“One More Happy Ending” Episode 6 -Love is More than Attraction


Love is in the air, even though our OTP (one true pairing) seem a bit slow on the uptake.  But Kdrama fate and Soo Hyuk’s son are hard at work to bring these two lovebirds together.  Come hell, high water, or annoying Not Hot Doc.  So come join me as I chat about the top moments of episode 6.

#5 Wavering Friendship

We left off with our drenched OTP walking back from the fire/hat/club debacle.  I love how concerned Soo Hyuk is for Mi Mo’s welfare: the turning up the heat in the car, the lingering looks of concern, the sharing of his jacket while walking to their apartments.  Everything is perfect until they come across Not Hot Doc (his name has been modified to express my current feelings).


It seems that Not Hot Doc had finished with his work and instead of going home he comes in search of Mi Mo.  And yes I know that is a totally valid thing for a boyfriend to do, but it still bugs me even though it is irrational.  He is also starting to wonder about Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo’s relationship.  It doesn’t help that the radio station is doing a thing on friends who became lovers.


When Not Hot Doc finds our OTP together again and Soo Hyuk’s arms around her shoulder, he is incensed. And Hot Doc is obviously dumping his sweet friend facade “You two have many coincidences” and practically ignores Soo Hyuk as he leads Mi Mo away.  He then rampages about Mi Mo not answering her phone and not wanting to share what happened.  Poor Mi Mo tells him that she is embarrassed and has he not even noticed the state she is in?  Turns out he hadn’t noticed (rolling my eyes at his selfishness) and meekly leaves when Mi Mo asks him to go.  Goodbye, Not Hot Doc, don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out.


In comparison to our self-absorbed doctor, Soo Hyuk runs out and buys a variety of cold medicine, concerned about Mi Mo’s cough in the car.  Now this is how compassion is done right.

#4 How many annoying secondary characters can you stuff into one drama?

Let’s do a quick role call

Sleazy Craigslist boyfriend – I don’t care how many scarves he buys.   The guy is skeevy as all get out.


Stalker reporter – How can she feel entitled when she was in a one sided love for 13 years?  Read my metaphorical lips, “HE DOES NOT WANT TO DATE YOUR PSYCHO SELF.”  Especially when you threaten to out his crush when you don’t get your way.


Not Hot Doc – You are a selfish idiot who does not deserve a nice girl because you are secretive, self absorbed, and don’t feel you have to put any effort into the relationship because you are attractive.


And I have found the only thing more annoying than one of these characters being on my screen is two sharing the same scene.  Sometimes two is not better than one.  It just doubles my crankiness.


#3 Soo Hyuk & Baby = ADORABLE

This doesn’t need an explanation, but instead a bunch of photographic evidence.  SQUEEEEEE!



#2 Volunteer Work

Through a series of unforeseen events, Mi Mo ends up accompanying Min Woo to his school service project.  Helping take briquettes to the poor neighborhoods (my mind was a tiny bit blown that people still use those as their heat source).   The two bond and discuss what kind of woman Min Woo is looking to hook his dad up with. (He had hired Mi Mo’s professional services earlier in the episode.)


It is this sweet scene that Soo Hyuk comes across when he arrives late to help out.  I just love how much of a family they seem already.  Not to mention all the great moments that our two leads had while helping the needy.  Hey, accidental hugs totally count.  Not to mention Soo Hyuk gets the opportunity to go all Florance Nightingale and take care of Mi Mo when she injures her ankle.


My favorite scene of the episode occurred as Soo Hyuk bathed Mi Mo’s foot in hot water.  Before you know it he was gazing at her in that broken lovelorn way and telling her “Don’t extend your hand towards me……it makes me want to grab it.”  SQUEEE!  Before Mi Mo can say anything (still holding his hand) Min Woo interrupts and she bolts for the door.  But you can tell that Mi Mo was FINALLY affected by Soo Hyuk’s charms.

#1 Love Comprehension

We FINALLY get to the point where Soo Hyuk cannot deny his feelings for Mi Mo anymore.  His stalker co-worker re-opens the rumors about the chef love triangle in a fit of jealousy.  Soo Hyuk practically comes unglued at the news and confronts the nutjob.  When she yells at Soo Hyuk that he shouldn’t fool around with his BFF’s girlfriend Soo Hyuk agrees.  He then threatens her about the article and informs her that he has nothing to say about Mi Mo to her.  There is someone else that deserves an explanation and not someone uninvolved.  Ouch.  Feel the burn.


I actually thought that Soo Hyuk would go straight to Mi Mo, but instead, he shows up at the hospital to talk with Not Hot Doc.  Because that is the kind of great guy he is.  Not Hot Doc tries to tell Soo Hyuk to not do things he will regret, but Soo Hyuk sincerely tells him that he is sorry but he is indeed going to be doing things.


My Thoughts:

I think the show has finally found it’s narrative groove.  It had the  perfect amount of Angel story lines mixed with the OTP romance.  I find I care a lot more when I am not bombarded by Angel trauma over and over again.  And while I didn’t reference much of Da Jung & Dong Mi’s story lines, I still enjoyed the further glimpse into their lives and what is going wrong with their relationships.


I also really appreciate that the writer is not ignoring Min Woo’s character.  If you are talking about connecting two people that have a lot of emotional baggage, it would be a shame if the lead’s son is ignored and made into a token plot point.  The connection of Min Woo and Mi Mo makes the romance all the more perfect.  Because obviously our heroine is falling for both father and son.  Now if she would just admit to it and leave Not Hot Doc to his underage admirer.

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