New Hide and Seek Teaser For “Vampire Detective”

5.pngWoot!  Sexy vampires and mysterious women playing cat and mouse is the theme of this teaser.  All these stylish teasers are beginning to get my hopes up for a strong drama.  I also have a huge hole in my weekend drama schedule since I recently dumped OcN’s current drama Neighborhood Hero. Therefore increasing my impatience for Vampire Detective to air.


We also get a glimpse of our new bad guy (or girl as the case might be) in the form of mysterious Lee Chung Ah.  She is a hit or miss actress for me so I look forward to seeing Chung Ah do something different.


I also appreciate that the teasers have really promoted the trio of crime solvers and not just Lee Joon alone.  They seem to have a good ensemble vibe visually and I look forward to checking out their chemistry.  Vampire Detective is set to air on March 27th.  Will you be watching?


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