One More Happy Ending Episode 3: I Like You Better When You’re Drunk


15.pngWell, this episode was interesting.  I am not 100% positive that it was a good interesting since I am still a tiny bit twerked at the direction the show is taking.  The drama continues to rush forward at the speed of light (or, at least, a normal speed dating meet and greet) as we see our leading lady jump head first into love lust for the third time in as many episodes.  I am pretty sure at this point I just want to see our leading lady jump onto a therapist’s couch where she can pause and contemplate some of those feelings that are bursting about her head. 

So come join me as we jump into the top five moments/concepts that made me sit back and go “What? Already?”

#5 The Drama and Film Inspired Opening Monologues.

I didn’t mention it last week, but I am fixing my oversight.  The opening scenes that are inspired by various TV tropes are awesome.  I loved the shout out to Breakfast At Tiffany’s and the ever classy Audrey Hepburn.  And equally enjoyed the quick lesson on set up marriages and love in ye old Joseon.  I can’t wait to see what little romantic fantasy is debunked next.

Oooh, I also have to share with what this opening scene was referencing to.  It seems that Mi Mo is head over heels in love.  In love with our leading man’s best friend.  Not only has Mi Mo fallen in love (or lust as I am more likely to believe) but she confesses before she even leaves the hospital.  What the fudge, show?  Why is she wanting to hook up so fast with her almost unofficial brother-in-law?  I can understand a crush on a handsome, single, doctor, but an actual love confession?  Mi Mo doesn’t know a thing about him.  She has literally only met him once when she was drunk off her gourd and marrying his best friend.  How is this even the basic foundation for a relationship?  I am pretty sure that bar hookups, at least, get to more than three sentences shared before they go get all smoochy and stuff.  OK… I am breathing…. deep breaths KMUSE ……you know they are not the endgame.


I do realize that my strong emotions towards this situation might be the tiniest bit out of proportion, but I just love Jung Kyung Ho. I am surprisingly violent when his love life is not going the way I planned in my head.  Every time Mi Mo and Hot Doc end up on screen together, you can just see this meme and imagine me screaming my objection.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


#4 Dong Mi

While most of the characters annoyed me this week with their wishy washy feelings.  Dong Mi shined like a bright horny beacon.  Seriously, this girl is cracking me up.  Not so much for her interactions with actual men, but with her inner dialogue trying to figure out the secrets of dating.

5.pngShe is literally looking for love in all the wrong places by focusing on tricks like makeup, speed dating, and even buying an oven in an attempt to cook her way into a man’s heart.  She even visits the local Hip Hop Shaman matchmaker in an attempt to get married.  And while I think she is going about the situation in the most shallow of fashions, it is kind of cute seeing  Dong Me go boy crazy on anything with an XY chromosome.

#3 Matchmaking Hip Hop Shaman

Which leads us into my #3 favorite moment where Dong Me hunts down a new dating lead.  Her co-worker whose wedding is quickly coming up asks Dong Me to catch her bouquet since all her friends are already married.  Dong Me is obviously offended that she is the last spinster around when her friend promises to give her an inside dating tip.  Enter the entrepreneur who I fondly have nicknamed the Hip Hop Matchmaking Shaman.


HAHAHA, this is cracking me up.  But Dong Me is obviously a believer and is ecstatic to hear that there is a young hot boy just waiting to marry her.  After all, a man nine years younger is still a valid marriage prospect.


Just as she is about to fork over $5,000 for her dream man boy, a past customer comes bursting into the room accusing the hip-hop shaman of hooking her up with a loser who ended up being a stalker who kidnapped her.  Looks like it is back to the drawing board for this marriage crazy bestie.


Hae Joon (aka Hot Doc) wins the award for the most annoying character of the episode.  I don’t mind if the writers create a love triangle.  I pretty much expect it in this type of drama.  I just have an issue how the writer, and in turn, Hae Joon went about it.  If you decline the confession because you don’t want there to be any type of conflict with your bestiest bestie, then don’t switch your ever lovin’ mind 10 minutes later and decide to pursue her.  It is annoying.  I actually am one of those people that truly believes in the bro-code (for men and women) and don’t think that friends should poach on friends exes/love interests/almost wife/etc.  It is just not healthy and obviously a way to ruin a great friendship.  And unless you are some epic love like Romeo and Juliet, ruining a friendship for a hookup is just not cool. No matter how often Mi Mo tries to say her confession and sudden “love” isn’t crazy, we all know that she is one beer short of a six-pack to confess that quickly to someone you know nothing about.


And before you start shouting that Hae Joon asked Soo Hyuk for permission, let me just say that is the weakest “Can I date your almost wife” ever.  I especially didn’t like how Hae Joon even notices that Soo Hyuk is pausing over giving his permission, questioning his real feelings.  He even asks if Soo Hyuk needs time to work out his feelings.  All valid and good things to do in this type of situation.  But then instead of giving his bestie a day or two to think things over, it is literally the next sentence when Hae Joon declares that he is off to woo Mi Mo.  Not cool dude.  Not cool.


#1 And So Begins The Love Triangle.

Let me share my various feelings about this plot development through a series of photos and memes.  These share my true emotions better than mere words.






My Thoughts:

Who knew that I don’t really like Mi Mo’s character that much when she is not being all hijinky with Soo Hyuk.  For that matter I got bored on all of her scenes minus our leading man.  Is it the character?  She is a tad bit selfish and obviously is very impulsive.  Traits that were cute last week, but are driving me nuts this week.  Am i just overly invested in the Mi Mo/Soo Hyuk ship so that her flirting with Hot Doc is just annoying me (pretty sure this is the culprit)? Whatever the reason, Mi Mo just wasn’t doing it for me this episode.


I think one of my biggest issues was that it felt like all the relationships were moving way too fast.  Mi Mo is going through potential husbands so quickly that it is starting to come across as shallow and stupid rather than romantic.  I just wish Mi Mo would pause and really evaluate her life before jumping straight from a broken almost engagement, to an almost wedding/divorce, and then an actual confession in under a week.  I will be so sad if her flighty ways takes away from my love of the OTP (One True Pairing).  And while Mi Mo might be confused by Hot Doc’s beauty, I am firmly on team Soo Hyuk for this one.


All ranting aside, I continue to enjoy this show and while this will never be my favorite episode (not enough Mi Mo/Soo Hyuk scenes) I still have hope that this drama is going to deliver.  I will just cross my fingers and toes that the relationships realign a bit more to where I want them.  This isn’t an “Answer Me ” drama after all.


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  2. Loved your summary as it’s exactly what I felt about this episode. It got a tiny bit better in episode 4. There was more interaction between Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk and she even met his son! I need more of THIS triangle haha.

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