One More Happy Ending Episode 11 -Its a Rantfest

b11.jpgIf you were a huge fan of today’s episode, this might not be the review for you because I got a tiny bit ranty.  There just reaches a point in a show where things need to get moving and sadly, One More Happy Ending has stomped all over that point and then sat down and had a huge cryfest.  So proceed with caution if you don’t want to get my true feelings about where we are in the drama and let’s all pray that this is a outlier and things will get back on track ASAP. So join me as I switch things around and countdown my top rants rather than raves.

Rant #5

WHAT THE HELL MI MO?  Soo Hyuk literally is going through, well hell, for you and you can’t even find it within you to say thanks?  Instead, you just cry and look pretty.  I am assuming the whole stepping backwards thing was because you did not want to go towards a relationship with Soo Hyuk (which is plain crazy, but whatever) and this was you letting him know.  HOWEVER, saying thank you does not mean that you are ready to marry him and pop out his babies.  It is common courtesy to a friend who literally just ruined his life for you.  To put it bluntly, you just totally suck as a human being right now and pretty crying is not going to make me give you a pass.


Rant 4.5

This one kind of goes along with my first rant and something I have talked about in detail before.  Not Hot Doc…………  You know she doesn’t love you.  You know that your best friend will die for her because he is so in love.  So why the fudging brownies are you still in the picture?

b1 It is not like you are so hideous you have a complex that no one can love you.  You never even got to the point where you and Mi Mo had some tongue hockey action going on (I am pretty sure that peck on the lips almost counts as brotherly it was so bland.)  So why oh why do you feel that your mediocre romance is something that trumps Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk’s true feelings?  Its official, you are just a total tool and a waste of a pretty face.  To that, I just have to say “go away and reflect on your suckiness”.


Rant #4

So what does a total toolbag do when he knows that his girlfriend loves his best friend?  He buys a ring and proposes because heaven forbid Not Hot Doc be the better man and not try to marry a woman who doesn’t love him.  UGH!  There is just so much wrong with this.  First the whole embarrassment over getting her flowers.  Then the proposal (NOT AT ALL ROMANTIC) and when Mi Mo begins crying and rejects Not Hot Doc’s proposal he just keeps telling her to “Don’t say it” and walks out before she can officially break up with him.  AND HE LEAVES THE FREAKING RING ON THE TABLE.


And don’t think you are getting a pass Mi Mo.  Why don’t you stop sobbing like someone died and man up (or woman up as the case might be) and spit out the “Let’s break up” words?  It is not like you are getting divorced.  It is not as if you have been in a relationship for ten years (I know I am repeating myself, but it needs to be said till someone smacks it into her goldfish brain.) So just be an adult and say things didn’t work out and move on.

b8.jpgThe writer has written this breakup so over the top with crazy emotions that it just makes me cranky.  CRANKY I TELL YOU.


Rant #3

And then after the proposal debacle, Mi Mo drinks away her woes of not being in love with Not Hot Doc (keep in mind she KNOWS that she loves Soo Hyuk) and whines about how she has to be the bad guy.  Big freaking boo hoo.  This is the 2nd time she has gone all weepy and woe is me to her friends about how unfair it is that she doesn’t love Not Hot Doc.


That is annoying enough, but then the writer has Mi Mo meet Soo Hyuk on the street (while drunk) and she starts screaming at him.  Screaming that it is all Soo Hyuk’s fault that she is unhappy and uncomfortable and can’t he just disappear and let her be happy? Needless to say, poor Soo Hyuk looks devastated.  Sure we viewers know that she is upset she has to break up with her deadbeat boyfriend (**cough cough ….not a loss………cough cough**) but Soo Hyuk takes her tantrum to heart.


Realizing that his being around is making Mi Mo unhappy, Soo Hyuk takes the matter into his own hands and resigns, packs up, and goes to New York for an extended stay with his parents.  While I did love the father/son bonding moment when Soo Hyuk decided to leave, I couldn’t help but smack my head over how stupid Mi Mo is in dealing with her emotions.

Rant #2

Finally, Mi Mo is able to break up with Not Hot Doc.  But only after much avoidance on our jerk of a second lead’s part.  Personally, I think if you can’t get a face to face meeting with your boyfriend to dump him (specifically due to the fact he knows you are going to dump him) it is OK to go the dump by text route.


But not our Mi Mo.  She finally hunts Not Hot Doc down at work, but before she can say the words, Not Hot Doc beats her to the punch and breaks up with her.  Because heaven forbid he doesn’t get to keep his pride in the situation since this is all about him.  Bleck, good riddance.


You would think Mi Mo’s next stop would be straight to Soo Hyuk.  But no, Mi Mo has decided that she is going to let sleeping dogs lie, even though she knows that Soo Hyuk loves her and she loves him.  Because that makes all kinds of sense……..NOT.  It is only weeks later when Mi Mo discovers that Soo Hyuk had resigned from the paper that she starts hunting him down.  But of course, he is already gone to New York and no matter how much our heroine dithers around, her Romeo is nowhere to be found.


#1 Moments I Enjoyed

While the majority of the episode I was pissed because of Mi Mo and Not Hot Doc’s stupid relationship issues, there were a few moments that stood out as bright beacons in a dark world of mediocre makjang.

Sometimes the Job Does Define Us

I appreciated how Soo Hyuk had to look into the nature of his career and decide for himself how he wanted to go forward in life.  The fact that what he does has a consequence is something not often looked at in-depth through dramas.  Sure you have a few that skirt around the issue as a side plot point, but this one takes a serious look at how rumors, paparazzi news, and netizens can ruin a life.


Da Jeong and Geon Hak Reunite

Surprisingly, I am very invested in these two wayward lovers making it back together.  And thankfully we see a huge shift in that direction when Da Jeong returns from the hospital to find her house covered in red roses and a card that reads “you will always be a woman to me.”  Can we get a huge collective “aw” from the viewing crowd?

Usually, I am not a fan of huge over the top gestures like this.  I tend to find them a mix of embarrassing and cliche.  HOWEVER, in this instance, with what the two of them went through relationship wise, also adding in her recent breast cancer fight.  I think this was perfectly appropriate and even needed to break down the walls of misunderstanding.


Soo Hyuk is Back!

Our neighbor hottie is back!  And more importantly, Mi Mo is done crying!  Thank goodness because if I had to see her tear up over that “meh” relationship one more time I was going to hit something.  Let’s hope that now that time has eased Mi Mo’s emotions we can get some cute OTP moments in these last four episodes.  It’s only fair that the writers give us this after so many Not Hot Doc drama moments.

Not to mention if we go another episode without Mi Mo confessing her feelings I will probably start having to make up unflattering nicknames for her.  Hmmmm Not Hot Goldfish just doesn’t have the same ring to it.  So don’t disappoint me show and make me go all ranting and creative for the next four episodes.

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    • I don’t know why I am just not feeling them. Just one of those individual viewer quirks since there isn’t really a reason to dislike them at all. I am mostly just OK with their story.

  1. I think after episode 3, the writer forgot about the fun and went soapy on us. I have been losing interest with the drama, hopefully, it picks up now that Mi mo and Boring are done. He was boring and to think that he had an interesting concept. Nope, they made us see how perfect Moo Hyuk is, it was a joke to see Mr. Boring contend. A long and annoying joke that ran for 7 episodes. I think it is safe to say that you cannot laugh at jokes more than 7 TIMES before you realize that it wore itself out.

  2. 100% agree with this assessment! Mi Mo’s actions in this episode were silly, counter-intuitive, & bizarre! Writer gets the being in love bit well enough obv as soo hyuk’s character has it down (although some of that could be fab acting interpretations) ….but mi mo in this episode wanted slapping lol :p

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