3 Character Teasers for Upcoming Mini-Drama “Page Turner”

4.pngI was already super excited when I heard that the leads for this angsty music-themed drama were Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun.  I consider them two of the best actors in their age range, so pairing them together just made sense.


This coming-of-age drama tells stories about three youth, while the main motif of the drama is piano. A genius pianist and an athlete, who is bold, brave and fearless yet short-tempered, get to live a different life completely opposite to each one’s previous regular daily life, after the two got into an unexpected accident.


I am not sure how much romance they will be able to pull off in only 3 episodes (why oh why is it so short?) but judging from the following teasers, sparks will be flying in all directions as the three egocentric leads clash.  I adore So Hyun when she is allowed to play a total self-absorbed witch.  She does it so well.  And at least, this time we don’t have to worry about Ji Soo getting passed over by the girl yet again.  Ji Soo second lead syndrome always sucks.  Hopefully, this will be the first of many main roles for the talented brooder.


Page Turner begins airing on March 3rd.


Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Teaser 3

**Synopsis used from My Drama List

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