One More Happy Ending Episode 8 -With A Little Help From My Friends……

b17.pngToday, friendship took center stage and stole the limelight (even if one of those friendships is really our main romance in disguise.)  So let’s give a shout-out to BFFs and check out my favorite five moments of episode 8.

#5 The trauma of discovering that you are the other woman

I actually feel bad for Dong Mi as she finds out that her perfect boyfriend is, in reality, a perfectly married louse. It just goes to show that dating someone you find on Craigslist (or the Korean equivalent) is the road to weirdos and serial killers.


I know that everyone else could see this coming from a mile away, but there is still sympathy for a fellow woman who just wants to be loved so badly that she is willing to overlook a man’s warning signs.


Thankfully she had her besties to rally around her.  Especially Ae Ran who rallied the depressed bestie for a round of “get back at the cheater pants”.  And while I personally would want to dump bleach on his clothes, water, flour, and thugs is a good second.  If nothing else, the two Angels looked mighty tough and all about female power in those trench coats.  Score one for Sismance.

#4 Great movement on the BFF and family front

While the Angel story lines have had their ups and downs, I think we are finally starting to find that groove where I actually enjoy all four Angel’s and their respective plots.  But it is still the Angels coming all together that is the best.  And nothing proves this better than their support of Da Jeong during her cancer surgery.


Surprisingly I am enjoying all of Da Jeong’s story.  Rather than go super makjang, the writer is taking a realistic approach.  There are fears of being less of a female with the removal of a breast.  But at the same time, the writer did a wonderful job of showing how much better it is than having no options of a cure.  I thought the addition of a 2nd cancer patient in her hospital room was really well done.  It proved the point of Da Jeong’s being lucky without having to force us to be overly emotional.

Also, I am really thankful that Da Jeong’s son was told about her cancer and did not remain to think his mom was leaving him.  I am a firm believer that family needs to be part of the solution and not forced away to save them emotional pain.  So often we see the exact opposite in kdramas which drives me nuts #DownWithNobleIdiocy.   And when the son hands his mother an angel before goes into the surgery I got all sniffly and teary-eyed.


The crumbling of emotional walls (at least on Da Jeong’s husband’s part) was also really well done.  Sure Da Jeong’s cancer was used to fix their story and probably give them a happy ending.  But I think it fit the with why they were separating.  The lack of communication was the reason for their failed marriage and it was going to have to be something drastic to break down the emotional wall.  I really hope we see some great development in future weeks between Da Jeong and Geon Hak.  (See!  I really do think that they will work things out.  I even went and looked up his actual name.  That is this blogger’s commitment towards their happily ever after.)


# 3 Blind dates can be hell when you have baggage.  Especially if it is sitting in the table next to you.

Poor Soo Hyuk.  There he is making a valiant effort to get over Mo Mi and go on a blind date.  He is looking his dapper best and extremely sexy in that blue sweater.  But it is all for not since reporter stalker and his cameraman are hanging out at the table next to his.

Seems stupid stalker found out he was going out on blind dates and was enraged that he is choosing random women over her.  UGH, how many times does he have to say no?  The answer to that questions is two.  After his date is run off, Soo Hyuk must yet again explain to stalker girl that he has 100% no interest in her as a woman.  None.  Zilch. A huge goose egg.  Of course, Soo Hyuk says it in a much nicer way.


Soo Hyuk then has to tell her one more time as he walks with stalker (while she is sobbing) that she deserves better. Stop making the poor guy let you down gently. Just accept that he is just not into you.


#2 True love is when you will clean up your soul mate’s puke.

After finally getting rid of his stalker, Soo Hyuk arrives home to find Mi Mo drunk and hanging out on the floor of the hallway.  We get a lot of cute hugs/keeping her from sprawling on the floor skinship which ends with Mi Mo puking all down the back of Soo Hyuk’s back.  As if that was not gross enough, a neighbor witnesses the puking and demands that Soo Hyuk cleans up his girlfriend’s mess.

This right here is true love.  Not to mention, hilarious since poor Soo Hyuk is obviously miserable cleaning up the vomit with his whiny neighbor spying from afar.


#1 The perfect confession for a sleeping beauty

I want to touch on several moments regarding the time capsule school trip.  First, Why is this even a thing?  Who goes back to their elementary school and actually opens up the time capsules?  If I recall, my class did a time capsule which was destroyed when the district modernized the football field.   Guess my school was just not on top of things.


Then if your school is the type to actually recover so said time capsule, why would they have it be an official performance?  A performance complete with class representatives handing out the historical junk to the current students.  This just boggles my mind.

But it does allow us to discover that Mi Mo was actually Soo Hyuk’s first love.  Not only that but the young Soo Hyuk had game even back then.  It turns out that Mi Mo had wanted a pink jewelry box at the local market.  A jewelry box that Soo Hyuk spent countless hours winning for her.  But because of the Juliet fiasco, Soo Hyuk never gives it to Mi Mo and buries it instead.  So 30 years later Soo Hyuk doesn’t want this given to some random kid and promises so said random kid, a Nintendo if he will let him keep it.  To explain away his actions, Soo Hyuk says it is a 19 and older item.  Hahahaha.  Willing to be a perv for love.


There is a whole scene where our OTP (one true pairing) are stuck because of a snow storm and can’t make it out.  And since it looks like there are no hotels out in the sticks (insert eye roll) the two are forced to stay the night at the school (insert another eye roll).  Of course, it is in the same room because a huge school can only supply one room for the two stranded ex-students (insert third eye roll…….pretty sure I saw the back of my head that time).  And of course, Mi Mo goes exploring and gets attacked by a skeleton in the Biology Lab and she passes out.  OK, if we can get past the stupidity of this whole set up, we can finally arrive at the payout.  Namely, Soo Hyuk finally confessing his feelings, both past, and present, to a supposedly passed out Mi Mo.  It was perfect, as perfect as the setting can allow anyway, and you really have to watch to get the appropriate feelz since Soo Hyuk’s sincerity was epic.  THERE WERE TEARS PEOPLE!

But the important thing is that Soo Hyuk finally stopped being a coward (kind of sorta) and said he loved Mi Mo.  And Mi Mo actually heard (although she was faking that she was still passed out).  YAY for progress.  Now we just have to see what kind of reaction this bombshell brings us next week.

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  1. Brilliant as usual! I have already told you, I like the way you write, your sense of humor and style.
    But can I defend the scriptwriters a little bit?

    “And since it looks like there are no hotels out in the sticks…” I don’t know where the school is but if it is a small town, may be they really don’t have any hotels.

    “Of course, it is in the same room because a huge school can only supply one room for the two stranded ex-students” – I thought about it too but may be it is just the only room with warm floor?

    Please, continue writing! And have a nice day)

  2. reactions to this drama are all over the board, but i am really pleased you feel the same as i do! its rewarding! 🙂 lol….i cannot fathom the 2nd lead afficianados at all, i mean they have to be a different species of human. wtf.
    this episode is probably my favorite so far.thanks for the recaps! they are a fun part of watching the series for me!

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