New Stills and Teaser for Upcoming Revenge Drama “Goodbye Mr Black”


I am equal parts excited fangirl and a nervous Nellie about this drama.  On the one hand, I love the cast, I love the genre, and I love that it is loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo.The negatives are all the issues the drama had finding not just a time slot, but even a station to air it.  This is one of those shows that kept being resurrected from the cutting board which can be a concern.   Behind the scenes drama often means that the actual drama has some huge issues.  Everyone remember the debacle of The Time We Were Not In Love from last year?


I am also not positive how hard hitting the revenge will be.  Originally it was all about Lee Jin Wook’s revenge and marrying Moon Chae Won‘s character as a cover to get back at those that ruined his life.  But some of the synopsis details I have heard lately make it sound more like a traditional makjang weekend drama rather than a hard-edged revenge thriller.  Guess I will have to wait to see how this pans out.  Sadly, our first teaser doesn’t really send out revenge vibes, but maybe they are keeping that for the next one.  Crossing my fingers and toes since I am a bit tired of mediocre makjang.


photo693042Goodbye Mr Black is set to air on March 16th.


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