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FotorCreated.jpgI don’t know if I am just in some kind of drama funk, or if it is just random happenstance that I have no interest in 95% of all the new cable shows available.  Whatever the reason, I am going to be taking a 3-month break and checking out my other options.

Before you start thinking that I am crazy for making this type of topic a post focus, you have to understand that I am a cable drama junkie.  Every since Seo In Guk wiggled his way into my heart in Answer Me 1997 I have watched almost everything I could from the main cable stations (OcN, TvN, and jTBC).  I would even go so far as to say that the amount of cable dramas I have not watched could be counted on one hand.  So to be skipping 3 out of the 4 available shows is a huge deal.


So in this post, I will be sharing what dramas I am skipping (maybe there are readers that have more interest in the drama’s topics) and what I am going to be watching instead.  Let’s jump right in to my pre-airing feelings.  Keep in mind that this might change after the dramas actually air.

Miss Ok’s Nam Jung Ki



“Meh.” There is so much that makes me totally uninterested in this drama.  It doesn’t help that I don’t really enjoy Yoon Sang Hyun as a romantic leading man (ducking from all the cyber hate coming my way).  I enjoyed him in Secret Garden but literally nothing since.  Just one of those personal preferences I guess.  On the off chance of amazing chemistry that distracts me from my actor discontent, I will give it a one episode try, but am happily ready to dump it.

Pied Piper


I am actually a huge fan of Shin Ha Kyun.  The same can’t be said of leading lady Jo Yoon Hee, just like Yoon Sang Hyun, she is another actress that I really dislike watching.  Yoon Hee has a tendency to have a resting pouting face which really distracts me from any acting she attempts.  That combined with a standard crime story and I am just not interested in putting out the effort.  I guess that is a good thing since so far Pied Piper has not been picked up for subbing.  I have heard rumors that since Dramafever has a deal with TvN to air their dramas, if they don’t pick it up, then no one can.  That is just a rumor and I don’t know how much truth is in that.  All I know for certain is that so far there are no signs of English subs anywhere.



More amnesia/Alzheimer’s tropes?  No, thank you.  I just finished Remember – War of the Son and am in no mood to cry through another drama due to the loss of a lead’s mind.  I also am not familiar with the writer, so the only draw is the amazing character actor Lee Sung Min.  And while he is almost enough to tempt me, the Alzheimer’s story line has me saying “pass”

That concludes the dramas (all cable shows) that I plan on skipping.  So what am I going to be checking out instead?


Vampire Detective


Lee Joon sipping blood and solving crime?  YES PLEASE!  I have been looking forward to this drama since it first got cast and have high hopes to finally have a vampire drama that makes sense (they have been few and far between this past year or two).

Jackpot (Daebak)


The teasers and plot have me excited to check out this upcoming Sageuk.  I love both Jang Geun Suk & Yeo Jin Goo and look forward to their battle for the throne.  Add in random gambling hijinks and I expect to have a great time checking out this stylized drama.



My all time favorite writer is back with a new drama combining humor and an underdog overthrowing the corrupt & powerful (think Incarnation of Money & History of a Salaryman).  Add an all-star extensive cast and you have all the signs of a strong ratings contender.

Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho


I had no interest in watching this since I am bored of lawyer dramas and all the tropy lawyering.  That is until they came out with one of my all time favorite Kdrama trailers. EVER!!!  Check it out HERE and tell me that doesn’t make you want to give it a chance?

That concludes my musings about the upcoming March dramas.  Which ones are you going to be checking out?  If it is one of my skipped dramas, be sure to throw me a line if they end up being “must watch” TV.


Til next time,


0 thoughts on “Kmuse’s Musings : Cheating on Cable

  1. I’m skipping all the same cable dramas. Watching Vampire Detective and Daebok. And dang, you now have me for the lawyer one too. That trailer was hilarious.

  2. No matter how many times I may get burnt, it’s impossible for me to skip dramas with those actors. I don’t care for new ideas as long as the execution nails it. I’ve watched countless “Boy Meets Girl” or “Out for Revenge” stories. The journey is what really matters. Even the most banal plot can turn into materpiece as long as there is a fresh approach and top-notch acting. Classical pieces have been ruined by bad actors and vice versa.
    Let’s be optimistic and allow ourselves to be entertained by good quality TV shows. They only have 16 to 20 episodes after all 😉

  3. I completely forgot about the vampire drama (-_-) I love vampire dramas. I’ll skip the sad “I’ll forget everything” drama and probably Jackpot neither are my sort of dramas even though I really like the actors in both. If it turns out that they get a lot of love from my favorite drama blogs I’ll give them a try later. I haven’t seen Kang Ji-hwan in such a long time I can’t wait to watch him in Monster. Even though I’m a bit tired of lawyer shows I’m going to give Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho a try because he does humor so well.

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