Monster Episode 6 – Seduction and Jealousy

26.pngOur four leads have progressed from the first level of Dodo school and are now beginning the international portion of their testing.  Because nothing screams Dodo material like being able to play with the big boys……. or one pervy fake medicine dealer, as the case, might be.

This is just going to be a random moment recap since a lot of the main plot (anything not involving Ki Tan or Gun Woo) is boring as heck and I am not going to delve into it. For those who are not watching, imagine typical chaebol family infighting. That pretty much gets you up to speed. Also, the fake medicine emergency is just stupid so I am going to ignore it.

Now that around 40% of the show is shelved, let’s focus on what is truly important.  Namely, Gun Woo in a tux.  Absolutely delicious.


Just kidding, that is not the only thing that we are going to chat about, although I sure am tempted to just have all the pictures be of him. Yum

The Forgotten Lead

Let’s touch on the fourth character in our lead rectangle. I am not positive if they are going to add any romance into the equation, but I am at least starting to enjoy her character more. I am talking, of course, about government spy girl who is in the program to go undercover into Dodo. Why? Have no clue. That might have been in one of the conversations that my brain glazed over.


I do like that spy girl (I promise I will learn her name if she becomes more important) is very suspicious of Ki Tan and his comfort in planning and plotting. She requests a background check, but due to her superior’s disinterest, she is left with just suspicion.


Spy Girl is a bit peeved when both Ki Tan and Gun Woo seem more focused on Soo Yeon than their job. Or maybe that is the director showing the beginning feels of jealousy?  Not quite sure.

Onward With The Bromance

I love that the writers are determined to put Ki Tan and Gun Woo together whenever possible. Not only are they in constant competition, but they now have to room together.  Aw, this bromance will happen come hell or high water.


Operation Michael Chang

Dodo is after a drug dealer that sold the company a bunch of fake medicine. Why? How?  When? Bleh, I don’t really care. What I do care about is how amusing the concept of all these newbies, trying to take down the bad guy, is. It makes no sense whatsoever, but it sure is entertaining. They are attempting to switch out a tie clip of the bad guy with a replica containing a camera. Both the girls have a fake clip in case they are able to get close to the playboy and make the switch.


Of course, this wouldn’t be Dodo group if the higher ups did not make this a competition, splitting everyone into groups of two. Ki Tan and Soo Yeon are paired together. A fact Ki Tan is regretting when Soo Yeon comes out in the most hideous dress ever. Soo Yeon’s opinion is that she looks good since everything was super expensive.


It is lucky she is partners with Ki Tan who is able to rip her dress apart and create a sexy look. Yes, I am literally rolling my eyes right now.

But at least we get some good skinship out of the moment as Ki Tan rubs the excess makeup off of Soo Yeon’s lips and eyelids. Sure, that wouldn’t work in real life…. but neither would tearing the sleeves and ruffles off a dress, so I will go with it.


Awkward Dancing

Is it just me, or does it feel like the operation Michael Chang scenes are very disjointed?  We go from him arriving to suddenly he is dancing with spy girl. Dancing some really choreographed tango with only four couples on the dance floor. She fails to switch the tie pin and it is suddenly Soo Yeon’s turn.

Keep in mind, they are doing the same dance, with only four couples lined up on the floor.  This is one bat crap crazy party. Does Michael Chang just go through every girl in the party, dancing that one dance, until he picks his mark for the night? So odd. But I digress. Soo Yeon is so awkward she actually catches his attention and Michael Chang invites her back to his hotel room.


Are you Jealous?

The fact that sweet and innocent Soo Yeon is going to go into the playboy tiger’s den upsets both Ki Tan, and to a lesser extent, Gun Woo. Ki Tan even goes so far to try and convince Soo Yeon not to go. An act that just makes Soo Yeon more determined since she assumes that Ki Tan just wants to win the money himself.


The hotel room rendezvous goes about how you would expect. Michael Chang tries to put the moves on Soo Yeon and she freaks out and drinks too much. The end result is Michael with a lap full of champagne. Just as he starts undressing to clean up, including the all important tie pin, there is a knock at the door.


Worrying about Soo Yeon, Ki Tan and Gun Woo decided to check up on her. Disguised as the oddest looking busboys ever, they knock on the hotel room door.


My Thoughts:

Where did they find those costumes?  I seriously think that at this point in the story the writer and the stylist got together with every odd outfit imaginable and decided to try and stuff them all into the drama.  There is no other excuse for the busboy outfits.


I am not really complaining since it is this aspect that is providing the most entertainment right now. At least with quirky costumes, we don’t have to sit through a lot of political shuffling. I can’t wait to see how our three get out of this situation next week.

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  1. I agree with everything you wrote. The politics are boring, it’s riduculous that they’re sendung interns to be spies and that was a terribly terribly cringeworthy dance party. I don’t even understand what position the interns are trying to get, or what division of Dodo Group they’re trying ti witk for or even what Dodo does.

    I’m just going to go with giant chaebol conglomerate that does a little of everything and the interns are trying to be industrial spies.

    Upsides: bromance, spy woman, and Chen Bolin, Chen Bolin, Chen Bolin. I’ve only seen him as nice guys or romantic roles so this boxing dancing villian is a new one for me.

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