Monster Episode 7 – Worst Spies EVER…

s4Our Newbie Spies prospective employees are playing in the big leagues as they try to not only trick Michael Chang but work on screwing each other over to come in first.  Just proving that there is no such thing as friends in the competition of Dodo (still a dumb name for a company)

Sorry for the late recaps this week.  My computer died and I had to wait for it to get fixed. Just be expecting a lot of posts in the next day or two as I scramble to catch up.


We left Episode 6 with Soo Yeon attempting to switch the all important tie pin with the fake. She is interrupted by Gun Woo and Ki Tan in bellboy outfits.  I mentioned last week that I thought the director was creating the plot around outfits and I stand by that statement.  Especially since our spy bellboys really have a purpose to showing up at the door.  The two boys are firmly sent away by Soo Yeon and she accomplishes her mission and ditches Michael Chang before he finishes his shower.


Also, what was the purpose of getting the tie camera on Michael Chang?  So Gun Woo and Ki Tan can cheat at their gambling game?  Why this is the only way to achieve that is beyond me.  Maybe some cameras in the actual room would have made more sense?  But I digress.  Due to the tie-cam, the Spies potential employees have the upper hand.


I am just going to throw this out there into the open.  These guys & girls are the absolute worst spies EVER.  Why is every single one of them crowding around Michael Chang’s game?  Does it really take seven spies (sorry, I mean possible employees) to screw in a light bulb?  Or in this case, watch Michael Chang as he gambles with Ki Tan and Gun Woo?  And why are they even really interacting with him at all?  Yoo Seon already switched the pin.  It is not as if they don’t have eyes on him at all times.  I just don’t get the point of some of the scenes in this plot.


They are also very obvious in reacting to everything that happens at the table.  For example, let’s look at everyone’s expressions when Michael Chang removes his tie, including the camera tie clip.  Not at all obvious.

I think it is safe to say that Michael Chang is not the smartest bad guy out there.  His level of oblivion is pretty epic at this point if he doesn’t notice anything odd with this whole situation.


Not only does Michael Chang not realize he is being played, but he even seeks out Soo Yeon for another date.  Following them on their date are tropical Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Between their over the top staring and Soo Yeon’s chronic need to mess with her ear piece, my impression of Michael Chang as an evil mastermind is falling rapidly.

At least we got to see our potential bromance having a fake make-out session to keep their cover from being blown, so there is that………..

I have to suspect that as dense as Michael Chang is, there is very little chance he would have ever figured things out.  At least not until he is tipped off by Gun Woo which resulted in Soo Yeon and Kang Ti facing death by inept gang mogul. But Gun Woo is not the only one that can pull off a good double-cross.  Ki Tan informs our bad guy that he is actually being played by Gun Woo and that Michael should hook up with Ki Tan to take down Dodo group.


A new bromance begins……..

My Thoughts:

I know that I complain about how silly so much of this plot is.  However, that doesn’t mean that I hate it.  I actually am very entertained.  I just have to be sure to let everyone know that there is not a lot of common sense involved in the plot and the actions of our leads.


So in other words, just sit back and enjoy all the craziness of the show.  If you are looking for straight up serious revenge, this is probably not the drama for you.

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