7 Reasons to Check Out My New Crack Drama “Chronicle Of Life”

3s.jpgSqueee!  New Cracktastic drama alert.  Yes, I know you all get a lot of these, but I have to spread the drama love.  How else am I to build a viewer base who understands all my Hottie Eunuch references?  Not to mention my many comments on how the emperor makes me swoon.  So join me as I give you seven reasons to start watching “Chronicle Of Life and join me in my drama addiction.   


Warning:  This article is written from my viewing of 13 episodes.  If this drama implodes in the future and becomes horrible it is not my fault you got sucked in.  I mean, it is my fault, but I could not predict any drama suckiness that might occur….. not that I am saying it will occur since so far it is AWESOME….. however there is always a chance that someone poisoned the  writer’s almond butter with mystical shrooms and the story went off the deep end.  It has happened before.


I have tried to keep my review vague and spoiler free so you can enjoy the story line with fresh eyes.  If there are any specific questions you have, feel free to ask in the comments or contact me on twitter @AmberKmuse or on Facebook.

#7 The Costumes

One of the first things I noticed about the drama was the amazing colors of the costumes.  I am a huge fan of dynamic wardrobes of historicals.  The silks, the hair (at least with the girls), the all around gilding of everything.  Pure visual heaven.

My only complaint is the sympathy headache I get when I watch these women wear these headpieces.  Put my hair in a ponytail and I am sometimes heading for a migraine.  I can’t imagine having to keep a foot long extension in place for 8 hrs a day and remain sane.


#6 The Sismance

I was not really expecting any sisterly style bonding when I started this. So imagine my surprise at the great friendship between the washer servant girls.  I guess if you slave away washing silk together you do some serious bonding.  At least, until men come between your  friendship.  Then I bet all bets are off and the claws come out.


In other words, enjoy it while it lasts.

#5 Hot Evil Eunuchs

There is just something so wrong to have such a hot and interesting character Eunuched.  But I guess you got to do what you got to do in the name of revenge and if that means getting your berries chopped off, so be it.


All I know is that he has smirked his way into my #2 favorite male character of the drama and I will be watching for future Zhang Edward dramas.

#4 Our Leading Lady

I have liked Zheng Shuang ever since watching her do the Chinese remake of Queen In Hyun’s Man.  She has that special ability to seem sweet and innocent without being vapid.  So her portrayal of amnesiac royal maid Wei Lin Lang totally works for me.


Not to mention her chemistry with everyone, especially the emperor, is off the charts.  I think I am going to have to officially put her on my Chinese actor bias list.

#3 Revenge/Future Revenge/And Various Assassins Bent on (you guessed it) Revenge

It’s hard being Emperor.  It is even harder when you have been Emperor since you were 14 and maybe made ruling decisions without knowing all the consequences of so said rulings.  For example, that you were ordering the murder of your future soulmate and her whole family.


Because of this, there are revenge and assassin plots galore in this drama.  I have to admit I find satisfaction in the Chinese revenge style.  Unlike Kdramas (they are always trying to redeem those bent on revenge) the Chinese just go for it and kill and kill and kill again when people screw them over.  And if they get caught they often die with a big middle finger directed towards those that did them wrong.  Forgiveness is not really a thing in this drama.


I am interested to see how they are going to resolve the romantic aspects with the whole “I killed your whole family” thing lurking in the background.  Not only with the main couple, but also with the 2nd lead, whose father was right there involved in the mass murder as well.  Should be interesting once Lin Lang gets her memory back.

#2 The Hottest, Most Sweet Tempered, and All Around Good Guy Emperor EVER

Emperor Kang Xi (Lau Hawick) has just managed to jump over all my past favorite royal characters to sit on the top spot on the list.  This character won me over with his first lingering gaze. I like how the writers have written a royal character that is not a total golden spoon jerk.


Kang Xi also listens to what our leading lady has to say and often gives in to her wishes.  Which makes him not your typical drama jerk who needs to be fixed to fall in love.   Not to mention Kang Xi’s romantic streak has me swooning anytime he is near our heroine.  I could watch him stare adoringly at his love for 40 episodes and be completely happy.

#1 The Romance

Tying into what I was just talking about before, the romance of the leads is off the freaking charts.  And that is before our leading lady has even fallen for the Emperor yet (remember, I am just on episode 13).  Every time they are on screen together their scenes just go nuclear and I have so many fuzzy feelz that it is hard to even express my level of love for these two.

sdfg2.jpgSince it is so hard to explain, I will just show you a lot of the cute moments between our leads through stills.  Hopefully, you will be inspired to start this drama ASAP to see what all the fuss is about and when you fall in love with the OTP, you can come back and share in the Chronicle of Life love with me.




You can find Chronicle of Life on Viki.  Usually around 7 episodes a week are subbed so it won’t take long for it to be complete.  Hope you give it a chance!

Til next time,


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  1. Okay, now you convinced me to try watching. The author of this original novel is notorious for makjang filled stories so I’m always hesitant to try her drama adaptions. I’m also not the biggest fan of Hawick but his face seems less “stiff” in here (*less botox*) and I just have a soft spot for Zheng Shuang so I’m gonna try this one.

    • Hawick is doing such a good job on the “I love you” stare. Seriously makes me swoon. And while there is makjang, there are so many great romantic OTP moments balances it well.

  2. I’m a fan of the go for broke revenge plots. The dramas were all the baddies do horrid, unforgivable things to the other characters and yet in the end all is forgiven so they can sit around having tea together just annoy me. Maybe because I could never be that understanding, but why would I forgive someone who tried to ruin my life!

  3. I saw one of your previous posts about this and have the drama in my queue. I have a question about Chinese dramas. I’ve only watched one historical drama, “Sound of the Desert”. My question is, why do they dub the voices? I’ve watched a few contemporary Chinese (mainland, Hong Kong) dramas and haven’t come across any that are dubbed. It’s very distracting to me when the lips are not synced with the dialog. Any comments?

    • From what I have heard (again, a bit of a Chinese newbie since I have only watched for 18 months) it is because of the wide variety of accents. With Hong Kong and Taiwan it is a very small area so there are not the wide variety of accents.

      • That makes sense, the two native Chinese (Mandarin) speakers I know are from different areas of China and have different accents, just like in the States. But they are the actors voices, right?
        Thanks for the info.

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