Signal Episode 13 – The Meat & Potatoes of the Signal Stew

s2.pngWe get some seriously satisfying backstory in this episode that I feel like I am about to explode with awesome plot feelz!  How can a drama be so good week after week and have no down swings?  It is as mysterious as the person who is behind all the evil doings and crooked cops in the precinct.

So come join me as we finally get into the nitty gritty details about what started the events that lead to Jae Han’s death (THAT BETTER GET CHANGED) and Hae Young’s life after his brother is incarcerated.


We start the waterworks right from the start as the coroner confirms that the bones found under the stairs were indeed Jae Han’s.  Let’s pretty much bawl our eyes out as Hae Young, Soo Hyun, & Jae Han’s father grieve Jae Han’s passing.


There is no way to really describe the outpouring of emotions you feel while all three reminisce about their experiences with Jae Han.  So I will just touch on a few key moments.  I actually liked how the writer made us flashback to all the walkie talkie communications between Hae Young and Jae Han.  It is amazing how the story has connected the two characters so completely and yet they really have had only a handful of times where they talked to each other.  It is almost like the two sides of a coin, you can’t have one without the other.

We get just as much wonderful input from Soo Hyun’s memories.  We see the time, right after Injoo, when Jae Han was preparing to quit the police.  Feeling down and depressed, it took Soo Hyun coming to his house and reminding him of his father’s birthday, to get him out of his dithers.


I was highly entertained as Soo Hyun pretended she knew how to cook seaweed soup (but in actuality couldn’t even identify seaweed at the market).  The soup turned out horrible (insert Jae Han’s father and his comical expression)


Which led to all three of them getting drunk instead.  And you know what happens when there is an OTP and drinking involved?  Piggyback ride home!  I laughed that the couple actually was in a cab but got kicked out because of Soo Hyun’s drunken singing.  All I can say is thank goodness for piggy back rides.  How else would we know that Jae Han is feeling the love for his coworker?


Skip forward to the present where Soo Hyun is lamenting that they had never even taken a decent photo together as a couple.  The only photo she had was the cheesy shot they took for promoting the new female on the squad.  Imagine my eyes all teary with silent weeping for the poor detective.  It is amazing how the tiny things are those that are most regretted.


As the trio say their final goodbye to Jae Han back at his house, Hae Young finds a worn out business card that he recognizes.


We go through yet another flashback where we see Jae Han connect the dots about why this case means so much to Hae Young.  He pays a visit to Hae Young’s mother who confirms that her younger son lives with her ex-husband.  It turned out that this was her second marriage and Sun Woo was a product of her first husband.  It makes a lot more sense now as to why the father was so cold hearted to the whole situation.


Jae Han travels to Seoul where he hunts down younger Hae Young and makes sure he is doing OK.  We witness that Hae Young IS NOT doing OK and is pretty much starving due to his father’s crappy neglect.


My heart is literally breaking as we watch Hae Young walk into a restaurant and beg for an omurice.  The Restaurant Ahjumma is about to kick the starving youth back onto the street when Jae Han (who was sitting at a different table) gives her money for Hae Young’s meal.


Not only that meal but also all meals in the future.  I love that Jae Han is going all Daddy Long-legs in the background.  Something that present day Hae Young realizes as he confronts the Restaurant Ahjumma (that was the business card he had found at Jae Han’s house).


Hae Young bursts into tears as he realizes that all that time he thought he was alone, he actually had a friend who cared nearby.


Fast forward to high school aged Hae Young who is more or less a punk, ready to fight the second someone mocks his deceased brother’s memory.  He is a slacker in every sense until the day he finds out that his brother had been framed.  That is the point where Hae Young decides to turn his life around.  He wonders what prestigious college he could get into (remember that he has been an academic slacker up til now) and the only option that won’t look at past grades, is the Police University.  Huh…. who knew that was actually a thing.


At first, Hae Young mocks the thought since that is the institution that ruined his life.  But the longer the concept lingers, the more he realizes that this might be his chance to really prove his brother innocent.  Police University it is.


I was wondering what Hae Young was going to say when the magical walkie talkie begins connecting him with Jae Han. Would he admit that Jae Han is murdered?  Would he continue to push the innocence of his brother?  I was very impressed when instead of choosing his brother’s case over all else, Hae Young warns Jae Han that this case is going to get him killed.


He even explains that he wasn’t the one who had started the transmissions, but that it had been Jae Han who had instigated contact.  Hae Young tearily tells past Jae Han, “I want you to be happy Detective.  Loving people and being loved is more important than solving the case.”  I think that Jae Han had realized that he wasn’t among the living in the future a while ago since he simply tells Hae Young that he has to see this case to the end.  Even if that means dying in the process.  (INSERT LOUD SOBBING FROM BLOGGER)


I am just stating it out now, that I desperately need Jae Han to somehow be alive in 2016.  If he ends up dead in both timelines then what is the point.  In my mind, I associate his being alive with whether the good guys achieve success in bringing the crooked cops down.  And I swear that if this is some type of time loop, I will be so cranky.  I went through that crazy when watching “Nine” and I refuse to do it again.  Do you hear that writers?  If Jae Han doesn’t survive I am totally docking you .5 pts from my final rating.  You have been warned.


Now that we have affirmed that Jae Han (and hopefully Hae Young’s brother as well) have to survive, let’s get back to the main case.  Namely, who was the real instigator of the rape?


Soo Hyun and Hae Young are on the hunt for the only person around who knows what happened that day.  Namely, the poor victim who had disappeared after the case had closed.  Through medical insurance records, they hunt her down and are able to confront her over what truly happened that day.  Just as we are about to find out who the real culprit is, the show ends with Jae Han standing on the side of the street, watching some boys walk by.

WHAT, IT ENDS THERE? This drama always goes by so fast and I am left antsy for the next episode.  With only 3 episodes left I am sure we will finally be getting answers and hopefully some happy endings for our three detectives.  We will get our happy ending right?

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  1. You better be careful with your wish that Jae Han survives in both timelines. That can only mean one thing. Even Hae Young pointed it out in the next episode.

    I like this episode. It got through to me emotionally. It helps that the actor playing Jae Han’s father was so good evoking that feeling of relief, sadness, and anger when he saw the remains of his son at 5he morgue. Same way with the young actors. The kid who played young Hae Young was excellent. So many actors here, young and old, known or unknown, are top notch. I shouldn’t be surprised by it since the casting team is the same team behind Misaeng. The entire cast there had no weak link.

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  3. i hope you still read the comments. there is several things bugging me..

    how they find hye yong in the midst of everyone near the hospital. there were thousands of woman there.

    secondly, how Jae Han reported and studied Kim Bum Soo corruption case hasnt be revealed.

    thirdly how is possible for Hye yong info’s arent being found when she already married and supposely has registered her marriage?

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