Romantic Hijinks and Confusion in New Teaser for Another Miss Oh


I know I said I was tired of being burned by TvN dramas promoting romance when we end up getting melo.  But I can’t help but be optimistic when watching the latest teaser for Another Miss Oh.  I pretty much see Seo Hyun Jin and I can’t help but be excited.

This is the story of two women who have the same name and work at the same office.  They end up embroiled with our leading man who is able to see the future and tries to avoid both of them.  I am still not sure how they whole seeing the future is going to relate to the romance, but, at least, it sounds like a better setting for rom-com hijinks than anything to do with psychology or memory loss (the other big themes of the last year).


Another Miss Oh is set to premier on May 2nd.


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