One More Happy Ending Episode 10 – One Guy is Hot and One is Not.

r18.pngSometimes I feel that we are moving at a snails pace as we viewers wait for Mi Mo to figure out what everyone else knows.  Soo Hyuk is perfect and Not Hot Doc, not so much.  At least this episode we have finally made a bit of progress and while I am not sure if Mi Mo is ready to jump into Soo Hyuk’s arms, a blogger can hope.  For a drama that had our leads almost married and divorced in the first two episodes, they sure have been taking their sweet time giving us more OTP payout.  Let’s speed up the pace just a bit writers, I want to see some cute make-out moments before the last episode.w6s.jpg

Conan O’brien’s Cameo

Let’s chat about this before we officially start our top 5.  Usually, I would add it in, but since I have a specific theme for today’s post, it just doesn’t work.  But it was big news in the Kentertainment social media so I wouldn’t want to ignore it.

Personally, I thought that they really did a good job with the cameo.  Much better than the random goldfish scene which I still say was just too random.  The fact that Conan came in and fell for Mi Mo on sight, just like Not Hot Doc and Soo Hyuk was hilarious.  Kudos for making this both funny and relevant to the plot.

Now let’s get to the main event.  Mainly the top 5 moments that showed our leading men at their best and worst.  Because this literally was the writer letting we viewers see the metal of the men through actions.


To show the great distance between the two romantic options, I decided to compare our male lead’s actions at various parts of the episode.  So sit back and prepare to decide what ship you are going to be traveling on.


#5 An Angry Soo Hyuk is a Sexy Soo Hyuk

After making sure that Mi Mo was safe in her house and advising her to just take one day with no media to get a grasp of her situation Soo Hyuk goes on the hunt to fix the issue.


As I predicted, Soo Hyuk is indeed furious with his boss.  He storms into the office screaming at the girl who published the article as well as his boss who encouraged its publication.  I loved how Soo Hyuk schooled them over basic ethics and maybe asking a reporter if there was a reason the article had been trashed before going and making it public.  As an exclamation point to his impassioned speech he destroys a trash can and storms out.  I have to agree with his boss who was marveling over his employees sexy levels when he is mad.

Not Hot Doc finds out late, but I will give him credit for going to Mi Mo as soon as he finds out.  At which point Not Hot Doc informs Mi Mo that she has to fight the slander ASAP.  He tries to go roughshod over her, like usual, but Mi Mo stands firm that at least, for now, she needs to stay out of the limelight.  They have coffee at an out of the way cafe.  While visually a beautiful moment the vibes coming forth are cold.  As cold as the remaining embers of this relationship.


#4 The Counter Article

In order to make things right, Soo Hyuk begins writing a new article that tells the truth about Mi Mo’s Ex and his cheating ways.  And how Mi Mo was in a long term relationship with the Chef for two years before he and Annoying Angel hooked up.  But instead of automatically publishing the article, Soo Hyuk discusses it with Mi Mo first, asking her opinion.  What a novel concept. Actually asking someone how they want to proceed.  Not Hot Doc should be taking notes.


Instead of taking notes of a healthy type of love, Not Hot Doc is busy chatting with his ex-wife about Mi Mo.  When she inquires as to why he is attracted to Mi Mo, Not Hot Doc had to think a second then stated that “She makes me laugh”.  We see flashbacks of him tormenting her about skinship and debts just to make her flustered and get a chuckle.   Ex-Not Hot Doc is spot on when she informs her ex that this is why his relationships fail.  Everything for him is focused inward.  It is about his needs and wants and that leaves the girl feeling neglected and depressed.  DING DING DING.  Ex-NHD has hit the nail on the head with that statement.  It is exactly what makes Not Hot Doc an ill fit with Mi Mo.


#3 Exhaustion & Panic Attacks

Poor Mi Mo is having a really rough time.  Not only are people using her infamy in order to attack her company but she started having PTSD about people attacking her.  Remember that this had all happened before when she was attacked and terrorized by Annoying Angel’s fans.  So between nerves and exhaustion, Mi Mo passes out in her house.  Realizing that something was wrong, Soo Hyuk forces the apartment guard to open her door and when he finds Mi Mo passed out, he rushes her to the hospital.


It is there that we witness Soo Hyuk totally losing it when he thinks that Mi Mo might be in critical condition. Soo Hyuk even brushes Not Hot Doc away when he tries to pull the “I’m her boyfriend” card.  Instead of leaving, Soo Hyuk yells at him that there is nothing but Mi Mo right now and he will deal with Not Hot Doc later, but he isn’t going anywhere.  (insert loud Kmuse cheering).



Since we are all in the hospital, let’s talk about Not Hot Doc’s reaction to Mi Mo’s hospitalization.  First, he tries to throw a jealousy fit about Soo Hyuk’s presence.  When that doesn’t work, he does leave the area allowing Soo Hyuk to be at her bedside.  Which again is a tool move.  Mi Mo is supposedly the love of his life, he could have at least hovered on the other side of her bed.  Instead Not Hot Doc lets Soo Hyuk do the hours of bedside sitting, showing up later and acting uppity when Soo Hyuk begs him to take care of her.  I am sure he would have stayed except Soo Hyuk has a plane to Hong Kong to catch.


#2 Soo Hyuk Flies to Flipping Hong Kong

Not only is Soo Hyuk single-handedly trying to save Mi Mo’s reputation (at the expense of his own), but Soo Hyuk is going the extra mile and searching for the man that supposedly was a scam artist. A search that leads him outside the country to Hong Kong.


Oh my word Soo Hyuk is perfect.  Not only does he try to fix the mistake he made, but he also is fixing every other problem in Mi Mo’s life.  All without being asked, or expecting any kind of love in return.  This is pure love in its best form.


All the while this is happening,  Not Hot Doc is twiddling his thumbs and probably fuming over Soo Hyuk rather than wondering about his girlfriends health.  I did enjoy that we got to see Mi Mo finding out what Soo Hyuk had done and just breaking down from relief.


#1 Soo Hyuk Takes an Egg for Mi Mo……….Take 2

Sometimes doing the right thing brings consequences.  Personally, I think it makes Soo Hyuk even sexier (if that is possible) that he is willing to suffer for Mi Mo by taking on Annoying Angel’s agency and fans.  Which of course involves yelling, thrown eggs, and, of course, the possibility that he will lose his job because of outside pressuring.  All things that Mi Mo realizes as she watches Soo Hyuk from afar (so as not to incite more fan rioting.)


FINALLY, Mi Mo realizes how much Soo Hyuk really does care for her.  Better late than never right?  I loved how they just stared at each other and so many words were spoken in their hearts.  Now if they can just somehow manage to spit them out.

And where was Not Hot Doc?  I have to assume he was still thumb twiddling because the lackluster boyfriend has been missing from most of the 2nd half of the episode.  He did make a quick drop in to blame Mi Mo for not telling him that she was having a hard time (SERIOUSLY?  That is not a huge stretch to think she might be stressed and upset)  Is it too much to ask for that we miss him even more for the rest of the drama?  A girl can wish.


Well that ends my episode 10 comparison.  I think it is pretty obvious which of our leads is hot inside and out and which is not (it’s in his nickname for crying out loud.  This is an easy pick).  Looking forward to seeing if Mi Mo finally makes a move now that she understands Soo Hyuk’s feelings.  Now if only she can quickly decide on her own.

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  1. The remaining episodes should follow this seqeunce 1.
    Mi mo breaks up with not so hot doc 2. Soo Hyuk and Mi mo enter into a relationship and show us how relationships are, realistically, as one being a divorcee and one a single dad.

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