Why I Don’t Hate Madame Antoine

a4.jpgSome of my more discerning Kbesties dropped this drama after the first episode (or even the first 20 minutes).  I was already stuck on the treadmill, so I kept watching.  I totally get why some people did not stick around.  Once again our leading man (Sung Joon) is sporting a turtleneck and engaged in some shady psychology stuff.  I did not enjoy him as a creepy hypnotist in the last show I saw him in, and seeing him with the same smarmy grin in this one turned me off a bit.  He is also playing a cold and emotionally unavailable jerk.  He doesn’t believe in love, and he is hiding behind his quasi-science to prove how people can be manipulated into falling in love.  So, yeah.  He is not the most endearing character.  So, why am I still watching?


The Hope That He Will Be Put In His Place

I want to see him slapped down.  I want to watch him fall helplessly in love and have to reconcile all that he has done as he struggles with his own emotions.  I NEED her to outsmart him and his conspirators.  In fact, I want each one of them to fall.  Hard.  He also has some Mommy issues that need to get sorted out, so I am rooting for a happy resolution on all fronts.


The Yummy Side Dishes

If heartless psychologist is the main course, then Jinwoon and Lee Joo-hyung are some delicious banchan.  I especially have a thing for Jinwoon.  I maybe fantasize just a little about him doing my laundry.  As far as fantasies go, I think it is a fairly practical one.  The clothes get washed and dried, and I can watch him flex his muscles as he hangs the shirts on the line.  If he wouldn’t mind singing as he does it, then I would be very satisfied.image

My Secret Wish to Own a Little Café

The Madame Antoine Café is cute and cozy.  I think I would make it into a little bookstore too with comfortable chairs for reading and an endless stream of Khotties traipsing through to head upstairs to their office.  I would wear flowing skirts and speak really bad French too.  Ahhh….  I can just picture it!


My Desperate Need to Support Sweet Potato

OK.  I have tried to keep the love for Sung Joon even though I have not really enjoyed any of his roles since I Need Romance 3.  I just don’t want to give up.  I believe he is better than the typecast roles he is currently playing. I want to see him break free of the turtlenecks and sweaters.  I want to see Sweet Potato again!


The Fan Rants about the Made Up Psychology Stuff Make Me Laugh

I know.  It’s silly, but I think it is hilarious to see people debating all the pseudo-science in the show.  Yes.  It is true.  They are totally making stuff up.  That’s not shocking, though.  There is an actual disclaimer at the beginning of every show.  It’s basically, “Hey, guys.  This is fiction. We are making up psychological disorders for your entertainment.”  Despite that, however, I have observed some heated discussions regarding the questionable practices and made-up symptoms.  As an observer, I am slightly entertained by the level of vehemence some have regarding their position on…fictional disorders.   It’s true.  I live in a sad little world.

It’s More Uplifting than Remember

I realize it feels like I am really searching here.  I think the reason I don’t hate this show is because I am watching so many depressing shows right now.  I love Six Flying Dragons, but Joseon politics are not exactly full of joy and hope.  Remember features one of my favorite Khotties ( Yoo Seung-ho ) but it is terribly depressing.  I am LOVING Signal, but it is also full of suspense and death.  I just need something that is lighter fare.


So, there you have it!  My top 6 reasons why I don’t hate Madame Antoine.  If you are watching, please comment and let us know why you don’t hate it!


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  1. I love all your reasons here. I take all the content in a drama with a grain of salt, but I think it’s pretty fun and is certainly of an improvement over the last two dramas of his I’ve watched recently (High Society and Hyde, Jekyll, Me).

  2. As one of those who ranted the loudest and poured the most hyperbolic of hate on it before dropping it after the first 20 minutes, I endorse this post 100 percent. I gave it another go yesterday and caught up with all four episodes, and am now hooked. But not for any of the reasons you list.

    I love the humour, and I love the heart. You did not mention her by name (either one) even once, but for me Han Ye Seul’s character is the heart of the show, literally. Her interactions with her daughter have consistently moistened my eyes. It’s the blend of laughs and poignancy that I’m really liking. Even the hair pulling celeb surprised me in the end by genuinely moving me to tears with a song I dislike from excessive childhood exposure. The crash scene was literally the first time I’ve ever felt anything other than “oh no not again” from any John Denver song, and I was delighted that I actually teared up.

    I STILL hate the first 20 minutes of ep 1 and feel that the disclaimer is fundamentally flawed because it’s NOT based on psychology, any more than astrology is based on astronomy. But I’m very, very glad that I listened to a trusted Twitter friend and gave it another go,

    • Touché. You are absolutely correct. I did not mention Han Ye Seul’s name. She didn’t really draw me in as much–until these last two episodes. I didn’t even realize that I never mentioned her or any of the female characters by name. Thanks for pointing it out. I think I would have more to say now that I have watched episodes 3 and 4. The more I watch, the more my “I don’t hate it” has become “I kind of like it.”

  3. That last dinosaur meme… hahahahaha. I’m also still watching. It’s not the best but it’s not the worst, and lots of pretty people to look at.

  4. I agree whole-heartedly! I, who hardly watch romance was actually drawn in by the 2d ep! All the psychobabble I’ve pretty much ignored because K-Dramas like these aren’t exactly about the science! The more Soo Hyun sinks into the murk of love, the more I’m going to enjoy him trying to wash the stick off! When this experiment bubble bursts, I’m actually going to be looking forward to ‘Please baby please forgive me episodes!’ The more he learns about Hye Rim, the more he should realize what he is doing is wrong; however, at the same time, Hye Rim is spying on him fiercely. I wonder when will she figure out who the ‘subject’ really is.

    But let’s get to Han Ye Seul. The scenes with her ex-husband, voice of the daughter, and the new wife brought tears to my eyes! It once again reminded me how I will never be so gracious as some of the women in these dramas! Never! 4 episodes in, I have to see how this will end!!

  5. Let’s not forget the catchy music. Seriously I wanted to watch the second episode after listening to Roo’s Swing Magic that played during the trailer. And then the characters made it to my heart. I honestly love Sung Joon ever since SUFBB and I’ve been avidly following him. So I’m glad I keep watching this. The plot and characters along with the humor and heart is what made me a fan and look, now I’m writing recaps too. Lol.

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