“Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy” Releases Badass Trailer


I am going to make a confession……… This drama was not even a far away glimpse on my drama anticipation radar.  That is until I watched the official trailer.  Holy heck that is one badass trailer and even if they are putting all the best scenes in it to suck in viewers….. well, it worked.



The story follows the brotherhood of a imprisoned half-human half-spirit prince, an abandoned son of a general, and the heir of a slaughtered tribe as they uncover the secrets of their past and seek both revenge and justice for the ones they love.


I especially am impressed with the action sequences.  It really does seem like they have been upping the quality of Chinese dramas lately and this doesn’t seem like you usual Wuxia power ranger style fighting.  Not that I don’t watch those as well, but I do appreciate a well-done stabbing now and then.  I have not been able to find an airing date yet, so if you are reading this and know more than I, please share.


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  1. Ok, I was skeptical coz I usually have no interest in Chinese period shows that feature fantasy elements like magic and goblins and such, but WOAH. That trailer sure looks interesting! Color me intrigued; I’m gonna keep an eye out for this one! Thanks, Amber! 🙂

  2. They’re actually still in the process of filming – today’s their 104th day, and they hope to finish in May. With 50 episodes and all the CGI, I doubt this will air any earlier than December. Super excited for the longer trailer that will supposedly be out in less than two weeks. 🙂

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