Vampire Detective Episode 4-V stands for…

This week the case is all about the V. But we might need a secret decoder ring to figure out what V stands for. We do get to finally see the Big Bad’s face, and she’s evil. At least that’s what we’re supposed to think.

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Let’s start with the case. 2 models have been killed and Moon Gyeong Ho, a well known photographer, was arrested for the murders because (1) they found the murder weapon in his apartment and (2) he confessed. So why is V Team called in if this is an open and shut case? The photographer’s little sister asks them to take the case and prove he’s not guilty.

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They head on over to little sis’s house and guess who opens the door? Yang Eun Bi from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop!!


Sorry, that was my very first drama and will stick with me forever. #Team Pillar! Lee Chung Ah’s character, the little sister of our murder suspect opens the door for them.

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Little sis says that her brother would never kill anyone and that at the time of one of the murders she heard him developing photos. The police don’t believe her because she’s blind so they can’t trust that her brother was actually there. The boys aren’t too keen on taking the case until little sis pulls out the brother card. She gets all teary and says she doesn’t have anyone but her brother. So… Gyeo Wool caves because she just lost her brother.

Now on the my favorite moments. I’ll keep them in order of how the episode played out so they make sense.

Moment #1

The dead models agency is suspect #1.Both of their contracts were up for renewal and if they were dead weight the agency wanted to get rid of, killing them could have been the answer. The exchange between the agency head and Gyeo Wool is pretty funny. He’s all screechy and she just gives him attitude. He lets Gyeo Wool know that the models were his best clients and he would have to be an idiot to kill them off. His company suffered a huge financial loss because of their murders.

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Moment #2

They realize that when they were at the sis’s house they never saw the dark room where she claims he was during the murder. So they head over there but she doesn’t answer. What is a sneaky detective team to do? Break in, of course. They go and look and find the dark room covered in pictures of women’s legs.

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Yes, you read that right. Photo boy has a leg fetish. They also find a digital camera, which is out of place because the rest of his pictures are done with film. Okay, we’re finally to the good part. Little Sis comes home while they’re still there. But she’s blind so they just sneak past her. Except San. She turns around and “looks” right at him. Then proceeds to disrobe before heading into the shower.

San closes his eyes for most of this but I’m pretty sure he opens them right when she drops that robe. LOL. Boys will be boys.

Moment #3

The model that ended up with their contracts is suspect #2. Gyeo Wool watching her take pictures and gawk at how perfect her body is was pretty funny too. She doesn’t end up being very suspicious, but she does give them a clue. One of the dead girls left a message pointing to the killer. The V team get a hold of crime scene photos and look for that message the model left. It’s two M’s written in blood. The photographer’s last name is M so it seems to point to him, but they don’t know what the other M means.

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Moment #4

Tattoo Doc happens to be a crack at computers too. They bring him the digital camera and have him look at the card inside. It’s a corrupted image, and San notices the pictures were taken on a different camera than the one they found the card in.  The team goes about doing more investigating and Tattoo Doc tries to restore the image and his “nurse” Se Ra tries to help him. (Side note: Se Ra knows the photographer from her modeling days and is another reason the team is helping out.) It’s hilarious how she’s just trying to see the image, and ends up making Tattoo Doc all flustered with her cleavage.

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Moment #5

We FINALLY, finally get a vamp moment. San and Goo Hyung get let into the crime scene by their cop friend. When San sees the two M’s in blood he vamps out.

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He sees the model being strangled (by a very not man hand) and then she draws two V’s with her blood. The blood drips and eventually makes it look like the two M’s the police found.

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When San comes out of his vision it’s inhaler time. So… I still have no clue if he eats normal food and only needs the blood inhaler when he vamps out or if he maybe takes three hits a day. They’re very sketchy with the details. LOL.

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Moment #6

All the different clues conveniently merge together at the same time. San goes to see the photographer to ask what the two V’s stand for (If you haven’t guessed by now I’m pretty sure the dead girl was drawing fangs). Goo Hyung finds out from the cop friend that photographer guy doesn’t even have a sister. The girl that lives with him is a model that he took in after she went blind. Cop friend shows him a picture of the model and it’s totally not Lee Chung Ah, our supposed little sis. Goo Hyung texts San the picture and the photographer confirms that’s Mi Jin the real person that lives with him.

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So now San has no idea who hired them. But at that exact moment Tattoo Doc fully recovers the picture that they found on the digital camera. And dun, dun, dun. It’s Lee Chung Ah with her vamp teeth bared.

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When Tattoo Doc texts the picture to San he shows it to the photographer. And to no ones surprise, he says that she’s the one blackmailing him into confessing to the murders. So the question is. Where is the real blind model that lived with the photographer? Well… she’s tied up in the back of Eun Bi’s car.

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Oh wait,sorry, I meant the vampire chick that was pretending to be the sister. Here’s the thing. If you paid attention to the press releases for this show, you know that Lee Chung Ah is playing the bad guy. We’ve seen glimpses of the Big Bad Vamptress in episode 1-3 and it looked like Lee Chung Ah. So when she answered the door as the photographer’s blind little sister, I knew she was pretending.  And I knew this whole case was a set up, I just didn’t know what her end game was.

Her end game ends up being tying the real Mi Jin up and telling her all about her photographer oppa.

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Apparently he really is a perv with a leg fetish. He lusted after Mi Jin and realized she was out of his league so he knocked her out and put drops in her eyes to make her blind. DUDE!! That’s messed up. Anyway, as our Big Bad Vamptress is monologuing she tells us that she knows how Min feels because she can’t see the sun either, but at least Mi Jin can feel it. And this is all a test to see if maybe there’s something out there that will allow her to experience the sun again.

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I know this next part isn’t supposed to be funny, but when they finally find Min and untie her a “bomb” goes off and it’s just confetti. What? This is your big elaborate plan to test San. How is this supposed to prove he’s a vampire? Was it just to get close to him? Does she have spidey senses and when they were in close proximity she was able to detect the absence of his beating heart? In the end, Mi Jin is saved but now she knows the photographer dude blinded her, so it’s not really that happy of an ending.

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And of course we can’t have a complete episode without something that has to do with San’s ex-girlfriend. Big Bag Vamptress (okay, we finally learn her name. It’s Yo Na and I can’t help hearing Ji Sung yell OPPA!!!  right now) calls San and tells him that “she” looks good on video. She also says that she hated watching him get shot by his lover.

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San gets the CCTV footage from the parking lot of Min’s apartment and sees his ex-girlfriend alive and kicking. She took the picture of Big Bad Vamptress that ended up being distorted. She put the card in the photographer’s camera and left it for San to find.

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My Thoughts:

I’ve watch my share of crime shows. Korean and American. There are a few things you must have to keep me interested. (1) A core cast of intriguing characters. (2) Interesting cases of the week that showcase your characters abilities as cops/doctors/M.E.s/agents. (3) An overarching case that’s more personal to your main characters. I prefer this part to be intense, but it doesn’t have to be. iZombie, one of my favorite American shows right now isn’t that intense, but I still love the overall story because, well it’s just so dang entertaining.

Vampire Detective has one of these things. The characters have loads of potential. But not one of the cases has intrigued me. Or even interested me that much. And San’s story with his ex-girlfriend and friend just hasn’t pulled me in either. I’m left feeling little to no intensity and wishing these great characters could really sink their teeth (yeah, I went there) into a good mystery.

The other thing is how vague they’re being about the whole vampire thing. San uses a blood inhaler. They kind of talked in this episode about how he’s an experiment. Tattoo Doc told San’s that his blood shouldn’t exist, and Goo Hyung gave San’s puppy eyes when they were talking about something that had to do with being different. I think the writers were saving the vampire thing for our Big Bad so it’s a shock for our characters that she’s a vampire and that San’s isn’t just some weird experiment.

Here’s to hoping that now that they’ve introduced Yo Na, we can start getting to the nitty-gritty.

~Until the next blood inhaler hit,

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