Mysterious 1st Teaser for Mirror of The Witch

21.pngYoon Shi Yoon is back and looking better than ever in this first teaser for upcoming fusion saguek Mirror of The Witch.  We also get our first look at, the much talked about leading lady, Kim Sae Ron. 20.png

Mirror of the Witch is a romantic fantasy telling the story of a princess who is cursed and has a heart of ice (literally?) until a renowned royal physician uses his love to save her.  I personally am hoping that the age thing won’t ruin the drama for me.  If nothing else, Kim Sae Ron is looking older than usual in this teaser, so there is hope.  Mirror of the Witch is set to air on May 13th on jTBC.


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  1. It looks yummy…oh sorry Yoon Shi Yoon looks yummy. Lets face it back then that age gap wasn’t uncommon. Its the only way I can justify it. But thank heavens Yoon Shi Yoon is back!!!

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