It’s A Kdrama Themed Swag & DVD Giveaway!

64.pngI have been meaning to do this forever and kept getting busy with other posts and life.  But the time has come for us to do our first reader giveaway!  I know that everyone is excited, but there are one or two small things you have to do to get entered.Untitled.png

  1. Sadly, you have to live in the US or Canada.  I would love to ship worldwide, but I have kids who need braces and my husband would kill me for spending so much on my hobby (he just doesn’t understand.)  So for now, at least until I win the lottery, it will have to be local.
  2. Answer this question in the comments!  We want to know what you guys want us to chat about.  We love doing posts about what we love, hate, or are indifferent about.  But we want to make sure we are giving you the answers your need as well. The sky is the limits, be as creative or basic as you want.  Do you want drama suggestions about a certain genre?  Do you wonder who our biases are?  Do you have any kpop inquiries?  Do you want us to name our favorite dramas that start with the letter “T”? Pretty much if you ask it, we will work on making posts over the next several months answering these inquiries.  So go down in the comments and let us know what you want to see in our Fangirl posts.
  3. The last thing you need to do is follow the blog!  It is super easy, just go to the right side of this post and push the button that says “Follow”.


Now for the fun part!  What will you win?  It just so happens that I planned this little giveaway awhile ago after going to last years kcon.  Our facebook page had just hit 500 likes and I wanted to celebrate.  Well, procrastination occurred and now here we are at over 1300 likes (WOOT) which motivated me to get moving.  It is a good thing that kdrama swag is timeless.

  • 2 Green Tea Face masks
  • 1 You’re Beautiful Pig Bunny car window cling
  • 2 Sageuk Hanbok magnets
  • 4 Page Mini Memo Set Lee Jong Suk
  • 4 Page Mini Memo Set Lee Min Ho
  • Also we have a new subbed DVD of the blockbuster Veteran.  I saw this in the theater and it was AMAZING.  Definitely worth the hype and Yoo Ah In is always superb.



We will leave this post open for the next week and on April 16th will use a randomizer to  choose the winner! So please enter to win!

The Fangirls


0 thoughts on “It’s A Kdrama Themed Swag & DVD Giveaway!

  1. Hooray – I like a good giveaway! I’m already a follower so, really, things are good as is. However, I always like hearing about different takes on genres – whether there are saeguks, doramas, lakorns, mysteries romance or manga-live actions, etc. Those are the kind of posts where I immediately open up MDL and start putting things on my “TBW” list. It’s like picking your brains for my own benefit! Hope this helps . . .

  2. I really like everything you all do now….been a fan for so long and it keeps getting better. 😊 Let’s see…my question(s)….how do your spouses/significant others feel about your drama obsession and how do you find the time to stay as current as you are? Oh, who would be your dream drama headliners if you could pick the WHOLE cast?

  3. This is so awesome! Thanks for doing this. I’d love to hear about favorite ships and what makes them your favs. Also, maybe battle round of who would win versus whom in regards to kdrama actors/ characters. Like what Dokjin did in Greatest love. 🙂

  4. Is this where we enter the contest?

    Anyhoo, as a long time follower I have been pleased. The only suggestion I have is for info on upcoming US Tours by K-Pop groups – when, where and HOW THE HECK DO WE GET TICKETS?

    Keep up the good work.

    P. S. I want PigBunny!

  5. How about talking about dramas that grab you from Episode 1? My rule of thumb is to give a drama at least 4 full episodes to get rolling, but do you find that some take the reins from the beginning?

  6. Yay! It makes me so happy when people do giveaways. I never actually expect to win but oh how I would love to! Thank you for taking our suggestions and so forth, connecting with your audience is always fun and exciting for both parties.

    I have actually been wanting to ask this question on facebook recently. I know there are a lot of fun time-travel dramas out there but there are only a few that I have been super taken with and I was wondering if there are any more worth watching. I recently finished Lee MinHo’s drama Faith and LOOOOOVED it! I have also forever been in love with Queen In Hyun’s Man. Now I’m wondering if there are any other time-travel dramas that have sweet romantic relationships in which the characters are from different times? I am willing to try longer dramas, too.

    I also wanted to know about police dramas. I’m not super into action dramas but there have been a few I’ve liked over the years and since Signal came out recently.. I’m wondering if it’s worth it. Would you talk about some police/crime dramas and name a few of your favorites and what you like about them? Maybe some with romance like Vampire Prosecutor?

    BTW, I love you guys! You’re the best! Glad to participate in the give away and I am from CA, USA. 🙂 Hoping for the best! <3

  7. I like to see more discussion on context of what is happening in the dramas. One thing I didn’t know was about the rules of organ donation in Korea until I started watching Marriage Contract.

  8. Hmmm. One thing I often think about is who the audience is meant to be for a particular drama. Sometimes it’s obvious but sometimes I really wonder who they are trying to attract. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts about that.

  9. I would love to learn more about kdrama writers and directors, the people behind the scenes that create our drama world.

  10. Thinking about what articles I enjoy reading the most, they tend to be the ones that cover several lesser known dramas, ones I probably wouldn’t pay attention to otherwise. Like Nirvana in Fire. I never would have watched that amazing drama were it not for an article on this blog that piqued my interest.

  11. I really love the discussions about the current dramas, as well as suggestions on the best of the old ones. The most helpful are the reviews on upcoming dramas – because for one I’ve seen some discussed here that I’d never heard of 😀
    Basically keeping on doing what you already are is great for me!

  12. I would really love to know maybe top 10 best dramas to watch (new and old) and perhaps even suggested ones not to watch. Any genre is good, as I am all about everything! I am excited for all this!

  13. Not entering for the giveaway because I’m in faraway Lagos, right in the beautiful country of Nigeria. But I am predisposed towards biases, what dramas you like, your favorite dramas in each genre (I’m thinking sageuk, fusion sageuk, fantasy, contemporary fantasy, musical…you get the idea). Also, any Kpop recommendations will be much appreciated (nothing beats discovering new music alongside dramas :)). Also what dramas are you looking forward to seeing this year? Which one of them have you seen so far? Did they meet your expectation or let you down? Following the blog already and just to add, I think you’re all awesome :).

  14. First off, love this blog. I love seeing all the different opinions on different dramas and the upcoming drama news. I REALLY enjoy when there’s posts about why you should watch certain dramas (that’s why I gave Nirvana in Fire a chance and why I’m planning on watching Go Princess Go).

    Some things I’d like to see is a more comprehensive bromance list that covers years of drama watching. I loved seeing the end of the year post on bromance and I think it’d be fun to see more of those but with dramas throughout time. Also maybe a post about girlmance in dramas.

    I’d also like a little more information on family dramas or older dramas. When you’re just getting into dramas, it’s usually the shiny new ones that catch your attention. Eventually, the old ones start getting noticed, but I’d kind of like to know which ones are actually really good, and not just good for their time if that makes sense. Also, I know pretty much absolutely nothing about family dramas/weekend dramas and am not thrown off by episode numbers, I’d just like to maybe know some good ones, or to know if they’re worth the hours put in.

    Hope that wasn’t a large request! Happy drama watching and I hope you guys keep doing what you’re doing-it’s fantastic!

    Also… Yoo Ah In is life.

  15. I would love to see reviews of shows that I can watch with my young teen daughter. Although I find K-dramas to be much more reliably clean than anything geared for her age group on American television, I am previewing everything we watch. Imagine the time I would save if someone would do that for me!

  16. I love seeing there is a new article via Facebook. It makes my day to be able to come visit and read your thoughts.
    I personally would love more lists and maybe incorporate poll answers on your lists. Top 5 dramas that everyone liked and you hated, Top dramas that are underrated, etc. I love it when you do stuff like that but everything you put out is interesting and it is great to have blogs out there about kdramas.
    Thanks for taking the time to do a giveaway on top of everything else!

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  18. Okay, I’m going out on a wild limb here, but I am all about the hotboys and men that star as the leads and bros of the leads. That said I would love if you supplied some fan facts on some of the hotties of current shows you are watching.
    For example the dude that plays the Vampire Detective… I ‘d like a mini stat sheet on his age, food likes, exercise regime, single or married, what other dramas/music videos has he starred in, etc.
    I know this is a lot to ask, but you noonas seem better equipped to find this information sooner than I. Plus I think it would be a neat little addition to your play by plays and fangirling articles. Another example who is that actor that played the young KiTan in Monster…and how did he get those abs. : ) just asking… I’m following, I’m following. : )

  19. Hi. I’ve been a follower for a while and I love your drama posts and suggestions so please keep them up 🙂

    I’m from Asia but I think it’s still okay to give my suggestion..hehe. I think it’s good if you come up with a post about well-loved Korean movie actors and actresses that are not usually seen in dramas.

    I always come up with several people who haven’t been long-time kdrama viewers and whenever they see those A-list movie actors/actresses in a drama, they question as to why they haven’t known them when they are that good. After some searching, they realize that those actors/actresses rarely does dramas but are well-known and are actually BIG in South Korean movie industry.

  20. I loved Veteran! Saw it in a theater here in Tampa!

    I love talking about my favorite actors and the roles they played that make us love them.

    I’m a fan of the dramas and the kpop!

  21. Alright I have to try this for the Pig rabbit. I have the actually stuffy from the drama which I bought in the Korean Mall in Koreatown years ago but I think I would like to put one on my car too – next to the Firefly sticker (yes! let my geek flag fly).

    So I agree with many of the above posts. I find that for people that are new to Kdrama it is REALLY helpful to see posts that break things down for them – the 5 best Family Dramas and WHY! The 5 best Cop dramas, the 5 best cohabitation dramas, etc. The more top 5 lists the better but you have to give insight and reason for why you like them so that newbies and even oldbies (?) can maybe find some gems.


  22. It’d be awesome for categorizing genre’s together! Such as a list for bromance, list for emotional movies (that probably would require tons of tissues LOL) etc! I think profiling would be great too, profiling actors/actress that is in a certain drama and that also acted in another drama/movie before! (This makes it fun for people /me/ who like a certain actor and i can binge one their drama all day long!! :D)

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