It’s a Dancing Good Time in 1st Entertainers Teaser

b2.pngI still don’t know if I 100% buy these two as a couple, but the first teaser goes a long way in convincing me that I will.  Can I just say that they are flipping adorable together!  Who knows, maybe this combo will be the big surprise of the year.  Odder things have happened.b3.png

I won’t go into great detail since I will probably do posts about future teasers. But I will say that the age difference isn’t as glaring as I was expecting.  So sit back, click play, and enjoy the teaser.


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  1. The idea of this is actually starting to grow on me. But I have read that these two are NOT the love interest. That it is actually Kang Min-Hyuk that will be the love interest for her. Either way it looks like it might be cute.

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