Monster Episode 4 – Stuff Happened

b14.pngI will be honest with you.  This was not my favorite episode.  With that in mind, this recap is going to be short. More of a random throwing together of observations and hopefully next week, we will get  back to the more interesting plot line. a1

Sadly, we have almost no character development with our two guys. The whole episode our guys stomp about, pounding their chests, and trying to claim their territory.  Think dogs going around and spraying all the bushes in an effort to be the alpha and you have these two down stone cold.


Due to his super hearing, Ki Tan does manage to find out who is backing Gun Woo.  Ki Tan follows Gun Woo off campus and confirms that he is getting secret insider information to pass all the exams from his uncle.  I will also give Gun Woo credit that he doesn’t totally want to cheat, but Greedy Uncle tells him to stop being a wuss and man up.  Cheating is the way of the winner.

Soo Yeon actually showed up a lot in this episode and we were hit with the concept that she is unlikable and an outsider.  Her mouth just doesn’t seem to have a tact button.  One thing I do appreciate about Soo Yeon’s character is the way I feel like she really is the younger version grown up.  With Ki Tan’s character, there is a definite disconnect between the two.


And while I am on the subject of Ki Tan and being a bit of a drama whiner………. Why does Ki Tan look so much older than everyone else?  Is it just me?  Maybe it is the school like uniforms.  I just have a feel that he is playing dress up whenever I see his character.  To be honest, I kind of wish we could switch styles to where Ki Tan could don a nice suit or maybe a pair of jeans.  I have always been partial to watching Kang Ji Hwan (Ki Tan) in a pair of jeans.


Thinking of Kang Ji Hwan in jeans obviously led me to remember him in a clip dancing with Brown Eyed Girls.  Just in case you never saw this clip, here it is.  Enjoy the sexiness that KJH can bring and wonder why the director is keeping him so bland.

The one character I did enjoy this episode was not one of our leads, but the drill sergeant Moon Tae Gwang.  Tae Gwang seems to have some hidden depths and is possibly a future ally against Greedy Uncle.  But for now, I appreciated how Tae Gwang seemed to see past all the candidates BS to what they really mean.  I look forward to more interaction between him and our revenged out hot heads.


The second half of the episode has everyone trying to figure out the best way for Dodo group (Does anyone else think of Do Do birds when you see this?  No?  Just me?) to win a patent lawsuit that is pending.  They are in teams (except Soo Yeon who has alienated everyone) and competing to see who can come up with the best way to win.  We end with all three of our leads thinking along the same wavelength.  It is now a competition to see who can cement their idea with results first.


My Thoughts:

This episode was just OK.  I was entertained well enough with the hijinks, but what I really want to do is get everyone out of this boot camp.  Not only because I miss the hot revenge aspect of the show, but also because seeing our cast in school uniforms is just really distracting the heck out of me.  I think that the three leads entrance into the politics of the company will also help even out the Dodo group story line which mostly is putting me to sleep.  I could really care less over which evil brother is getting ahead of the other.  Not to mention I keep mixing up the two evil ahjussis characters.


I also really want Ki Tan to figure out Soo Yeon’s real identity.  I think that aspect will also go a long way on re-engaging my interest.  So that is all for now.  Let’s send a quick prayer to the kdrama gods that next week’s episode is a bit more my speed.

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