1st Teaser for TvN’s Upcoming Crime Drama “Pied Piper”

a3.pngAm I the only one who feels like the next round of TvN dramas have snuck up on them?  I swear it was just yesterday that I was watching the first episode of Cheese in The Trap.  And I don’t even want to think of Signal ending yet (denial is running deep right now).  But no matter how much I love a drama, there is an equally entertaining (crossing fingers) drama coming up next. This time, we are looking onward to crime drama  Pied Piper which follows a police crisis negotiation team who attempts to solve intense situations without violence.


There are several things I like just from watching this teaser.  First, is, of course, Shin Ha Kyun (Mr Back).  He has been a favorite ahjussi actor for quiet a while now and I find him always entertaining.  I also tend to enjoy TvN’s style of cop drama.  It is usually a good mix of cases and personal growth.  And if the teaser says anything, it will be a stylish and intense experience.


The only fly in the drama ointment would be Jo Yoon Hee being the female lead.  I have a long history of not enjoying her acting style.  What can I say, I just don’t.   But this being a crime drama there is a good chance that there will not be a ton of romance (oh please let there not be romance) so I can pretend she and her annoying pout are just background noise.  Pied Piper is set to air on March 31st following Signal.

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