Vampire Detective Episode 3 – Dragons and Chainsaws

b12.pngSo……I have a bit of a confession.  Despite the hotness of Lee Joon, I am not totally feeling this drama.  It isn’t that it is bad, but there is just not that gripping intensity that I was expecting.  Where is the angst over being a vamp?  Heck, for the most part, I am not sure if his life has really changed at all since the “incident”.  Other than the fact that he isn’t dead.  But is that enough to really make me invested in this characters quest?  So far, the answer is a resounding NO.

At least the plot is somewhat entertaining, if not a bit predictable.  So I am going to just throw out my 6 random observations and hope that next week we get a bit more details into San’s vamp abilities.  Not to mention the fact as to whether San is even really aware he is a vampire.  He has to know right?


#1 A New Case

This week’s case comes to us from one of San’s friends from his cop days.  Enter Sun Young, daughter of a local mafia boss.  Her father has just died and he has left a unique will.  Rather than give it straight out, Mafia Dad made the will be a clue to the combination to a safe which is set to explode if the right number is not entered within 10 tries.  Paranoid much?


Sun Young hires San and his friend because he already knows about her gangster background and since he is not officially a cop, her thug brothers will be OK with it.

#2 The Gangster Brothers

Talking about the brothers, they kind of crack me up.  Both of them throw off more brawn than brain vibes and their attempts to be declared the heir of the gang crack me up.  My favorite brother moment is when thug brother #1 questions whether there is even such a thing as Private Investigators in Korea (if I recall from other dramas, it is an illegal profession in Korea, hence the title specification by Goo Hyung all the time).  But Thug Brother #2 pipes up that, of course, there are Private Investigators in Korea.  Since Joseon times.  Hasn’t his brother seen Special Detective K?


Hahahaha, I am glad I am not the only one that gets historical and modern day cultural info from dramas.

#3 The dragon paintings are pretty cool


I thought that painting dragons for each child, when they were born, is really neat.  Also, the picture clue is four dragons circling the paper and intertwined together.  I am short on moments this week, so let’s just appreciate the creativity of these paintings.

#4  The answer to the riddle

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the answer to the riddle.  Obviously, four dragons mean that there are four kids, not just the three siblings from when he was a mafia boss.  Sure enough, the lawyer who was so close to the gang boss is a son from an earlier time.  He had accidentally killed someone when he was a young boy and his father took the rap which led to his life of crime.


The oldest son was given a fake ID to start fresh and dad went to jail.  They reconnected later and continued to act like lawyer and client rather than father and son.

Sure enough, it was the months of the kids birth done backwards.  The safe is opened and the dad leaves everything to Sun Young and is told to turn in all the gang.  Except for the 2 brother’s who get new identities courtesy of their father.


#5 The funniest blurred out moment in screen cap history

b15.pngThe picture pretty much talks for itself.  Could not stop laughing because of the chainsaw.

#6 Dun Dun Dun….

Of course, we can’t go one week with a case not connecting to San’s dead boring girlfriend.  Sun Young comes after him and hands him an envelope she had found in her father’s safe.  She mentions that her father would still occasionally make fake ID’s for VVIP people.  Inside are two small photos of San’s dead girlfriend and the other friend that died in the car.  The plot thickens…….very slowly and unbelievably.


My thoughts

It really bugs me that our guy seems to be more obsessed with his ex-girlfriend, who flipping shot him, than the fact that his body regenerates and he goes crazy around blood.  It just doesn’t make sense.  I feel that the writers are putting the characters in situations to  move the plot forward, but they don’t bother to put in normal reactions.  So instead of being involved with the mystery, I just roll my eyes and mutter, “of course, they just happened to get fake ID’s from this mafia boss and then kept their photos lying around in a secret safe five years after their death.”  Not buying it one bit.


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  1. He seems to sleep, eat, and run around in the daylight…what kind of vamp is this? Yes, I forget all about him being a vamp most of the time. I like the show, particularly the actors, but hope the anxiety level rises soon.

  2. i have to add, gyeo wool drank wine in the morning. loved that! haha 🙂
    also, she never eats, does she. dum dum dummmm
    really though, i do agree with you but i still love this trio. i do hope the vampiric quandary gets a bit more threading out soon.

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