fix by watching the first two episodes again … and maybe again???

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