60 Second Teaser for “Goodbye Mr Black” – Sharing Some Khottie Revenge Worthy Angst

a3.pngNow this is much more of what I was expecting from the first teaser of upcoming revenge drama Goodbye Mr Black.  Action, angst, and bad guys being bad guys.  I won’t go into many specific details since I just wrote about the 10 sec teaser earlier in the week, and I am sure that we will start being hit hot and heavy with promotions now that we are only 3.5 weeks away from its premiere. But I do want to comment on one or two things that are making me consider on how invested I will be with this drama.


My first complaint is the production quality.  Only 3 years ago I would not be hounding on this subject.  Heck, maybe even a year ago I would let it slide.  But with so many great dramas producing unique cinematography, not to mention I just came from watching Descendants in the Sun which was absolutely stunning, this teaser just feels a bit bland.  With such a fun subject matter I was expecting something a bit more stylish (in my head I was thinking similar to Shark).  But instead, we got a pretty simplistic feel despite the ongoing action.


I also just wanted to touch on the fact that our leads seem to be out styled by the evil second lead.  I was very impressed with the charisma Kim Kang Woo brought to the few seconds he was on screen.  I adore Moon Chae Won and really hope that the actual drama (and future promos) give her character a bit more oomph.  So far she is easily forgettable.

Let’s just hope that this is just the worries of a tired blogger.  I am sure with fresh eyes and a bit longer promo things will begin to click.  After all, my #1 focus is always the story line so regardless of a less stellar directing style, if the story is there I will be a happy viewer.  Goodbye Mr Black is set to air on March 16th.


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