First Glimpse of Kang Ji Hwan for Upcoming Drama “Monster”

a1.pngSQUEEEE!  I love Kang Ji Hwan, which makes me very excited to start seeing the fruits of his latest drama labor. Especially when one of those fruits is shirtless.  a.jpg

Monster is the story of a man who goes through the financial crisis in the late 90’s, hitting rock hobo bottom only to pull himself back up to greater heights of financial success.  All while fighting injustice and corruption.  I know. You are thinking that this subject sounds dull as dirt.  But trust me when I tell you this writer knows how to bring the humor out in the dullest drama topic.  The writer’s previous works have been History of a Salaryman and Incarnation of Money (also starring Kang Ji Hwan).

As a special bonus, enjoy these additional stills of the younger version of our OTP (one true pairing).  Beast’s Lee Ki Kwang and talented young actress Lee Yeol Eum are looking very good together in my opinion.


Monster is set to air on March 31st.

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