Signal Episode 2 : And the timey-wimey stuff begins

There isn’t any actual time travel in this drama, but who needs that when you have a magical walkie-talkie that allows our two heroes to talk to each other through the space time continuum. And this episode slides us right into that aspect of the show. Episode 2 was slightly less intense than the first, but still a great ride, none the less.

Screenshot 2016-01-24 15.33.05

As a side note, this is my first time recapping so please bear with me. I don’t plan on following the episodes through each step but will try to give you a feel for what happens. Okay, lets get to it.

There are several big things that happen so I think I’ll just do a list, staying in order of how the story unfolds.

Big Thing # 1: Our first big bad is caught.

The episode begins with Hae-young and Soo-hyun standing on either side of our suspected killer, Nurse Yoon. I have to say, the call back to her standing in the rain with the umbrella covering her face when she kidnapped Yoon-jung, was perfect. And the look she gives Hae-young is chilling in that she just seems annoyed with them.

We’re at 20 minutes until time runs out. She’s brought into the station and right in for questioning . She keeps up her confident exterior through the whole interrogation. Soo-hyun tries to get a confession by telling Nurse Yoon’s that her blood was on the glasses found with the dead suspect from the kidnapping case. But our killer is smart enough to know they would have booked her already if they had DNA evidence because of the ticking statute of limitations. As a last ditch effort (with mere minutes until times up) Hae-young bursts into the room with fake DNA results claiming they prove Nurse Yoon is the killer.Screenshot 2016-01-24 15.32.28It looks like Nurse Yoon is going to break at the last second but then she just says she didn’t kill them. I have to post a few shots of Nurse Yoon’s expressions. Girl knows how to skeeve me out and still make me appreciate how smart she is. I also have to do a side for a second. This is how I picture most interrogations go in real life. I’ve always thought it had to be a lot tougher to get someone to confess than they make it seem.

Once the time is up, Nurse Yoon triumphantly walks out of the station, and past the little girl’s mom without a second glance like the cold hearted killer she is. Luckily for the police, they were running the DNA test on the glasses and it came up a match to Nurse Yoon, unfortunately it was a few minutes too late. But before our killer walks out of the precinct a new piece of evidence is found. A parking ticket that has a time stamp proving that the murder of Seo Hyung-joon (the original suspected killer of the little girl) wasn’t until after that ticket was created. Which means the statute of limitations hasn’t run out and our cops have their killer.Screenshot 2016-01-24 15.57.10It’s sad when Yoon Jung’s mom realizes that even though Nurse Yoon will be tried with a murder it’s not her daughter’s.

Big Thing #2: Our reluctant team is formed.

After news breaks that the police solved a 15 year-old murder, there’s public outcry that the statutes be lifted. Legislation passes, and Sleazy Director Kim creates the Cold Case Squad. It’s pretty much to save face for lying to the public about Yoon Jung’s case. And of course he promotes (punishes) the key people that helped catch Yoon Jung’s killer.

Meet our team:

Section Chief Ahn:Screenshot 2016-01-24 16.01.56 4He’s the one that allowed them to follow the lead on the nurses which is how they caught the killer. He seems to be Director Kim’s reluctant right hand man. I feel like he will be an asset to the team in the future but he still seems pretty shady, especially when it comes to anything involving our detective from the past, Lee Jae-han.

Detective Cha Soo-hyun:Screenshot 2016-01-25 12.54.55I love her character. Yes, she kind of falls into the same category of most crime drama females but she has grit and kicks ass when it’s needed. She is also our link from the past to the present that isn’t magical.

Detective Kim Gye-Chul:Screenshot 2016-01-24 21.15.59I had to look his name up because I pretty much just think of him as Detective Weasel. It could be residue from other roles he’s played, but at the moment I do not like him one bit. I know he’ll probably become a trusted and useful member of the team but for now he’s DW.

Jung Hung-gi:Screenshot 2016-01-24 21.12.37I didn’t catch his title but he’s the one that processed the parking ticket which ended being the key in getting Nurse Yoon. He’s already adorable. He pretty much comes into their new office space and spends the rest of the time cleaning. He did make a side comment about the young cop that showed them their new office that has me curious about his character, but I will keep that assessment until I have more evidence. For now I can totally see him being the mom of the team.

And to rest of the teams unhappiness and no one in the audiences surprise our last member is Lieutenant Park Hae-young:Screenshot 2016-01-24 21.16.25I have to admit this is the first time I’ve seen Lee Je-hoon in a drama and I am already in love. His character is refreshing for a crime drama lead. He is pretty smart but he didn’t go to Harvard and everyone doesn’t consider him a geee-nuis in his field. And though he’s already done some pretty brave things he’s not above running and screaming when he finds a skeleton. He speaks a mile a minute when he’s excited and passionate about something. I think he’s probably going to get himself in trouble with that passion. I can’t wait for them to eventually get to why his hyung, Sun Woo, was taken to prison.

So the team is assembled and they do not receive a warm welcome when they get to the Seoul police station. Pretty much the rest of the cops see this as a demotion for all members. Plus, the new team’s job is to dredge up all the mistakes these cops made in order to solve the cases their given.

Section Chief Ahn shows up and says that their first case is the infamous serial killer case that took place in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province between 1986-1991 (this is the same serial murder case Gap Dong covered, but I didn’t see that drama so it’s all new to me). This is probably like someone walking into Scotland Yard and saying your first case is to solve the Jack the Ripper murders. They’re set up to fail from the start.Screenshot 2016-01-24 21.14.13

Big Thing #3: Detective Lee Jae-han dies?? 

In episode 1 when Jae-han and Hae-young communicate you (at least I did) think it’s their first time talking. But when the walkie lights up again we see that Jae-han is bleeding from his head and gut and he tells Hae-young this might be his last transmission but that he (Jae-han) still has time to change.Screenshot 2016-01-24 21.07.24

He says Hae-young will have to do everything he can to convince the other Jae-han in 1989. On Hae-young’s side he hears a gunshot but we do not get to see what happened on the other end.Screenshot 2016-01-24 21.08.18

If the fact that Soo-hyun seems to be looking for him in 2016 is any clue, we might have just overheard his death.Screenshot 2016-01-24 21.03.07

But this is a story about the past communicating with the future so… maybe there is hope that he can be saved. I love Lee Jae-han with all is adorable awkwardness and I hope he makes it out of this alive.

Big Thing #4: Time CAN be rewritten.

The next time the walkie lights up Hae-Young is looking through the personnel files for all the Lee Jae-han’s he’s been able to locate. And he’s intentily looking over THE Jae-han’s file when he hears the crackle of the radio.

2.pngHere is where we get confirmation that our two heroes are in fact communicating with each other out of order. (For you DW fans this is very River Song and the Doctor. I think Hae-young needs to keep a journal.) Jae-han is out with a search party in 1989 looking for the seventh murder victim (she’s just missing at this point) in the Gyeonggi case that Hae-young is currently trying to solve in 2016. Jae-han has no clue who Hae-young is and thinks he’s someone from head quarters. Rookie cop Jae-han cracks me up.
Screenshot 2016-01-25 12.57.38

When he tells Hae-young he’s searching for a missing person and says who and where, Hae-young laughs and says of course everyone knows that the seventh victim was found in a field of reeds near Highway 3. And in true Hae-young fashion he also rambles off where the 8th body will be found and starts on the 9th, but we don’t get to hear that location because whistles start blowing indicating they’ve found the body. At this point if I were Jae-han I’d probably think I’d just communicated with the killer. He does follow up later and asks one of the main detectives on the case if he knows a Lieutenant Park Hae-young. When the detective says no and yells at him to leave because they’re busy, Jae-han mumbles about the location of the 8th body (which is TOTALLY going to bite him in the ass later).

Next thing we know, we see a girl being followed by some train tracks and it’s totally eerie. But it ends up being, what I think is a young Soo-hyun, being followed home by Jae-han. From her conversation with the woman who greets her when she gets home, this is a regular occurrence. Sounds like Puppy Jae-han just wants to make sure she’s safe. Screenshot 2016-01-25 13.01.21

He gets caught and does this awkward, “Oh, this isn’t my friend’s home? They must have moved and not told me. He also runs away in some pretty hilarious flailing. The screenshot below doesn’t do it justice.Screenshot 2016-01-25 13.03.00Screenshot 2016-01-25 13.03.07

While our serial killer is doing this…Screenshot 2016-01-25 13.05.06

We get updates on what each of our heroes is up to.

Hae-young looks at some pictures that Soo-hyun gave him of the crime scenes. They aren’t ones from the official file and look like they may be ones Jae-han took himself.Screenshot 2016-01-25 13.05.41

Soo-hyun is out following up with murder victims family members and she has all the info written down in a notebook she’s carrying.

And Jae-han is back on those train tracks.Screenshot 2016-01-25 13.03.57

From here they kind of flip around between the three. The picture Hae-young is looking at starts to shimmer back and forth between the body of a girl with a purple plaid skirt and someone else.

Soo-hyun gets bumped and her notebook falls. Jae-han sees something in the trees along the edge of the tracks.Screenshot 2016-01-25 13.06.09

Jae-han kneels down and finds the body of the girl with the purple skirt, gagged. When he gets close to the seemingly dead girl, her eyes pop open giving both Jae-han and me a fright.Screenshot 2016-01-25 13.06.56

The words on the dry erase board behind Hae-young start to shimmer as do the same ones regarding the 8th victim in Soo-hyun’s notebook. Then the words on the board and in the notebook morph as does the picture in Hae-young’s hands.

When Soo-hyun picks her notebook up and the words are different she glances at it and keeps walking like nothing’s wrong.Screenshot 2016-01-25 13.08.19

Hae-young, on the other hand, drops the picture and whips around slack jawed and sees that the words on the board are different. (I have a feeling Hae-young might be the only one who notices the differences in the timeline.) Bam! Time has been rewritten. The original 8th victim is saved. Unfortunately, someone else has taken her place.Screenshot 2016-01-25 13.08.08Screenshot 2016-01-25 13.08.21

There are a few scenes that really made me get a little warm & fuzzy inside.

After Yoon-jung’s murder is solved, Hae-young goes back to the school where he witnessed her abduction and lays a single flower on the steps. It’s his way of finally saying goodbye to her. It’s a sad moment made poignant by the music playing in the background. He seems to have many defining moments in his life, this event being one of them, and it’s nice that he finally gets some peace.

Soo-hyun and Jae-han in the past getting roped into taking pictures for the police magazine. They are SO awkward at first but then once they really get into it they’re hilarious. I hope we get alot of these two from the past.

And last when Soo-hyun goes to see Jae-han’s father in the present. It’s both sweet and sad all at once. She’s continued to check up on him the last 15 years even though his son is gone. They don’t actually discuss whether they think he’s dead or just missing but you can tell they both feel a little lost without him. His dad tells her to stop coming now that’s it’s been so long. With the look she gives him I doubt she’ll listen to him.

Screenshot 2016-01-25 12.54.47

Overall Thoughts:

So far I love the directing and musical choices. As Kmuse said, they have taken a creative approach on showing the past scenes and I think it works brilliantly. (Even if some are a bit put off by it.) I’m beyond excited to see how these two communicating with each other will change the events that happened and what that means for our characters. Lee Jae-han already put himself in the investigation team’s sights when he mentioned where the 8th victim would be found. And now he’s going to have to call it in which makes him look extremely suspicious. In the original timeline he meets his demise early (somewhere around 2001 from the look of his official police file) and I’d bet my next pack of ramen on it actually being something the police do to him, or in the very least, something they cover up. So will they be able to stop his murder? Can they save the next victims of the serial killer or will they just transfer the death from one person to another like what happened with victim 8? I’m also excited to see if Soo-hyun ever gets in on the magical walkie business. And will they be able to use the walkie for other things like possibly stopping Hae-young’s brother from doing whatever it is he did (or possibly was falsely convicted of)? There are so many things they can do when history is just a possibility and not finite.

Like I said, this is my first recap attempt so I apologize if anything is confusing. This isn’t really meant to take the place of actually watching the show, but I do want it to make sense if you haven’t. Please let me know if the comments if there is anything that doesn’t make sense.

Screenshot 2016-01-24 21.06.27

I found it funny that he left Kang Sora up there. She is super purty.

Until our next walkie transmission, this is Drama Geek. Over and out.





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  1. Timey Wimey! I can spot another Doctor Who geek from a mile away! Made me smile. But yeah, so far, I’m in love with this drama. Both episodes were so well made that they had me sitting on the edge of my chair and biting my fingernails.

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