The Royal Gambler (Jackpot) Releases 3rD Teaser

3d2.jpgGambling and  Jang Geun Seok (You’re Beautiful) grabbing an arrow from the air, which always is a favorite action move of mine, is the focus of the third teaser for upcoming drama Jackpot.


But it is Yeo Jin Gu (Orange Marmalade) and his uncharacteristic smirking that is really catching this fangirl’s attention.  I am excited to see YJG play a character that isn’t the nice guy style he is famous for.


The Royal Gambler (Daebak) is set to air on March 28th following the conclusion of Six Flying Dragons.

3rd Teaser

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  1. Great an intelligent film. I love the way you sense when gambling.
    Please can give me the name of that two wooden stone like die, your grandpa always throw up to know his fate

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