First Look At Lucky Romance OTP in Marie Clare Magazine

s2.jpgI know I am a kaddict when it is the middle of the night and instead of sleeping like a sane person, I am here squealing over future OTPs (One True Pairings) and trying to keep it down and not wake my husband.  Somehow I don’t think he would agree with the importance of these photos and why I need to share them with the bloggerverse ASAP.And now I am rambling.  Yup, it is late late late…..or early depending on your time zone.


These latest photos are from sneak peak from Marie Clare Magazine and show Hwang Jung eum and Ryu Jun Yeol being all coupley and adorable.  I especially like her short hairstyle and his casual vibe.  Maybe I was wrong and these two will have tons of chemistry.  They seem to have it in these photos.  They just had their first script reading today so I am sure we will be getting photos from that as well as promotional material before to much longer……….and I am going to stop rambling again and go to bed.  I look forward to checking Lucky Romance out on May 11th.

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  1. It is the middle of the night here as well. Here I am watching dorama’s instead of sleeping. such is the life of a drama addict.
    I was happy to find this in my inbox! They look adorable together.

  2. Not really surprised :). Quite honestly, I don’t think there’s anyone Hwang Jung Eum has acted with that she’s not had top of the charts chemistry with. She’s just that good… And I’m so happy to see that Ryu Jun Yeol got paired with a leading actress he can have great chemistry with. What an amazing progression to his career :D.

    P.S. It’s nighttime here as well.

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