One More Happy Ending Episode 9 – I Can’t Make You Love Me


It is finally time for Mi Mo to come down from La La Land and face reality, and her love life, head on.  Kinda, sorta, OK…. she tends to be more of the dithering heroine who doesn’t want to let go of a sure thing.  But there is hope that Soo Hyuk’s loving actions are starting to finally pop Mi Mo’s love bubble.  Making our heroine realize that there is a big difference between words and actions when it comes to love.s9.png

So come join me as we chat about this episode’s top moments and what it truly means to love someone.

#5 Young Soo Hyuk Wins the Prize

Watching the young Soo Hyuk spend a great deal of time, money, and probably the development of finger blisters makes this little Romeo a true gem.  And the fact that he grows up to become a person who still goes the extra mile for romance just makes me smile.

Now if only I knew that the hard-won jewelry box was safe and sound with Mi Mo and not just gathering dust under a random school desk. Guess we will have to wait to find out the romantic item’s fate.


#4 More Not Hoc Doc Woes………Sorry people, I just can’t like him.

I would feel a lot worse for Not Hot Doc if he wasn’t such a possessive jerk.  And by possessive I mean that he looks at Mi Mo as more of a thing he owns than a human being.  Not Hot Doc knows nothing about her and it is only his jealousy of Soo Hyuk that seems to be motivating him.  It really is a shame that the 2nd lead is so disagreeable since you know he is somehow going to be miraculously “fixed” by the end and get a happy ending with someone (probably Ex-Not Hot Doc).


I especially hate how Not Hot Doc tries to manipulate Mi Mo and instead of having an open conversation about his feelings, he passive aggressively tries to guilt her.  Not to mention he dangles comments about how he won’t commit to the relationship and give her his heart if she doesn’t comply.  What the heck you jerk.  It is no wonder you are alone.  Stop playing games and try being sincere for once.  Right now I just see him as a manipulating ass.



#3 The Scandal Is Revealed

We all knew this was coming from episode 1.  The scandal had to come out about Mi Mo, her ex, and Annoying Angel member.  I am just thankful that it was not anyone involved with our leads that leaked it.  Sadly, stalker girl is also inept at deleting important documentation.  Stalker quits her job, and she just leaves the damning article in her company computer trash, leaving it there like a noob.  And sure enough, Stalker’s replacement finds the juicy gossip all set up like a gift from the paparazzi gods.


I was a bit surprised when the article did not get released ASAP.  Instead, they waited til the Annoying Angel breaks up with her cheating fiancee and loses her baby.  At which time the paper blames all of the events on Mi Mo.  Even though they had been broken up for months.  Somehow I have a feeling that Soo Hyuk won’t be working for this paper for much longer.

#2 Blind Date Mixer From Hell

Before the crap hits the fan let’s enjoy the awkwardness of Soo Hyuk trying to force himself to date.  This whole night was just one huge nightmare and Soo Hyuk’s forced smile was embarrassingly hilarious.


But at least Soo Hyuk got the chance to play white knight  and threaten a man who had it out for Mi Mo’s matchmaking.  I love when Soo Hyuk gets tough and all alpha.  Super sexy.


Random Thought #1 – What the goldfish?

I get the whole Soo Hyuk goldfish hallucination thing.  That makes sense.  However the addition of Conan O’Brien as some random goldfish?  Hmm, I think that the thought of an American guest actor went to the director’s head.  Am hoping that Conan’s longer guest scene in episode 10 makes more sense.


Random Thought #2 – Why are All Not Hot Doc’s Pictures so Flipping Boring?

I have actually been contemplating this for a while now.  Anytime Mi Mo flips through her Not Hot Doc photos on her phone I am hit with a wall of boredom.  But having them all lined up around her room is a million times worse.  Not to mention Mi Mo is not in one single photo?  Does not scream loving if you ask me.


Random Thought 3 – Lovely Directing

These are not so much a thought, but just some moments that I thought were beautifully directed.  And since this is a 5 moment countdown (random thoughts don’t count right?) I didn’t want to put them on one whole segment.  So enjoy a little bit of a visual break before we reach our #1 moment.


#1 My White Knight

One of the best things about Soo Hyuk’s character is that no matter what, even if you have pushed him away, he is going to be there for the ones he loves.  A perfect example is Soo Hyuk’s protection of Mi Mo when she is attacked by Annoying Angel’s fans.  I can’t be the only one who became 100% team Soo Hyuk at this point.


s21.pngAll I can say is that Mi Mo better finally realize what a gem Soo Hyuk is.  If this doesn’t convince her, I don’t know what will.

Off to watch episode 10 where our hero better be getting some luvin.

Til next time,


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  2. I’m sitting here laughing myself silly while reading all your “not-hot-doc” comments, and trying to explain it to my daughter!!!!! Agree wholeheartedly!!!
    How can Mi Mo even be thinking about him with all Soo Hyuk has said and done this episode???? Come to your senses! And, as you said, let’s get the romance going.
    Yes, good filming!

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