Eric Ups the Future Vision Angst in Another Miss Oh Trailer

FotorCreated.jpgWe get our first glimpse into the drama without all of the cute teaser fluff and sure enough, there is going to be some serious angst.  Angst coming strong and hard in the form of our leading man (Eric Moon) who has the ability to see into the future.

Our hot leading man does not look like he is enjoying his magical ability all that much.  Also I am sad that our leading lady looks to be at the same level of angst as well.  Despite all this, I definitely plan on checking Another Miss Oh out since I am going through TvN withdrawals.  Hopefully, we will get to some rom-com hijinks once we get past the initial sadness.  I girl can dream.


Another Miss Oh is set to air on May 2nd following Pied Piper.


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