Signal Episode 15 – It’s 11:23

10.pngEvery week I assume that they can not wring any more emotions from me, and every week I am proven wrong.  The story of Signal and all its time changing characters are going down swinging to the end.  Because when it comes down to it, none of them are the type to let sleeping dogs lie.  So join me in my last recap of the drama (Drama Geek will be covering the finale). 


I am going on day 2 of a pretty bad migraine.  So there is a good chance this will be a mini recap since I can’t stare at the screen for too long.  Sorry, you won’t get my usual lengthy gushing, but I have several new dramas planned for recapping (Vampire Detective & Monster or Jackpot) so just check back in a couple weeks and I will be back to normal.


Hae Young is arrested but manages to slip the walkie talkie to Soo Hyun and begs for the records on his brother’s suicide as they drag him away.


Am I the only one that wonders why his memories don’t change along with the new history?  Just one of those random things that come to mind as I watch poor Hae Young have a breakdown.  Especially when it becomes obvious that his brother was not saved.



Hae Jan is quickly trying to get to Injoo, still bleeding from his stab wound, while Hae Young’s brother answers the door and evil Bum Joo walks in, claiming that Jae Han had sent him.  They sit across from each other, water on the table, and you can tell that the brother is feeling suspicious.  Inside I am just screaming, No! Don’t drink the water.

I have to admit I had a small hope that the brother would be saved.  Sure, I know there would be consequences to history, especially if Hae Young doesn’t have his crisis and join the police force.  Not to mention, if his brother is saved and the bad guy’s caught, wouldn’t that negate the history of Hae Young being in the school of the kidnapped girl and everything else that occurs afterwards………..UGH, that is too much for my poor aching head to contemplate so we are just going to move on.


Sadly, the brother dies as expected even with Jae Han doing his best to stop the tragedy. To say that Jae Han feels guilt would be an understatement.  I am sure I was not the only one to cry along with him as he saw the younger version of his bestie sobbing at the bedside of his brother.


I was actually a bit surprised that Hae Young checks out of the situation as much as he did.  It was almost like his brother died all over again and he couldn’t go on.  Thankfully Soo Hyun was at full throttle.  The reason being that she had not only heard Jae Han on the magic walkie talkie, but got to talk to him.

To say that the emotions were coming forth in a deluge would be an understatement.  Soo Hyun goes off and yells that she waited for Jae Han for 15 years, and he comes home to her dead.  She does manage to get Jae Han the news about the date he dies and the location.  Let’s just hope that was enough to change history this time around.


Soo Hyun comes post walkie talkie chat to smack some sense into Hae Young.  She asks him if there is a way …….” can he be saved?”  When Hae Young mumbles that the past can be changed but it always turns out odd since other people die or things happen by accident. Soo Hyun declares, “Even if there is only a 1% chance of saving him, I will ruin everything.”  Soo Hyun is a woman on a mission.

Which means it is time to pull in the cold case squad to find the real killer.  Hae Young had let her know that the bribe thug is most likely the killer since he saw the man’s car at the hospital when Detective Ahn was killed.


Through a series of events, Hae Young figures out that evil thug has been trying to contact him.  It turns out that Bum Joo is also trying to permanently silence his previous underling.  Heaven forbid there is a loose end that could lead back to him.


But Hae Young is in jail and the thug will only meet with him alone.  What to do?  What to do?  Plan a jailbreak of course!


Hae Young and Soo Hyun are successful in their escape from the authorities and are off to meet with the big bad thug who wants to make a deal.  He will give the info on Bum Joo for security from his killer goons.  He also gives a play by play of what happened in Jae Han’s last moments before he, and the two cops, killed him.  But Thug is startled and makes a run for it, thinking that they are going to arrest him instead.  And of course, it is now that Thug is hit by a runaway car and killed.


Soo Hyun is not going to lose her lead to save Jae Han and fires on the car, forcing it to crash.  She gets in an all out fight with Bum Joo’s goon and loses her gun. She still gets the upper hand until a moment of distraction allows the Goon to grab the gun.  He goes to fire, but Hae Young jumps in front of Soo Hyun, taking the bullet instead.

I hate to repeat myself but once again I am screaming “NO!!!!!!!!!”


With his last breath, Hae Young begs Soo Hyun to not worry about him but use the walkie talkie to save Jae Han.  As Soo Hyun tries to decide what to do, it gets harder and harder for Hae Young to keep going and it seems like he passes out (or worse, dies).

My Thoughts:

I swear I have a ton of thoughts tumbling in my head.  I notice that things are slightly different in the past which means that the past has already changed, but is it enough to save Jae Han?  I won’t go into all the differences mostly because my brain is mush, but trust me there are some suspicious changes.


Also, how awesome was badass Soo Hyun this episode?  Even when she was emotionally devastated she got things done all while telling Jae Han how pissed she was at him for not keeping his promise.  SHE IS SO COOL.


There is only one episode to go and so many things to wrap up.  I look forward to seeing where the writer takes us and hope that we get an ending that makes me happy since it would be a tragedy to get this far and lose it in the end.  This will be goodbye from me (again, Drama Geek is recapping the finale) but I will look forward to chatting with you all about future dramas coming soon.

Til next time,



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  1. OMG such a roller coaster of a drama! Love it. I tell you, Soo Hyun is AWESOME totally!!!! I’m so with her on this: Soo Hyun declares, “Even if there is only a 1% chance of saving him, I will ruin everything.” ABSOLUTELY!!!!

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