WTF (Worried & Ticked off Fangirls) Moments of the Week

s20.pngWe have found out that even Fangirls occasionally have a non-fangirl moment where we really can’t do anything but lament at how our favorite dramas/actors/Kmovies/etc go off the deep end into what the fudge territory.  And of course, these moments need to be discussed so we can get past our grumps and be positive fangirls in the future.    So join us as we complain and feel free to add your own WTF (Worried and Ticked off Fangirl) moments in the comments.


 Cheese In The Trap

KMUSE: Oooh!  I am glad that we are doing this because sometimes plot line just makes me cranky.  I think I will start us off with the topic of Cheese From The Trap final four episodes.


I am not going to go into details about all the brouhaha behind the CITT scandal (google it and you will find a ton of posts) but I want to talk about how it influenced my enjoyment of the show.   As I am sure everyone knows by now, there was more of an open ending to the show.  The couple split to go their own ways and grow up.  Whether this was always the plan or just because of the result of filming a non-finished webtoon.  Either way, this totally made my enthusiasm wane when it came to finishing.


When I look at it objectively, the ending wasn’t that bad.  Do I love it?  No, but I wouldn’t have ranted and raved as much if all the scandal and negative feelings hadn’t accompanied my watching.  Too bad since the cast is really talented and while I never really “shipped” anyone together, I still found the dynamics interesting.


CLKYTTA: CITT just infuriated me.  I have come to expect open endings from kdramas, it’s a popular way to end things, so no big deal there.  What killed me is that it became the In Ho/In Ha show.  Suddenly my main characters were side characters and everyone got a HEA and solid resolution, except the two main characters.


There were so many angles with Seol and Jung apart that could have been explored. Instead, we get to play happy family with the Baek siblings.  To add insult to injury, we have Seol, our plucky, quirky, heroine all of us were cheering for because she wasn’t the typical Candy girl, moping and still on the back burner of life. Jung just fell off the planet.  I’ve read where people are saying this was a real life resolution. Let’s be honest here people, I watch dramas to get away from real life, throw my plucky heroine a bone!  She could have been alone, I was ok with that, but she deserved better than to be stuck in middle management world with her head down.

Madame Antoine

CLKYTTA: I was skeptical of this one to start, and even though I gave it a second chance, and even a  third, I dropped this one after episode 4.  Sung Joon seems to be typecast into these cold, calculating doctor roles and it does nothing for me. I may go back and revisit this one, but probably not.


KMUSE:  I am surprisingly still enjoying it.  Although I have to check my logical brain at the door.  Reminds me of an old 1940 style romantic comedy.  Low on plot but lot of bantering.  I will admit that maybe the bantering is taking up a bit to much of the storyline.  Some plot is always appreciated as well.  One issue I do have is that it seems to be repeating its previous theme after this last week’s ending.  That is always annoying.   Oh well, I will put this one on my “it didn’t completely suck” list.


KdramaJen: I convinced others to keep watching, but I am getting ticked off about the experiment lie.  Seriously?  I was hoping we would get some good revenge scenes as Doctor Arrogant must face his own feelings.  Instead, viewers are stuck in a plot Merry-Go-Round, like the one in the amusement park that they keep showing in every flashback.  I can’t buy into a loveline that is built on lies back and forth and round and round. I keep watching, but I am getting dizzy!

One More Happy Ending

KdramaJen: So…  I had such high hopes for this drama.  The cute and quirky beginning made me smile and giggle.  Throughout this drama there have been really cute moments and some amazing scenes.  And then there are the true WTF moments. For example, a goldfish with Conan’s head.  Or, you know, Conan actually acting in the drama.  I get that he was hanging out in Korea and all, but his appearance made absolutely no sense.  That was not this week, though.  No, THIS week we have the coincidental connection between Han Mi Mo’s ex-hubby and Soo Hyuk’s sister.  Oh, and the beautiful girl from the past who is clearly there to stand in the way of our OTP (One True Pairing).  What the Fudge?  I wanted hijinks and hilarity.  I am not sure what this is exactly.  Is there a writing team playing drinking games to decide where this is going?  That would certainly explain the talking fish!


KMUSE: Everyone who reads my recaps for this blog knows that I have a serious issue with the ex-husband dating the sister twist.  It is unnecessary and just plain stupid plot twisting in my opinion.  Sad to say, I almost would welcome the “disapproving parents” trope over this one …… and that is saying a lot.


Descendants of the Sun

KdramaJen: I am seriously ticked off about one thing.  WHY?  Why did they have to end episode 4 right there????  My inner-voyeur needed a few more minutes of that scene.  Or maybe ten more?

KMUSE: My problem isn’t with where they left off (I fully expect to get more smooching footage in episode 5).  My big issue is the second Song Joong Ki went in for the kiss, that screechy music started blasting again.  Doesn’t the person in charge of background music understand that sometimes less is more?  Stop ruining super romantic moments with overly loud music which is telling us that this is a romantic moment.  We get it already.  It’s not rocket science.


This concludes our first ever WTF post.  What were your most disappointing moments of the past two weeks?  Feel free to complain away in the comments!  Be sure to check back in two Saturdays for our next Worried & Ticked off Fangirl post.  We are attempting to make this a bi-monthly themed post and look forward to having a forum in which to rant.

Til next time,

The Fangirls

0 thoughts on “WTF (Worried & Ticked off Fangirls) Moments of the Week

  1. Absolutely nothing about Descendants of the Sun is upsetting me except it’s not on every single night, and only has 16 episodes…
    Cheese in the Trap – well, I’m for ALL the Baek In Ho moments possible – LOVE the actor & the character. Jung – I mean, how can I be horribly worried about poor little CHAEBOL there? I like the character & all, & find his & Seol’s story interesting (do NOT ship Seol w/In Ho, really) – but he’s not the one I’m palpitating w/worry over…
    So I liked the ending. Really liked it. I’m GLAD psychotic behavior gets called out for what it is, and recognition that it has to be dealt with, which doesn’t happen overnight. I felt satisfied.

  2. I couldn’t agree more on “kdramas-over-reality” point of view. However, the CitT odd universe has already driven people to real-life psychosis. Despite that fact that this is a TV show, therefore fiction, several viewers on blogs have been insulting each other and been constantly fighting with each other over CitT’s focus. Why? Because they somehow failed to see the fictional characters and perhaps they were projecting their real-life issues on the drama. So, the moment our “hobby” becomes the reason for therapy sessions, something is seriously wrong. The fun is over, the escape from our daily hardships is not there anymore and fantasy stops working as a substitute for a difficult real life. That’s why I still believe that a bad project is better than no project at all.

    My WTF moments are always those that include angry netizens and ambivalent projects. A16 or 20-hourly series needs to choose a certain focus and pray for the audience to like it.

  3. I like this new post. I am done ranting about CiiT, but for Happy ending, where do i begin? I do agree, i would take disapprovibg parents over this lazy writing of the ex and sister…LIKE IT IS NOT NEEDED AT ALL. After ep 2 everything went sour. I kinda miss boring doctor…he is more interesting than this rubbish of the ex n sister. At least with him, i have an emotion of irritation and shaking my head moments, but this is just ff moments with them.

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