1st Teaser for Upcoming Alzheimer Themed TvN Drama “Memory”

a2.pngI think it is a safe bet that everyone planning on watching this drama should invest in a huge amount of kleenex.  You can practically feel the future tear hangover just from viewing the preview.a1.png

Memory is the story of lawyer Park Tae-Suk (Lee Sung-Min) who discovers that he has Alzheimer’s and his efforts to make powerful memories in the time he has left.  While usually I would avoid this like the plague (I am a bit worn out with the whole Memory/Remember/Alzheimer’s drama trope) I am tempted to watch because of Lee Sung Min.  Sung Min stole my heart as the awesome manager in Misaeng and those residual feelz are trying to convince me to give this one a try.  What about you all?  Are you going to give this drama the chance to make you cry?  Memory is set to air March 24th following the conclusion of Signal.



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