Vampire Detective Episode 1 – The Birth of a Vampire

b11.pngAfter five months of waiting for the premiere of Vampire Detective, I have to say that I was almost completely satisfied.  There are one or two spots that could have been better (will comment later) but for the most part, episode one was a satisfying introduction to our new vampire-filled world.

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For this drama, Drama Geek and I have decided to limit ourselves to a set number of observations.  Real life is a bugger right now, and this helps us from rambling on and getting lost in recapping every little detail.  So with that in mind, let’s jump into the six moments that stood out for me in episode 1.

#6 Flashback to a Simpler Time.

We start off the show with a flashback to four years earlier where a less angsty Yoon San and two other cadets are called into the head dean’s office and told they are going on an undercover mission. You can tell it is super secret because he rips their name tags off their uniforms to the sounds of intense music. Something tells me that we are going to know when things are supposed to be important just by listening to the intensity of the OST.


Just a quick note, it looks like Yoon San might be in a relationship with the girl that is part of his super secret undercover squad.

Next thing we know Yoon San is running through the hallways of an office building, searching for the supposedly captured coworker (we shall just call her angsty girl since she has one look of constipated angst and I don’t believe she will be around long). He finds her tied to a chair and he gallantly saves her.  Although, I can’t help but notice she doesn’t look exactly thrilled to be saved by her supposed boyfriend.


The three manage to escape the army of thugs, mostly by Yoon San taking them on while the other two run, and speed away in a car.  Angsty Girl looks positively, well, angsty and demands they pull over.  Yoon San tries to comfort her, saying that things will be all right when Angsty Girl pulls out a gun and shoots him.

Um……..WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?  How dare she shoot our khottie in the first scene.  I am thankful that she is not the leading lady because she is firmly on my hit list now.  Bad enough that she is constantly angsty, but to just shoot our sexy leading man who loves her?  Oh, hell no.


Angsty Girl then gets in the car and drives away with the third undercover agent, leaving Yoon San bleeding out on the street.  Although they don’t get far before the car blows up.  I guess getting shot was not the disaster that it could have been.  Also, YAY for Angsty Girl being gone.  You were only on my screen for around 5 min and yet I wanted you to disappear.  The Kdrama Gods must be hearing my pleas on this one.


#5 Fashionista Detectives

Jump back to the present where we get to appreciate Yoon San in all his sweaty glory and meet his co-detective and bestie Goo Hyung.  Yong Goo Hyung is a total fashionista who was appalled by Yoon San’s lack of swag.

We get to enjoys a pretty woman moment while Goo Hyung plays dress up with the always sexy Yoon San.  I am a fan of the all black concept.  However, I give a big thumb down to the turtleneck.  I am just not a fan of turtlenecks on anyone.


And can we just do a quick acknowledgement over the awesomeness of Goo Hyung’s purple suit jacket?  So much is said about his personality just through that one article of clothing.


#4 An Unexpected Case

Arriving home, our two detectives find an intruder guzzling their expensive wine.  Enter the third member of our trio, Han Gyeo Wool.  Gyeo Wool begs the two detectives to help her find out what is going on with her boyfriend.


Suspicious Clues

  1. He suddenly became nocturnal
  2. He had worked at a Blood Research Company, but suddenly quit
  3. He comes home with clothes covered in blood (after he had stopped working)
  4. Meets a mysterious woman who has a necklace identical to Angsty Girls.  Although why the necklace was so easily identified is a mystery.  Screams just a bit of sloppy writing.

b15.pngThere is only one conclusion you can take away from this…………………Serial Killer……………OK, maybe two if you take a wild guess that he somehow became a vampire.  And since this drama is titled Vampire Detective, I am assuming this is the correct answer to the mystery of the wandering boyfriend.


Goo Hyung tries to throw their unwanted intruder out, even as she says she will pay them back through work, but Yoon San stops him and declares they will take the case.  Someone is remembering the love he had for the woman who tried to kill him.

b16.pngLater we find out that Gyeo Wool is really the sister of the guy she claimed as her boyfriend.  Gyeo Wool lied about being the girlfriend because she didn’t want her shady past to influence the detectives opinion of her sibling.

#3 It’s a Taserfest!

To be honest, I am not sure if I actually understand the dynamics of a taser gun.  Can it really be used over and over to take down a gang of thugs?  Even if the taser fight wasn’t realistic, it sure was a ton of fun.  I really love cheeky Yoon San and Goo Hyung.


And Gyeo Wool fits right in.  I loved when she bluffed her way out of a thug confrontation (same gang of thugs) with a jug of water and a lighter.  They really are the perfect cocky trio.



#2 What the Heck is up With all the Blood?

In between all the thug gang shenanigans, Yoon San and Goo Hyung manage to copy mysterious documents off a computer at the vamp club.  Before they leave Yoon San also comes across a mysterious room full of blood bags.  What could this all mean?


Vampire club of course!  And on top of that, our mysterious brother is, of course, a vampire.  Not only a vampire but one that is searching for a cure for the issues vamps have with the sun and from vampirism itself.  He is desperate to find a cure since his girlfriend (who became a vamp first and turned him) refuses to drink blood and is slowly dying from starvation.


#1 A New Birth

Lots of stuff happens with the head thug following our detectives and discovering brother and vamp girlfriend’s country lair (OK, it is a vacation house, but lair sounds so much more vampy.)  The end result is vamp girlfriend sacrifices herself to save Gyeo Wool by not only getting herself burning from the sun but also flambeing head thug.  But not before the head thug manages to shoot Yoon San who was also protecting, a passed out, Gyeo Wool.


Goo Hyung freaks out and runs inside the lair to call the police and while he is gone, Vamp Brother comes out and gives Yoon San the injection of vamp blood that is a cure all for all wounds and issues with the sun.  Vamp Brother then joins his girlfriend by facing the sun and turning to artistically created ashes.


Yoon San’s wound heals itself and his eyes flash yellow.  We officially have the newly improved Yoon San vamp.  I can’t wait to see how he handles his sudden hybrid vampire status.


My Thoughts:

I think that I am still suffering a bit from Signal withdrawals and due to that I was a bit more critical when it came to my first drama recap since that concluded.  The writers did a good job of creating a believable world and introducing the large mysteries that will be the story arc.  And while I think that there are times the plot points are being fed to us step by step, it still is a strong start.

I also enjoyed that we saw the creation of Yoon San as a vamp.  I just realized that in vampire Kdramas we almost always come into the story after they have been a vamp for a while.  It will be interesting to start from the vampire birth and move forward.


Now if we could just burn all the turtlenecks the stylists are using then life would be perfect.  Be sure to check back next week as Drama Geek gives her take on Yoon San’s new vamp status and I will see you in two weeks for episode 3.

Til then,



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  1. Fashion show: I really liked how the red jacket mirrored his lips…but was glad he ended up with the black leather… what was up with all those plaid shirts???
    Ditto Kmuse, that taser scene & the fake gasoline scene were hilarious!
    Also loved the “artistic ashes.”
    Best of all though…those golden eyes (with the dark pupils)…are so smoking hot! I think we’ll be seeing a lot of swoon-worthy moments.

  2. waah! Same here.

    I think the only negative thing that Signal brought to me is my heightened expectations to future dramas after the viewing experience.

    This drama sounds fun and I might give it a go 🙂

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