Signal Episode 14-Lovers almost unite through time and space.

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I’m still dying from episode 13’s adorable piggyback ride cuteness, followed by bawling my eyes out. The last episode really brought all the main players of this story, and weaved them together. Showing us how Jae-han became a hidden support for little Hae-young before he was murdered. The timelines are really all twisted in that big timey-wimey ball, not making it easy to tell what came first. We haven’t seen a clear representation of the original timeline without interference from the walkie in a long time, if ever. Making it hard to know how Jae-han’s career as a cop and eventual death played out originally or even Sun-woo’s case. But that’s what makes time travel, or time manipulation, such a complicated animal.

The son of the most powerful player in Injoo is the original instigator!

What? You didn’t all guess that before? I’m a little disappointed in both Jae-han and Hae-young. I’m not sure why this boy’s name wasn’t brought up a lot more before this. Wouldn’t he have been the logical choice all along? Who else’s parent had enough power to orchestrate this large of a cover-up? None the less, Hae-seung names him as the one responsible. And unfortunately they show us how it went down. I was actually glad that we never had to see what happened. Hae-seung had been waiting for Sun-woo to study, but he didn’t show, and when she left the Rapist Douchebag (he doesn’t deserve a name) questions why Sun-woo is tutoring her. Is he getting some on the side? Hae-seung defends Sun-woo and says that he’s the actual smart one since he’s poor and doesn’t get special tutoring to get the grades he does.

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This pisses off Rapist Douchebag and then he takes her into the other room. All we hear is screaming, but we know what happened. What confuses me is that there were only two boys at the house at that point. Did he call the rest over to join him? That’s just sick on so many levels, but maybe I missed something.

I was right! Sun Woo was not suicidal.

Wow, Hae-seung really disappeared and didn’t look back. She didn’t even know Sun-woo died. And Sun-woo ends up being the best person that lived ever. She went to see him in the detention center and he insisted she wasn’t to blame in any of this. He wanted her to move on with her life and not look back, he’d take care of this matter from here on out. Insisting that he wasn’t giving up on himself, or his innocence. Not words a person would say if they really intended on committing suicide.

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Hae-young wants Hae-seung to testify that Sun-woo was innocent, but she’s scared. She has a family now and doesn’t want to ruin that. But Soo-hyun smartly points out that the statute for rape was not done away with,  so no matter what, the bad guys wouldn’t get punished. Hae-young is livid because Rapist Douchebag is, as we would expect, living large in Injoo without a care in the world while his brother died at eighteen.

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Soo-hyun and Hae-Young ALMOST talk across the space time continuum.

Soo-hyun bee-bops into the precinct and tells Jae-han he has to go on a stake out with her to catch a burglar. It’s funny, because after they leave one of the other cops says something about another unit already doing the stakeout. Haha. She’s totally trying to get a date out of it. That’s what piggyback rides will do. Jae-han goes to sleep while she keeps watch. Omo, the way she keeps looking at him is killing me. This girl was so gone.

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At the same time in 2015, Hae-young is more desperate than ever to change the past for his hyung. He waits for 11:23 and urgently calls out for Jae-han, but he’s snoozing. Soo-hyun goes for Jae-han’s bag where the radio is. Gah, she’s soooo close.



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And her 2015 self is also close. She’s come to Hae-young’s house because before he left the cafe earlier he was spouting off nonsense about still being able to save both Jae-han and his brother. When she walks up to his door all she hears is him screaming into the radio for Jae-han. How freaky would it be if past Soo-hyun picked up the radio and then the present Soo-hyun heard herself.

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But, the burglar pops out of nowhere at the worst time and the moment is lost. They chase after the burglar and Hae-young leaves his apartment (small room that might have a bathroom?) still desperate.

Soo-hyun hid while Hae-young left and she finds the walkie talkie, smiley face still in tact.

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What? Why didn’t anyone mention this freaking red scarf before???

Hae-young drives to Injoo and finds that thug he confronted back when he was a teenager. We find out that Mr. Thug gave Sun-woo a crucial piece of evidence right before he “committed suicide.” It’s the red scarf that Hae-seung wore the day of her attack. It had DNA proof that Rapist Douchebag was the one who sexually assaulted her. We also find out that Section Chief Ahn came to see Mr. Thug before he died. He wasn’t trying to reveal the truth about the rape, he knew that it was too late for that case. But… there’s another case he’s trying to find the truth on but Ahn doesn’t say which one. Hmm, murder doesn’t have a statute anymore. I think it might be muuuurder.

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And that’s the direction we see Ahn was going. He’d requested the police records on Sun-woo’s suicide. Hae-young talks to the detective that investigated his brother’s case and he says it was pretty open and shut, and reminds Hae-young that he was there so he should know. We see that Hae-young went to the emergency room with Sun-woo, but they couldn’t save him. Their mom didn’t ask for an autopsy, and just wanted it to all be over with.

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Sun Woo can been saved, but Jae-han needs to save someone else first.

After Sun-woo received the scarf from Mr. Thug, he called Jae-han and said he had evidence and Jae-han was the only one he trusted. Jae-han tells him to stay put, he was on his way.

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Leading up to this, Soo-hyun had found out from one of Jae-han’s old coworkers that the good luck charm radio he carried around with him all the time is connected to his first love who died. She’s also the reason Jae-han never goes to the movies. Soo-hyun goes into a major funk after this thinking that Jae-han isn’t over his first love (and maybe he wasn’t, but not really in the way she thinks).  While moping around she hurts her foot trying to refill the water. Jae-han tends to her hurt foot, and she ends up saying something to Jae-han about the radio and his first love. He freaks out on her and leaves.

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This all happens before he gets that call from Sun-woo. When he does, he’s all ready to leave for Injoo and then that dang burglar gets in the way again. He’s been spotted and everyone runs out, Soo-hyun limping behind them. Jae-han yells after them to look out for Soo-hyun, but ends up joining them anyway. They all chase after the burglar when they get there, but it’s Soo-hyun who ends up following him up to the roof. He has a knife and they fight. She gets knocked to the ground and is about to be stabbed when Jae-han busts into save her. (I’ll argue that if she wasn’t injured she’d need no saving! This is Soo-hyun, after all.) During the tussle Jae-han is stabbed. So… instead of meeting up with Sun-woo like he promised.

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He’s being rushed to the emergency room with a sobbing Soo-hyun. Hahahaha. This is how she finally tells Jae-han she likes him. She’s sobbing and he’s being tended to by the EMT and she just blurts out-I like you. She says he can like other women or still be hung up on his first love, but he has to stay safe no matter what. You hear that, Jae-han. You HAVE to stay safe!

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The truth is in the blood!

Hae-young realizes that Ahn called him from the hospital in Injoo for a reason. And he told Hae-young if he thought he could handle the truth to meet him there. Therefore, the evidence he sought was probably at the hospital. Hae-young retraces the audio cues he heard while on the phone with Ahn and they bring him to a records room where you’d get results for blood tests. He remembers the ER team took Sun Woo’s blood while working on him.

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Note: the other cops just miss Hae-young in the halls of the hospital. I guess they’re trying to find out what Ahn was doing that night too. OR they’re trying to hush up anyone that might talk about the real evidence.

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What Hae-young finds out is that there was a sedative in Sun-woo’s blood. Enough to render an average person unconscious. Yeah, it’s hard to slit your own wrists when you’re knocked out. Hae-young is devastated. All this time he thought his brother just gave up. The truth is almost too much for him to handle.

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Soo-hyun shows up right after Hae-young finds out. He tells her what he learned and she’s shocked, but more importantly, she wants to know why he has Jae-han’s radio. Hae-young finally tells her.

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When he found that dead body way back in the beginning, it’s because Jae-han told him where to look. He adds all the times they’ve worked on cases that he had Jae-han’s help. He goes on to say that they saved some, but it usually came with a price. We see in flashbacks all the lives that the changes took, including Soo-hyun’s. And he says that’s why he didn’t tell Jae-han about his own death. He was afraid. But now he can’t sit by and let his hyung be murdered when there’s something he can do about. He can still save them. Of course, Soo-hyun just keeps looking at him like he’s a loon. He checks her watch and it’s almost 11:23. Well… you’ll  just have to see for yourself.

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Jae-han is at this very moment waking up and needing to use the restroom. Ah, Kdramas and their fart noises. Gotta love it. Soo-hyun is laying by his side and he has to disentangle himself from her to go to the bathroom.

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When he comes back,the radio’s crackling with life. As is the one in Soo-hyun’s hand in 2015.

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When Jae-han’s voice comes through, Hae-young rips it away from her and hurriedly tells Jae-han that his brother will die if he doesn’t help. He always thought he committed suicide, but he was murdered and Jae-han needs to save him. He rattles off the date that his brother died. And it’s the same day that Jae-han is currently in.

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The transmission ends, and our hero runs off to save Sun-woo. There’s still time. There HAS to be. Like Kmuse said in the last recap. The good guys win if Sun Woo and Jae-han die.

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Soo-hyun is utterly shocked and can barely fathom what just happened. When she asks Hae-young whose voice she just heard. He just says. “You know who that was.”

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My Thoughts:

She heard him. FINALLY. I’ve been waiting 14 episodes for this. Now, I just need them to have a conversation. Please drama gods, this must happen. Especially if I don’t get my biggest wish of this series.Any way you go about it if either Sun-woo or Jae-han die I’ll be sad, and feel like the time gods messed with me. But I do think that Jae-han has taken this case on knowing what could happen and he’s determined to prevail. So, at least Sun-woo has to live. Now, I’m not saying I’m okay with Jae-han dying but if he has to die because it was really what was supposed to happen, at least those that caused it need to go down. Preferably in 2000, not fifteen years later. Someone in the comments last week suggests we swap Director Kim’s life for Jae-han’s and that totally has my vote.

I know that I didn’t really talk about all the stuff that happened with Director Kim and the evil raw meat eating bad guy. Or Kim threatening Jae-han’s father. I guess that even though this show TOTALLY rocks, the bad guys aren’t ones that rivet my screen. It’s all the fall out from their behind the scenes maneuvering that is the real thing that worries me.

We only have 2 episodes left, and it looks like it’ll be an intense ride all the way to the end. No fluff for this one. This show has been solid throughout so I’m not worried that this team can bring it to the finish line as strong as it started. I’m putting in my wishes now, and one of them is for the ad picture with all three characters having a drink (in the poster Jae-han is in the past) to come true in the present. But no matter what, this show has rocked my socks, and I’m looking forward to the finale.

Until our final transmission, Drama Geek, over and out.


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  1. Thank you for the recap!

    Once again, even if we always say that we’re prepared every single time we are about to start watching the latest episode, we are proven wrong.

    This is the drama where I probably had the most number of re-watch in a small period of time. I’ve looked for all sorts of clues as to how they will be able to save Jae Han and Sun Woo’s lives. But with all the things running through my brain, I can say that I give up.haha. The scriptwriter will still be the one to give us the ultimate resolution and we have no choice but to continue trusting her.

    I don’t know who or how many will end up dead in the end or if ever there will be one. Some people said that a bittersweet ending suits this drama more because it will leave an unforgettable mark to our hearts while some say that it absolutely needs to have a happy ending after all the heartbreak the characters have gone through. Well, whatever finale we will have, I’m afraid I’ll be having a hard time letting go of these characters and the drama itself as a whole.

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