Monster Episode 2 – A Series of Failures

3.d.pngEpisode 2 solidifies the fact that everyone is out to screw Ki Tan out of his money, freedom, and eventually his life.  Which has me even more invested in the future revenge of our hero which is always a good thing.  What I found amusing was that the writers did all this while having all the characters fail at their various plans.  Never has a group of failed moments created such fun plot movement.  So join me as I chat about everyone’s failures and how this is a narrative win.

This is going to be one of those speedy recaps due to the fact that I have been laid down with a crazy migraine for the last day.  Life is a little painful but I don’t want to wait to put this out and get behind.  Also, if you have a moment that you want to discuss that I didn’t cover, feel free to put your thoughts in the comments and I will reply.  I love chatting drama.  So let’s get this party started and hopefully everything will make sense.

Romantic Fail

It looks like Ki Tan is a bit smitten with Soo Yeon.  But there is no emotional connection on her side, at least that I could see.  I think she doesn’t detest Ki Tan anymore, but love is not on her radar.  I did think it was adorable when Ki Tan was practicing his smooth moves on how to give her a necklace.

Soo Yeon totally misses the point and instead thinks that Ki Tan wants to wear the necklace himself.  She promptly puts it around his neck and says it doesn’t really go with his look.  Ki Tan, embarrassed, flings it in the garbage saying that he hates it and stomps away.  Of course, Soo Yeon fishes it out of the trash and takes it because he threw it away so fair game.

Evil Plotting Fail

4.pngI really don’t know why we had to have the crazy complicated Machiavellian plot just to get rid of Ki Tan.  Really, you could take him to the middle of nowhere and have him hit with the white truck of doom.  He is BLIND.  There is no reason to throw evil minions, monster plagues, and single doses of antidotes into the plot.


And when Ki Tan doesn’t die, Greedy Uncle decides to put Greedy Aunt’s murder onto his shoulders and throw Ki Tan in jail.  At which point Greedy Uncle attempts to have him killed again.  This was just plain complicated to the nth degree.



Noble Idiocy Fail

Let me jump back to the murder attempt and discuss how Ki Tan was attempting to do the right and noble thing by giving Soo Yeon the one syringe of antidote.  Which she promptly refuses because Ki Tan is the only one that can save her father and brother so he has to live.

Poor Ki Tan is outmaneuvered (mostly because Soo Yeon is the only one who can see) and is forced to take the antidote before they both pass out.  But no worries since the anti-toxins can be taken from his blood and Soo Yeon  recovers from the plague.

Jail Fail

This was my absolute favorite scene from the drama so far and why I love these writers. Knowing, through his super hearing, that there is a killer gunning for him.  Ki Tan makes his own plans to make sure that the murderer fails.  Not only fails but becomes guilty of a made up charge so Ki Tan could have new leverage.


Ki Tan waits til the killer enters the bathroom and then forces his way in, locking the stall.  He then threatens the killer and pulls out a rope at which time he makes a noose and starts strangling himself.  Hahaha, the poor killer is totally nonplussed as to why his target is trying to do his job for him.

In fact, Ki Tan had made plans for another prisoner to bring the guards.  They arrive to the sound of Ki Tan’s screams of murder and the contract killer holding the rope.  It really was an awesome moment that just had me cheering.


Escape Fail

Ki Tan eventually ends up in the hospital to donate more blood for the creation of anti-toxins (remember the monster plague?)  Ki Tan tries to tell the prosecutor that his uncle is out to get him, only to be outmaneuvered when his uncle claiming Ki Tan is paranoid.

Ki Tan is stuck and he knows it.  Until his aunt’s secretary, who is secretly a double agent for the Chinese, comes to break him out.  Her Chinese bosses want his blood to recreate the monster virus and the antidote.  But things go wrong when the police are searching cars and the Secretary’s flunky has Ki Tan get out to hide (keep in mind he is flipping blind).

Ki Tan is then told by Spy Secretary is to go find a cab and travel to a meeting spot.  I about died laughing when instead of a cab, Ki Tan hails down his Greedy Uncle’s car.  Such an epic fail.  When he realizes his mistake, Ki Tan goes running, only to discover he is on a bridge.  In order to escape his killer Uncle, he chooses to jump off the bridge saying that he will be back and get revenge.


Fast Forward to 2010 where our homeless and very messy Ki Tan is walking through the subway when he bumps into none other than Spy Secretary.  And due to his super special hearing and memory, he recognizes her voice.  WOOT!  It looks like operation “Revenge” starts next week.  I can’t wait.


My Thoughts:

I have a lot to say in this segment, but my brain is done working for the day.  Off to take a nap and I might update this in the future, but not now.  Just know that I am loving this drama and can’t wait to see what the grown up cast can do to further along the revenge plot.

Til next time,


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  1. I’m loving this show, as over the top as it is, everything is so speedy and action packed that it works. I am holding my breath in the hope that Ki Tan’s messed up bum look is just a facade and that we get our pretty boy back soon…like Soo Yeon I’m smitten by Ki Tan’s dreamy eyes…
    …but I was laughing over how she had to dress that gorgeous body everytime he got out of the pool. I would have been fired on day one…for running my hands over that luscious wet abdomen. : )

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