Upcoming Drama “Bad Tempered Grown Ups” Sneaks in 1st Teaser

d2.pngI will admit that this drama was not at all on my radar and the information I have on it (sorry, still do not read Korean) is very sketchy.  So with that in mind, I don’t want to give a ton of drama details that might prove false.  Especially since there was a lot of conflicting data about character personalities and such.   So watch the teaser and make your own opinions.d4.png

All I do know is that one of the OTP (one true pairing) is always angry, hence the title of the drama. Our angry leads are Lee Yo Won (Golden Empire) & Yoon Sang Hyun (Gap Dong) who find love in the boardroom.  It is being promoted as a rom-com which will make it the 2nd romantic comedy in a row for cable station jTBC, who is trying to build up its ratings in a similar style to TvN and OCN.  While I am not sure if I really want to watch this drama after one teaser, it is enough to make me want to see another teaser………….so YAY?


Bad Tempered Grown Ups begins in mid March following Madame Antoine.


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