Signal Episode 8-Good Guys 1, Bad Guys ZERO-for now.

Man, I love when cops are smart and our Cold Case Team proves they don’t really need that magic walkie talkie to solve crime. They also prove they aren’t afraid of the crooked higher ups. Let’s just hope it sticks when things get slippery after they start working together to solve Jae-han’s cold case. Because our team is going to band together to save him, right?

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I’m sorry again for a short post but Kmuse somehow gave me her flu. Which isn’t true because even though we live in the same city. I haven’t seen her in a bit. The local theater really needs to get another Korean movie in. Or we just need to go out for barbecue.

Our team confirms that the fingerprints belong to the girlfriend, Shin Da-hye, so now they have to figure out who actually died in the lake and if it was really a suicide.

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So they split up, Soo-hyun interviews the boyfriend again and Hae-young interviews the sleazy agent who “helped” Da-hye with her career. Can I please vomit? I know that this stuff happens in real life, both in Korea and in the U.S., but I just want to castrate people like this guy who makes money off of exploiting women to please rich powerful men. Anyway, we learn that unfortunately Da-hye was part of a group of girls that would go over and party with Han Se-kyu (the rich punk that stole all the jewelry from our last crime).

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Han Se-kyu turns out to be more than an annoying rich punk, he’s a rapist and his gross friends are just as bad because they film it (okay, maybe these guys are the ones I want to castrate). This ends up being the reason Se-kyu burglarized those homes to begin with. His friends blackmailed him with the recording so he had to go into each of their homes to find it, and to cover-up that he was actually stealing the video he took valuables from each residence.

From her talk with the boyfriend, Soo-hyun finds out that one of Da-hye’s best friends, Ji-hee, never came to the funeral and he hasn’t seen her since. Our boys on the CCT (Cold Case Team) do some digging and find out that the friend left for Germany almost immediately after Da-hye’s death and only returned to Korea recently. Soo-hyun checks out the place where Ji-hee stayed for a few days after arriving in Korea. The view from the window looks right at the hospital where Da-hye’s mom is currently staying after a liver transplant.

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It isn’t too hard to connect the dots when we know Da-hye is still alive. Somehow she assumed her friend, Ji-hee’s identity and moved to Germany but is back in Korea because her mom needs her liver. Soo-hyun takes Detecive Lee with her to see the transplant patient and confirm if it really is, Da-hye, and they aren’t disappointed.

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Her story of what happened is just as bad and I’d expected. Se-kyu called her to the cabin they partied at to let her know he’d found the video of the two of them and then proceeds to flaunt all the stolen items. Once he passes out from drugs she goes outside and steals the necklace from the back of the car thinking it could be her ticket out of living the way she is. Once Se-kyu finds out she stole it from him, he sneaks into her apartment and kills her. Except, it wasn’t her in the bed but her friend Ji-hee.

Let’s take a minute to join Hae-young who is killing it in his green jacket today. He’s being a general bad ass with our resident rapist/murderer. I just love his swagger. Where did a kid who lived through everything he has, get this much bravado? Seriously. Well, I guess if you look the way he does it just comes naturally.

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He pretty much gets Se-kyu to confess that he killed her but he’s a lawyer and knows that he wasn’t read his rights and they have no evidence.

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At least they don’t yet… During the interview with the real Da-hye and her sister, they find out the murder was recorded. Da-hye had a habit of recording herself reading lines and had fallen asleep that night with the recorder still on.

When Hae-young gets back our CCT boys aren’t very happy with him for talking to Se-kyu because of those pesky higher ups that only seem to protect the rich.

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But to everyone’s surprise Section Chief Ahn lets them pursue it after hearing they have the murder on tape. And to nobody’s surprise at all. The next thing we know Chief Ahn and Director Kim are breaking bread with the devil er I mean Se-kyu. They let him listen to the tape and promise they’ll make it all just disappear.

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Se-kyu isn’t exactly convinced though, he knows if this tape gets into court a judge could choose to use it and he’s not willing to bank on that. They both profusely promise they’ll take care of it so that it never goes that far.

Apparently our guy doesn’t really put much faith in our bad cops because he takes the bull by the horns and goes into be questioned. Thankfully our bulls are smart and not in anyone’s pocket.

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They go through the right processes by reading Se-kyu his rights this time before letting him listen to the recording he’s already heard. He’s smug and admits it’s his voice on the tape but there’s no way to prove it was recorded at Da-hye’s house and therefore no way to prove it was actually a murder taking place. Director Lee and Chief Ahn watch during the questioning and I’m sure feel pretty relieved Se-kyu is weaseling out of this by himself.

While this is happening Da-hye gets into her wheelchair but when Soo-hyun shows up at the hospital she’s told a male nurse took her. After checking CCVT footage she locates them in the parking garage. When she gets there the wheelchair is empty and she’s attacked by someone from behind.

Se-kyu is pretty much ready to leave thinking he’s won until Hae-young informs him that the recording doesn’t end at what he’s already listened too. Cue bad cops having that “oh shit” look at each other and me jumping for joy because our cops are smart!!

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They listen to the rest of the tape and you can hear that someone knocked on the door calling Da-hye’s name and they already have a sworn statement from her boyfriend that he did come by her house that night.

Haha. When Se-kyu is totally freaked out, Hae-young is like, “what is this not the recording you already listened to? There’s no way our evidence could have been leaked so you couldn’t have heard this before.”

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Take that bad cops! Our team knew they’d try to help Se-kyu out so they only gave Chief Ahn part of the recording and kept that crucial piece from them. They also kept another bit of info from them. And Se-kyu’s reaction to it is priceless.

Soo-hyun had to do a little smack down to the person Se-kyun sent to take care of the witness (Chief Ahn gave him the name of the witness in their meeting) but Soo-hyun arrived there in time so the Da-hye wasn’t hurt. I love that she just jumps in the car with Da-hye in the back and drives off.

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Because Se-kyu is pretty much seeing a ghost when they wheel Da-hye in, he’s in shock and further confesses to her murder, or to be more precises, Ji-hee’s murder.

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He goes a little crazy but they have him and there’s really nothing he or anyone else can do about it.

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Da-hye gets to go back to her life and to the boyfriend who obviously still loves her. Ah, poor Soo-hyun. Seeing them finally reunited after 20 years makes her think about Jae-han.

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Sometime later, Hae-young talks to Da-hye about the necklace (because even though he threw out the walkie talkie, boy can’t stop thinking about the past). He finds out there was a floppy disk in the necklace case and because Jae-han is like a dog with a bone, he tracked down who he thought was Ji-hee looking for the necklace.

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She wouldn’t see him because then he’d know she was alive so instead she mailed him the floppy disk. But of course Kim Bum-joo (Director Kim) being the weasel that he is, stole the disk before Jae-han could look at it. Seems Soo-hyun noticed him doing it which might come back around later once our duo actually start sharing information to help find Jae-han. Or could just be when she starts to not trust Bum-joo.

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Jae-han finds out that Bum-joo has the disk but there’s really nothing he can do. Bum-joo uses it to bring down the construction company responsible for that horrible bridge accident but made sure anyone that put money in his pockets was erased from the files before it became official police evidence. Bahaha. Jae-han accidentally almost runs over Bum-joo.

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That is one hot head he has and we already know it gets him killed. In the present Director Kim is PISSED that the Cold Case Team is oh-so-smart and duped them into helping catch their killer.

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But our team isn’t worried for now because they’re celebrating until Soo-hyun is a total downer and says she’s going back to the office to do paperwork. Our cutie profiler tells her to stay put and take care of her wounded face while he goes back to do the work for her. Ah, he has medicine and a band-aid he didn’t give her. In Kdrama land that means he LIKES her. LOL.

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Chief Ahn returns from getting yelled at by Director Kim and we get a flashback to THE night we’re trying to change in our time line. Jae-han is telling Hae-young on the radio that he must convince the other him because there’s still time. Yes, there is! Someone approaches him with a gun and I don’t think that’s surprise on Jae-han’s face when he sees whose there to kill him. The person shoots and then we see what we already knew, it’s Chief Ahn. (Wearing a really ugly sweater, lol).

Hae-young is still at his desk having put away the proof he might be developing a crush, and he hears someone talking. And follows it until he finds dun, dun, dun. The walkie talkie in Chief Ahn’s desk. He’s surprised to find it there, and even more surprised when Chief Ahn finds him there, magic walkie in hand.

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My Thoughts:

There’s not much to add to this episode. Our team worked without help from the past and they solved their case, and showed the higher ups that they know they’re crooked cops and they’re not playing their game. I’m desperate to see if Jae-han says anything else while Chief Ahn is standing there. Wouldn’t it be awesome if he responded similarly to Se-kyu and lost it, confessing to the murder? Yeah, that’s not going to happen. I’m also dying for Soo-hyun to come back around to Hae-young’s connection to Jae-han. We’re almost half way there and I know she has to get in on the time bending stuff sooner or later.

Until our next transmission, Drama Geek, over and out.

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