A Side of Kdrama Gossip #5


Trailers, photos, and gossip galore!  Come join The Fangirls as we chat about all the newest on-dits of Korean Entertainment.


Trailers and Teasers

Mrs Cop 2

KMUSE: I am not overly thrilled with the thought of a second season.  Season 1 annoyed me to no end with it’s overly emotional female detective and the usual stupid kdrama cop tropes.  However, this one has Kim Bum as the bad guy.  Still undecided on how that influences my watching meter, but maybe the trailers will convince me one way or the other.

DRAMA GEEK: I did not watch the first season and from what I’ve heard that might be a good thing. I’m checking it for two reasons: Kim Bum as a bad guy and Im Seul-ong.

Pied Piper

KMUSE: I really want to like this one since TvN has been on a really solid drama streak for me.  But I am just not sure if I can get past Jo Yoon-Hee’s involvement in this show.  Even just seeing her face in the preview annoyed me.  Looks like this one will also be a skip unless I hear great things.

DRAMA GEEK: If everyone starts raving about this one then I’ll check it out.

Refresh Man

KMUSE: The trailer is “meh” but with Aaron Yan as the lead I will for sure be giving this new Taiwanese Rom-Com a chance.

DRAMA GEEK: Oh, Aaron Yan, why do you do this to me? I’ve pretty much sworn off Taiwanese dramas but I’ll have to check this one out even though I still have no idea what it’s about after that trailer. LOL.

Official Posters

Vampire Detective

Come Back Mister



All’s Well With A Happy Home


Pied Piper


Descendants of the Sun

Script Reading



KMUSE: I am so excited for this drama! It is by my #1 favorite drama writer, Jang Yeong-Cheol, who has also penned Empress Ki, History of A Salaryman, and Incarnation of Money.  Sure the Synopsis of all these shows sound dry as dirt, but the dramas themselves are anything but.  If you want clever humor and good story development, this drama should definitely be on your “to watch” list.

DRAMA GEEK: The description of this does not sound like anything I’d like but I did enjoy History of A Salaryman so there’s that. And this is Ki-woong’s first post military project so I’m in to at least check it out.

Casting News/Rumors

Entertainer – Ji Sung & Park Bo Gum (not confirmed)


KMUSE: On one hand this would be an awesome casting.  Both men have proven acting skills and seem to be able to create chemistry with everyone, so I imagine they will play well together.  The only negative is that I was really hoping for Park Bo Gum to do a drama where he was the acting alpha.  And while I think this could be a good ensemble cast type of show (who doesn’t love the dog eat dog world of Kentertainment) Park Bo Gum won’t be above Ji Sung who is at Kdrama actor God Level.

DRAMA GEEK: Um, do you have to ask? If this casting goes through I’m there no matter what the story is. Ji Sung is one I will not pass up after watching him in Kill Me, Heal Me. And, Park Bo Gum? Yeah, I just can’t pass him up either. Hopefully their roles will be more like Healer where both men felt like they had a huge part of the story.

CLKYTTA: If this casting goes through and they do it right, I’ll be absolutely thrilled. Park Bo Gum and Ji Sung smiling at me on the same screen makes me all happy inside.

Another Oh Hae Young  – Eric Moon & Choi Kang Hee (not confirmed)


KMUSE: YAY for Eric Moon being in a new drama that sounds interesting.  Choi Kang Hee on the other hand………..  I loved her in Protect the Boss, my first time seeing her in a drama.  So I assumed that I would love her in other things.  But after watching her last four dramas since POB I have to admit that I don’t enjoy her acting style.  I actually dumped Glamorous Temptation because of it.  So in conclusion.  I hope Eric Moon takes the role and hope that Choi Kang Hee decides to take a much-needed break.  Or if she has to come back, please choose to be in something I have absolutely no interest in viewing.

CLKYTTA: I need Eric Moon to have a good, strong female lead he has chemistry with.  The last drama I saw him in was Discovery of Romance, and I loved him, but couldn’t stand the female lead.

Mirror of the Witch – Yoon Shi Yoon (not confirmed)


KMUSE– Yoon Shi Yoon back on my screen in a cable saguek fusion drama?  Yes please!

DRAMA GEEK: It is the season for military comebacks and I’m in if Yoon Shi Yoon is cast. And fantasy sageuks tend to be the only kind I can last all the way until the end with.

CLKYTTA: I’m ready to see Yoon Shi Yoon again, and I like a good fantasy saguek!

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  1. “Refresh Man” is a reversal of fortune/childhood rivals type of drama. Joanne’s character was a successful student, but she finds herself failing at life as an adult. Aaron’s character, a loser as a student, becomes a successful CEO and Joanne’s boss.

    And thank god I am not the only person who can only seem to stomach saeguks when fantasy is involved (and even then it is a stretch for me).

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