WTF (Worried & Ticked off Fangirls) Moments of the Week #2


It is hard to write a WTF (Worried & Ticked off Fangirls) post when all of us are going through a drama drought, but we did our best with what we have to work with…….which wasn’t much.  Come join The Fangirls as we lament the lack of cracktastic drama and those moments that just made us go “meh”.

Drama Crisis:


KMUSE: Before we start in on the WTF moments regarding various shows, let’s discuss the lack of drama in our lives.  I know that I am not the only one of The Fangirls that is going through a drama drought.  I am down to only 4 airing dramas. FOUR!  You have to understand that there are times I am watching close to 20 airing dramas at a time, so this is a huge disaster for me.  And even those four shows I am viewing, I am only watching to have something to watch.  None of them are amazing.  Whatever happened to there being so many shows I had trouble choosing what to watch on any given night?

CLKYTTA: I am in the same boat. I am only watching 3 dramas right now.  The sad thing is that most of the dramas I’m watching  I’m not in love  with, they are just the best of the barren crop out there.  So I’m actually going back to some old favorites that I know I will love even more the second time around.

DRAMA GEEK: Guys, I’ve been stalking Hulu for new American shows to start watching. It is BAD! Not that I don’t have a decent list of domestic shows that I currently watch, but because of multiple seasons, I’ve had the same shows for the last year or two. I can’t even say I’m actively watching any certain foreign drama right now. There are 2 that I’m still kind of watching to see if I’m going to continue, but neither of them have the “it” factor. All I can say is that the next batch of dramas better have some gems or I’m going to be super sad.

Kdrama Jen: I am watching only a few, but it is really working well for me right now because I am super busy with reality these days, so I am finding I can keep up with my shows right now.

Mrs Cop 2

6KMUSE: I always have so many problems with crime dramas using the trope that it is better to not catch a serial killer because it would be embarrassing to the cops that didn’t catch on that there were more victims.  WHAT THE FUDGE? It just makes me worry about the whole Kdrama Korean culture that this is a common theme and not a one off.

And lets not even try to understand how threatening to shoot someone who is trying to commit suicide is a valid threat.  That is probably one of the most stupid things I have seen in a drama for a while.  However, Kim Bum is crazy, psychotic, and hot so I shall continue.

Descendants of the Sun


KMUSE: I am trying so hard to get as hooked as everyone else is, but it just isn’t happening.  My need for a solid plot, not just a bunch of pretty, strikes again.  It isn’t that I hate the show, but if I have to watch Song Joong Ki do another awesome confession and our leading lady turn him down AGAIN, I will scream.  By the fourth time, I am not buying them as a fated love anymore.

CLKYTTA: I’m toughing through this one.  I may not make it all the way, but I’m trying.  I get distracted and bored and then Song Joong Ki does something that makes my heart flutter and brings a smile to my face and I think I can make it just for him.  I’m rooting for our secondary couple more than the main couple.

DRAMA GEEK: I’m chiming in on this one only because it’s such a GINORMOUS success in Korea. I’ve made it to episode 4, and I’ve fallen asleep 3 times trying to finish the episode. But I do have an obsession with watching all the clips and GIFS that people are posting online. It’s like I get to enjoy the cute/sexy, but don’t have to be bored for 45 minutes to get to it.

Kdrama Jen:  I love this show.  Yeah, I know the leading lady still kind of seems like she is playing her blind character from That Winter, The Wind Blows, and it is frustrating and unbelievable that anyone could turn down Song Joong Ki.  I apparently don’t share Amber’s need for a solid plot.  I am just enjoying the pretty. I also feel a stirring of patriotism with each episode.  That’s probably odd since I am not Korean, but I can totally see why this show is appealing to a wide range of viewers in Korea.

 Goodbye Mr Black


KMUSE: Out of all the shows I am watching, this one still has the most potential.  But after episode 4 I am starting to worry.  People just disappear way to easily for years at a time.  Also, they are starting to digress away from the Count of Monte Cristo theme which makes me less than thrilled.  I will continue watching, but I am concerned that the plot might fizzle out on me.

Kdrama Jen:  I am watching this one too.  I am enjoying it, and I hope we get some good revenge scenes soon.  My biggest WTF moment of the week, though, was the time hop forward.  It felt a little too abrupt.  I like the premise, the spunky heroine, and the action scenes.  I have high hopes!

Refresh Man

12376663_10208763937285592_3033676968412167715_nKdrama Jen: This T-Drama is pretty much like every other Aaron Yan drama I have seen.  He is the prickly CEO who does his best to make life miserable for the perky office worker.  Also, just like every Aaron Yan drama I have ever watched, there are gratuitous scenes where he has to take off his shirt.  My main WTF about this drama is really more self-directed.  If the plot is pretty much the same as his previous dramas, am I really mostly watching for the eye candy? I’ll let you decide.

That concludes this edition of the worried and ticked off Fangirls.  Hopefully, we will have a bit more to chat about in our next edition.  There are a bunch of new dramas on the  horizon so there is a light at the end of the bored tunnel.  Also, be sure to check out our new recaps this week!

Til next time,

The Fangirls


0 thoughts on “WTF (Worried & Ticked off Fangirls) Moments of the Week #2

  1. WTF????? Granted, two really incredibly good dramas just ended (Signal & Six Flying Dragons) – but Descendants of the Sun is fantastic – I mean, I just totally understand why it’s such a mega-hit in Korea. AND Rain’s new drama just has total hysteria going for it – it is CLASSIC Rain. Goodbye Mr. Black, Pied Piper, and Mrs. Cop 2 are all descent, solid dramas of their genre – cop/revenge stuff – and really Kim Bum is totally killing it as that evil little sociopath – he’s added another layer onto the psycho chaebol trope that’s even more chilling than our killer chef from Girl Who Sees Scents. PLUS Vampire Prosecutor is starting!!!! As is Jackpot (or whatever the new title is).
    There was whining about the LAST crop of KDramas as well – had trouble understanding it then, still don’t get it. I consistently watch at least 8 new dramas and have for the past 3 years, not counting the non-Korean & and the older dramas I watch. Go ahead and browse around for anything to watch on Hulu – that’s frustrating. When I’ve watched all I can of the new stuff I go to BBC, solid reliable standbye still….

  2. I sort of feel he same way about dots. It got me hooked from the first episode coz of the production value and the speed of the whole story. N then it turns out just ok. Maybe people got way too hyped so i lost interest a bit. Im watching for second otp … N dr daniel actually nowadays. Like i will wait for 2 weeks to watch. Not even waiting anxiously anymore. Haha.

  3. Well me? I’m one of the lucky few who didn’t watch Signal while it was airing. So now? I’m binge watching it! Will watch it long enough and then pick up with Daebak, come back Ajusshi, Vampire detective. I have plans. Big plans 😁.

  4. Thought it was just me. 2016 wasn’t an exciting year for kdrama for me, with an exception of Signal.

    I marathoned it after the series ended and now that it finished, it left a hole in my heart. I cant seem to get into any new flick because everything else pales into comparison. Signal is simply the best Kdrama ever.

    I am now watching Ghost by the same writer and it’s okay – plot wise it is as suspenseful as Signal but the leads are terrible so I can’t help but cringe a lot. The directing and music wasnt as good as Signal too but it’s bearable. Urghh I never knew there would be a time when I’m annoyed that So Ji Sub is on my screen.

    Anyhow, I cannot wait for Vampire Prosecutor, hope this will end the drought!

  5. Ok this just gave me another reason to not start on DOTS. But Come Back Ajusshi is so FUNNY!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed it stays brilliant throughout.

  6. i’m watching dots but have to agree some of the repetition has gotten me annoyed. will continue to watch/skim for mainly the guys, i guess. some of the dr’s i am enjoying as well and i hope they get some more screen time.
    come back ajusshi was super funny at first but now i’m a bit bemused tbh. i don’t really understand exactly what rain’s character thinks he’s doing and have been cringing more than laughing for a few weeks. mi ran and tae hwon are keeping me interested at this point.
    vampire detective seems like crack in the making, loved the first episode; jackpot’s start was good and choi min soo as king was/is brilliant. i love him. i’m watching goodbye mr black but am a bit meh about it. pied piper is worth watching and shin ha kyun is awesome as usual!
    refresh man is a totally stereotypical tw drama / vehicle for aaron yan; who is just one incredibly sexy man so watching it for him! if any of you haven’t seen alice in wonder city, it’s worth seeing him there. that ones got substance enough and is far from the stereotype tw drama. i wish he would follow wallace huo’s lead & take on some mainland dramas; or get some solid projects….he’s really capable & it’s a shame.
    oh, last but def not least, i’m watching 5 children- a weekend family drama that is light years better than half of the rest. it’s good!
    my two centavos! 🙂

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